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Nutritional Biochemistry of the Vitamins


The vitamins are a chemically disparate group of compounds whose only common feature is that they are dietary essentials that are required in small amounts for the normal functioning of the body and maintenance of metabolic integrity. Metabol-ically, they have diverse functions, such as coenzymes, hormones, antioxidants, mediators of cell signaling, and regulators of cell and tissue growth and differentiation. This book explores the known biochemical functions of the vitamins, the extent to which we can explain the effects of deficiency or excess, and the scientific basis for reference intakes for the prevention of deficiency and promotion of optimum health and well-being. It also highlights areas in which our knowledge is lacking and further research is required. This book provides a compact and authoritative reference volume of value to students and specialists alike in the field of nutritional biochemistry, and indeed all who are concerned with vitamin nutrition, deficiency, and metabolism.

David Bender is a Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry at University College London. He has written seventeen books, as well as numerous chapters and reviews, on various aspects of nutrition and nutritional biochemistry. His research has focused on the interactions between vitamin B6 and estrogens, which has led to the elucidation of the role of vitamin B6 in terminating the actions of steroid hormones. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Nutrition Research Reviews.

Nutritional Biochemistry of the Vitamins



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