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The Witchcraft Secret Manual, developed by Esteban Jose Portela is a foolproof technique that let novices use the great power of White Magic to their advantage. The Spells that are detailed in the Witchcraft Secret Manual are the most effective that can exist, with simple processing and homemade. You should not rush to find any foreign element that you do not know where to get. Try to imagine how a Complete Spell Handbook can facilitate your life, and in which you will find, among other things. Read more...

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Author: Esteban Portela
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Learn How To Use Genuine Witchcraft

Why Life Can Be Magick will change your life for ever! Learn how to influence a persons' thoughts and cause them to adopt your point of view. Make any individual love you and become devoted to you. Cause an unwanted neighbor to move away. Revitalize yourself and bring personal energy. Practice self-healing. Protect yourself from negative thoughts or magick invoked against you by others. Always be seen as interesting, attractive and glamorous to people. Become bolder and more confident so you can take charge of your life. Read more...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Miranda Oakridge
Official Website: www.lifecanbemagick.com
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Underground Witchcraft Secrets

This Undergound Witchcraft Course is guaranteed to remove any fear or doubt you might have about witchcraft, magick and casting wiccan spells.as soon as you follow this Underground Witchcraft Course, you will achieve success. Here's just some of what you'll discover: The top 5 mistakes people make when casting witchcraft spells .and how to ensure you're not one of those people any longer. The number one thing you need to do in order to make your witch spells work.and how ridiculously easy it is to do this. The simple spell casting method that ensures that you can successfully cast witchcraft spells whenever you want, wherever you are without fail. What witchcraft really is and means and how easy it is for you to practice real magick. The never before revealed secret on how to use tools to enhance your magickal powers. The Little Known Secret of Conjuring With Color (so you consciously use the power of the energy of different colors enhancing the effectiveness of your wiccan spells!). The Jewels Of Wisdom wicca spells to immediately lift your spirits and the spirits of others around you. Discover the Best Way Bring The Love You Want Into Your Life, a delicious witch spell that weaves magick that brings you what you ask for The Power Of The Lodestone (magnetically attracting love, wealth & happiness into your life through these wiccan spells). Potent Talisman Of Love Revealed.(no longer spend those quiet nights or holiday periods on your own). Literally Watch Money Appear In Your Wallet with a powerful money drawing spell, so you never again have to worry about having enough cash on hand. Read more...

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Contents: EBook, Audio Session
Author: Arabella Jolie
Official Website: www.whyte-witch.com
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The Demon Dictionary

The Demon Dictionary Identifies Satan's Primary Demons By Name And Discusses Their Influences Upon Human beings. A lot of people believe that angels exist. But what about demons? Are demons real? You bet they are! When Satan fell from heaven, he was not alone. One third of all angels (his followers) were also bound to earth by God. These angels are what we commonly refer to as demons. Nearly all spiritual texts speak of demons and there acts. For instance, in case you believe the bible to true, you must realize that demons most certainly exist. Demons are talked about numerous times within this text alone. While many people do believe in the existence of Satan's angels, few have bothered to discover their names or their purpose here on earth. There are legions upon legions of fallen angels, but there are only 72 high ranking demons that rule and command all the others. However these are the leaders in Hell and will be the commanders of Satan's army at the final fight. This book is an attempt to identify these primary demons.

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Format: Ebook
Official Website: www.angels-and-demons.com
Price: $9.95

Magic and Superstition

The law of contagion holds that when two objects come into even brief physical contact, properties are permanently transmitted between them ( once in contact, always in contact ). Contagion typically flows from a valenced source (e.g., a detested or favorite person), often through a vehicle (e.g., clothing or food) to a target, usually a person. Traditional examples include the idea that food or objects that have been in contact with death, disease, or enemies will cause harm if eaten or contacted, or that damage done to a separated part of a person (e.g., a piece of hair) will damage that person (sorcery).

Nightshades Jimsonweed Datura Belladonna Henbane

Belladone Scopolaline

The nightshade family of plants includes some very popular foods tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplants, and potatoes. It also includes tobacco and some poisonous plants that are infamous because of their associations with crime, witchcraft, and black magic. Even their names are sinister henbane, mandrake, and deadly nightshade, for example. Nightshades look scary, too. They are rank, hairy plants with strange smells and peculiar flowers some have dangerous fruit.

Hypericum p e r f o r

Its Latin name Hypericum gives us clues about the takeover of one form of sun-magic by another. The hyper-ikon was an herb placed above St John's image, or painted icon by extension, it meant power over ghosts or invisible bad spirits. It was particularly important to invoke the plant's help on St John's eve against witchcraft or diabolic influences (see panel on page 161).


The genus Angelica is a unique member of the family Apiaceae (formerly Umbelliferae), for its pervading aromatic odour, entirely different from other members such as fennel, parsley, anise and caraway here even the roots are aromatic. There are more than 40 species of Angelica, but A. archangelica (syn. A. officinalis Moench Archangelica officinalis (Moench) Hoffm.) is the only one officially used in medicine and as a spice. As the name indicates, the folklore of North European countries and nations affirms to its merits as a protection against communicable disease, for purifying the blood, and for curing every conceivable malady. According to one Western legend, Angelica was revealed in a dream by an angel as a gift of Mother Angel to cure the plague. Another explanation of the name of this plant is that it blooms on the day of Michael the Archangel, and is on that account an additive against evil spirits and witchcraft. It was valued so much that it was called 'The Root of the Holy...

Obesity Epidemic

The epidemic of obesity is actually presenting itself as a worldwide moral panic, that is an episode, condition, person or group of persons that have in recent times, been defined as a threat to societal values and interests (Cohen 1972 9). Thus, Stanley Cohen created the concept of a moral panic in the early i970s in his work on witchcraft trials and other such constructed phenomena seen as epidemic. Obesity is characterized by stylized and stereotypical representation by the mass media, and a tendency for those in power (politicians, bishops, editors, and so on) to man the moral barricades and pronounce moral judgments. Moral panics need not be focused on invented categories such as witches they can also be associated with real health problems as a way

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