What to Know When Getting an Invisalign Treatment in Westerville, Ohio

Westerville is one of the cities in Ohio which offers quality health care to its residents. Ninety-six percent of this city's residents have health care coverage. The per capita spending on health care in this town is about $8,700.  The average number of patients that each primary care physician has on a yearly average is around 1,300. Meanwhile, there is an estimated number of 1,650 patients that dentists see every year.

Aside from the usual prophylaxis or teeth cleaning, one of the most common procedures nowadays is Invisalign. Orthodontists who offer invisalign in Westerville, OH often recommend it over the traditional braces and retainers.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a newly developed treatment that resembles the function of braces. However, unlike this old-fashioned alignment treatment, this process straightens your teeth by employing specially-molded aligners. The aligner used is made from a 3D computer imaging machine to ensure that it fits perfectly into your mouth. Since it is made from transparent plastic, the material is barely visible. As such, you can wear it without anyone noticing. This procedure is especially helpful for young adult patients who are afraid of being stigmatized or ridiculed by their peers for wearing braces.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Aside from aesthetics, another advantage of Invisalign in Westerville, OH, is that it only takes a year or less to correct your teeth alignment. Wearing metal braces, on the other hand, would often take years and multiple visits to the dentist for continuous adjustment. With less time needed to align your teeth, you can flash that smile of yours in no time.

Furthermore, like all other orthodontic procedures, there is some pain involved in the process of teeth alignment. However, Invisalign provides the most comfortable option compared to braces and retainers. Therefore, you do not need to dread eating soup for a month since you can still chew properly, even when wearing Invisalign.  

As for the cost, the range is often between $2,500-3,500 in Westerville, Ohio. However, the final price will still depend on the number of sessions and corrections needed. Nonetheless, this is still a cheaper option than braces since you do not need to frequent your dentists often. Insurance with orthodontic care coverage usually includes this treatment as well, so there is no need to worry about having a dent on your savings.

How to take care of your Invisalign

Just like retainers, you need to take care of your Invisalign so that you can keep it transparent, safe, and odorless. It would be best if you rinsed it with running water so that it will not accumulate food, saliva, and bacteria. Bring it out after rinsing, but do so gently so that you will not scratch it. Do not use toothpaste or colored soap to clean it up as it may cause discoloration. From time to time, you also have to soak it in a specialized cleaning crystal for further cleaning. Finally, it would help if you also refrained from drinking colored drinks and food while wearing your Invisalign since it may cause stains.

Invisalign is the trendiest treatment in orthodontics nowadays, not because it is new, but because it is very aesthetically-pleasing and practical at the same time. It is less visible, so you do not need to be conscious of how you look. Furthermore, it also offers a more economical and convenient option. If you require teeth alignment, Invisalign in Westerville, OH, is the best option for you.

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