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Studies of the role of calcium in weight loss or the prevention of overweight and obesity are a rather recent, still developing field of research. It is absolutely necessary to be prepared to question once again findings that in the past were thought to have been verified. Therefore, researchers who are interested in this field and who want to extend their knowledge, need to resort to reviewing articles published in scientific journals and the original literature cited in these articles, as well as any other original contributions, which can, for example, be obtained from scientific data banks such as Medline ( Monographs on this topic in books are hardly available. Furthermore, the National Dairy Council in the United States has a website ( that provides references exclusively for studies showing a positive impact of calcium and dairy products in weight management. The site contains short descriptions of the respective studies, links to the original abstracts and another link to an issue of the Dairy Council Digest with the title: 'Dairy foods' role in achieving a healthy weight. Some food producers also have websites where specific information on calcium and weight management are addressed, most notably General Mills, USA ( and http:// With regard to information on supplemental calcium and obesity and on how to use calcium salts in functional food products, food ingredients manufacturer Jungbunzlauer, Switzerland offers a dedicated download area in the Special Salts product group (

On the other hand the scientific literature on the topic of overweight, obesity and lipid metabolism is so extensive, and there are so many monographs, that it is virtually impossible to select a short list of representative books or review articles. Therefore only one book published in 2004 by Woodhead Publishing Limited is to be mentioned, with the title 'Food, Diet and Obesity'. It gives a comprehensive overview of the topic and contains a chapter on 'Calcium and obesity' (Barr, 2004).

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