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QOL in Long Term Survivors of Breast Cancer

Eleven of the 16 studies discussed physical domain QOL outcomes for long-term survivors.2,4,32,41,43,46-51 Generally, survivors report lower physical domain QOL than healthy controls and poorer physical functioning.4,41,43,49 Arm pain, including swelling, loss of sensation, weakness, and stiffness, are common.4,32,48,50,51 Survivors also report fatigue,2,46 with one study finding that younger survivors report the lowest levels of vitality.51 Physical problems associated with treatment induced menopause are also common.2,32 One study shows that physical functioning was predicted by age at diagnosis,48 while another found that older age in general is related to worse physical domain QOL.47 Another study found that physical health was most affected among women who were both diagnosed with lymphoma and treated with chemotherapy.2 Physical quality of life All four studies reported physical QOL outcomes. One of the five found that survivors reported worse QOL...

Jonathan Mond Anita Star and Phillipa

An example of a widely used measure of health-related quality of life is the 36-item Medical Outcomes Study Short Form (SF-36) (Ware et al. 1994), whereas an example of a widely used measure of subjective quality of life is the brief World Health Organization Brief Quality of Life Assessment (WHOQOL-BREF) (WHOQOL Group 1998). The SF-36 is a 36-item, self-report measure, assesses the impact of health problems on functioning in eight domains (e.g. physical functioning, general health, social functioning, vitality), while also providing summary physical health and mental health scores (Ware et al. 1994). The WHOQOL-BREF, a 26-item self-report measure, yields scores on four domains

White broom retama raetam forssk webb berthel fabaceae

Arabs claim it holds its heat for a year. In the Cairo market, it fetches a much higher price than any other fuel species. The expressions coals of Juniper used in Psalms 120, burning coals, live brown coals, coals of broom, and coals that lay waste in biblical books indicate the popularity of the wood for charcoal. One legend suggests that when Jesus was praying in Gethsemane, he was disturbed by the cracking of the broom in the breeze. When finally led off by the soldiers, he said to the broom May you always burn with as much noise as you are making now. Another legend has it that the crackling of broom plants among which they hid almost revealed Mary and baby Jesus to Herod's soldiers. The branches are used in desert homes as coarse cords. At weddings and other ceremonies, Bedouins fasten sprigs of green plants like white broom to the tent entrance. Green, the color of live plants, is a symbol of life and vitality. The roots are used to insulate the handles of Bedouin coffee pots....

Nonwestern Medical Systems Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has existed for thousands of years, long before Western medicine. Rather than following the disease model of Western medicine, TCM focuses on a symptom approach such that a person with PD who has mostly tremor would be evaluated and treated differently than another person whose symptoms were mostly gait and balance difficulty with no tremor. The specific symptoms of the individual signal a deficiency in the body fluids blood that is unable to properly nourish the energy flow or chi or Qi of the entire organism. There are three main symptom approaches under TCM (5). The first is Qi and blood deficiency, which is believed to arise from anger, emotional stress, frustration, and resentment. The second is phlegm-fire-agitating wind (yang), which is the result of poor diet, in particular eating greasy, fried, sweet, sugary foods and alcohol. The third is kidney and liver (yin) deficiency, which results from a lack of rest and overwork as well as part of...

Anti Dental Caries Introduction

Dental caries and periodontal disease are major public health problems that bother all countries in the world. Dental carie is an infectious, communicable disease that acid-forming bacteria of dental plaque can destroy tooth structure in the presence of fermentable carbohydrates such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose. The mineral content of teeth is sensitive to increases in acidity from the production of lactic acid. So, the infection results in loss of tooth minerals from the outer surface of the tooth and can progress through the dentin to the pulp, finally compromising the tooth vitality. Industrialized nations have controlled the problem with fluoride enriched water and personal hygiene products since early in the 1960s, but cariogenicity remains a crisis that economically burdens the health care system. Dental disease remains a silent epidemic in the world that threatens children and adults. The oral streptococci especially mutans Streptococci are related with the development of...

