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For many functional foods intermediate biomarkers of efficacy need to be identified because it is impractical to measure the desired endpoint via human intervention studies. An example is the application of prebiotics and/or probiotics to reduce colon cancer risk. The incidence of colon cancer in healthy populations is low and the timeframe for its development is long. Hence, it is difficult to envisage conducting a conclusive intervention study on healthy populations. Typically the incidence of recurrence is studied in subjects who have already experienced adenomas. Complementary animal studies are also undertaken on susceptible species to which known carcinogens have been administered.

The good news for weight loss ingredients is that the endpoint is easy to measure. Weight loss is usually unequivocable. Having said this, it may be a challenge to achieve compliance in weight loss intervention studies and it may be difficult to unravel the relative contributions of individual variables.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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