Vitamin Be Requirements Estimated from Metabolic Turnover

There is a variety of estimates of the body pool of vitamin B6. Short-term studies with isotopic tracers suggest a total body content of between 160 to 600 f mol (40 to 150 mg), with a half-life of 33 days, suggesting a minimum requirement for replacement in the wide range between 0.6 to 2.27 mg per day.

About 80% of the total body vitamin B6 is in skeletal muscle glycogen phos-phorylase, with a relatively slow turnover. Based on longer term tracer studies, Coburn (1990, 1996) has suggested a total body pool of 250 mg, or 15 nmol (3.7 fig) per g of body weight, with a loss of about 0.13% per day, hence a minimum requirement for replacement of 0.02 /mol (5 /g) per kg of body weight - 350 /g per day for a 70-kg adult.

This is considerably lower than the requirements estimated from depletion/ repletion studies (Section 9.6.2) and may reflect dilution of the small pool associated with amino acid metabolism, which has a rapid turnover, by the larger and more stable pool associated with glycogen phosphorylase.

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