Medical Physical and Functional Problems

Elder Person Alone

Many chronic medical conditions, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, and diabetes have nutritional consequences. Loss of body water, lean body mass, and bone mass decline of the immune response over- and underweight malnutrition and declining taste, smell, and thirst are among the problems that affect physical strength, functional ability, and vitality. At times, specialized diets or medical nutrition therapy are needed these are

Recommended Treatment Policies

Acupuncture The art of acupuncture is an ancient and integral part of the armamentarium used in China for the treatment of medical problems. Acupuncture consists of the insertion of very fine needles into the skin at specific points intended, according to traditional Chinese medicine, to influence specific body functions or body parts. In the traditional Chinese view of the body, life energy, (chi), circulates through pathways blockage of the pathways leads to deficiency of chi, or disease. The goal of the traditional acupuncturist is to open up the pathways and stimulate the movement of chi. The specific points for needle insertion are based on traditional anatomy maps that depict which pathways affect which body functions.

Fatigue health and wellbeing

Limited energy reserves and inability to undertake valued daily activities have been identified as key manifestations of cancer-related fatigue and ill-health (see Chapters 1 and 6). Herzlich's (1973) influential study of social representations of illness and health was one of the earliest studies to demonstrate the extent to which individuals associate the absence of fatigue as being synonymous with well-being. Energy, vitality, and strength were identified not only as central facets of well-being but were also depicted as fundamental to sustaining health. Furthermore, being in receipt of adequate energy reserves to be able to take and sustain an active role in society conferred on one not only the vestiges of a normal, healthy individual but also implied a moral attribution, where health is good and ill-health is bad. William's study of older Aberdonians (Williams 1990) also emphasized the moral dimension of lay views of health, where sustaining functional capacity and vitality were...

Case examples and scoring sheets

The patient is psychologically vulnerable. Most probably she suffers from a depressive disorder, which should be confirmed by a psychiatric consultation. This consultation is specifically necessary, because she has a history with a suicide attempt. The loss of vitality may be caused by the physical illness, the infertility, depression, a bad relationship with her partner, and withdrawal from family members. Another contributing etiologic factor might be the medication used for the SLE. A specific focus therefore should be treatment of the depression and assurance of compliance. Psychiatric medication should be adjusted to her physical illness. Tricyclic anti-depressants might have an advantage over selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors because of their specific effects on the gut function. Furthermore the ward staff should be instructed in how to approach the patient, including her physical activity training. In addition involvement of the partner in the psychologic...

Consulting A Practitioner

Homeopaths believe that a person's state of health reflects the level of their inner vitality at the time, and that good health is defined as freedom from illness combined with general physical and emotional well-being. Homeopaths also consider that certain health problems develop from an acquired or inherited root, and that a person has a tendency to become ill in a particular way his or her susceptibility (see page 18). According to homeopathic theory, illness results from imbalances in body systems, which have a great capacity for self-healing. This can be stimulated and nurtured by homeopathic treatment.

Fatigue a complex symptom with widereaching effects

But do the effects of fatigue stretch even wider, reaching well beyond traditional symptom boundaries Having energy and vitality is an important part of self-image. Fatigue is often seen as a sign of impending deterioration. So if doctors and nurses are to discuss fatigue with patients, grasping their interpretation and understanding of fatigue is essential (see Chapter 7). Fatigue can have a profound meaning for patients living with fatigue, and for their carers or family, which also need to be considered and assessed.

Comparisons Of Longterm Effects Of Diagnosis And Treatment By Cancer Site Breast Cancer And Hodgkins Disease

In the breast cancer cohort, little change in the women's ratings of health was reported. Five years after diagnosis, 92 rated their health as good or excellent and only 10 said their health had been getting worse. Significant improvements were reported for surgical symptoms, and the following SF-36 scales (i.e., physical functioning, physical and social roles, vitality, and bodily pain). Overall, physical domain QOL ratings improved when compared to the first year following diagnosis. Using the composite physical measure from the SF-36, a greater increase in physical QOL was associated with reporting fewer chronic conditions (coefficient is -2.60, p 0.01), being employed (coefficient is 3.24, p 0.04), having been treated by chemotherapy (coefficientis 3.88, p 0.03), and fewer children under age 18 living at home (coefficientis -4.77, p 0.01).32 health (72.8 to 78.0, p 0.001), and the vitality (50.5 to 62.8, p 0.001) scales. In the multivariate analyses, the mental health dimension...

Boys dont get anorexia do they

Anorexia is certainly more common in girls and one of the symptoms that GP's tend to look for, as an indicator of anorexia, is loss of periods. There is no such obvious indicator for boys. One of the main problems in recognising anorexia in boys is that lots of teenage boys go through stretch and grow phases in which they become extremely skinny despite still having a healthy appetite. Many boys are naturally very skinny even before entering puberty, but are in excellent health. When Joe first lost weight we thought he was simply going through a normal teenage stretch and grow phase, and my younger son is going through a very similar growth phase now that he is twelve. The big difference with Joe was that he didn't stop losing weight, he gradually ate less and less, he became very pale and was always cold, he became tearful and depressed, he became distant from his friends and much more clingy to me. This was a boy who had previously been full of vitality and energy, very popular with...

Type of Nutritional Support

Normal high-energy, high-protein diet For many patients with COPD, advising small, frequent nutrient-dense meals, regular snacks, and food fortification using high-energy and -protein foods, such as milk, yoghurt, butter, and cream, may provide adequate nutritional support. Foods of low nutritional value, such as tea, squash, and clear soup, should be discouraged. For some patients who lack vitality, use of readily prepared microwave dinners with a rest prior to mealtime is helpful. A daily multivitamin and minerals supplement may be indicated.

Mechanisms of invasion evasion and survival

Biological interests of the parasite and its host are in many respects antagonistic. Anything that enhances the biological fitness of the parasite usually reduces the biological fitness of its host. Most parasite adaptations take the form of arms that allow the parasite to overcome its host's defence mechanisms, while many adaptations of the host take the form of counter-arms designed to defend against specific and non-specific parasites. A parasite's most important defences include various mechanisms allowing the propagules to seek members of suitable host species and penetrate their bodies (on their bodies in the case of ectoparasites), to remain, mechanically, inside or on their bodies, to draw the necessary amount of suitable resources from their bodies in an efficient way, to resist the host's defence (e.g. immune) systems, put them out of operation or re-direct their activity in a way that renders them harmless to the parasite. The most important defences of the host include the...

Breast Cancer Survivors

In one study of 222 survivors who had undergone axillary lymph node dissection as part ofbreast cancer surgery, 72 reported shoulder arm pain. Present pain intensity was a significant predictor of quality of life measured by the EORTC QLQ-C308 with (P 0.29 p 0.001). Pain discomfort affect (P 0.42 p 0.001), sensation of pain (P 0.289 p 0.001), and pain disability for self care (P 0.261 p 0.001) were important predictors ofpsychological distress as measured by the Mental Health Inventory.9,10 In another study, 55 survivors were surveyed with a health-related quality of life instrument, the RAND-36,11 at a mean follow-up of 2.7 years from surgery, 60 reported pain and reduction of grip strength. Shoulder pain was a significant factor for the domains of social functioning (p -2.9 95 CI -5.0, -0.8), mental health (P -2.3 95 CI -4.1, -0.5), vitality (P -3.8 95 CI -5.8, -1.8), pain (P -0.55 95 CI -7.1, -3.9), health perception (P -4.5 95 CI -6.3, -2.7), and health change (P -3.8 95 CI -6.3,...

Glycemic Index

As well as low-GI foods, ensure your diet includes an adequate supply of low fat protein at each meal and eat fiber-rich vegetables. The ideal ratio of carbohydrates to fat to protein is 40 30 30. By maintaining insulin levels within a therapeutic zone, one is more able to burn excess body fat (and keep it off permanently) and enjoy increased energy, as well as improved mental acuity and vitality.

Cancer Treatment

In general, psychological theories of depression related to cancer are better understood than biologic theories. The psychological correlates of depression related to cancer are well established. Cancer threatens not only one's life, but also changes one's self-image, vitality, activities of daily life, financial standing, interpersonal relationships, and role functioning. As such, there is a direct link between the interpersonal changes engendered by cancer and depressive symptoms.

Box 111

Another weapon used by parasites in the fight with their host consists of purposeful interventions in their endocrine system. A number of parasites can produce substances with hormonal activity through which they are able to alter the physiology, immunity and behaviour of the host organism for their own benefit. A partial or complete parasitic castration represents a frequent type of parasite's hormonal intervention into its host's physiological condition. By hormonally castrating the host organism the parasite achieves a reallocation of resources from reproduction to growth and maintenance, which are, from the point of view of horizontally transmitted parasites, functions substantially more usefully than the host's reproduction (Wilson and Denison, 1980). Through these interventions, the parasite (for example, larvae of some species of flukes) significantly enhances its host's vitality to the detriment of its fertility (hence to the detriment of its biological fitness) (Box 11.2). A...


Societal influences also contribute to this illness. Increasingly, Westernized culture portrays thinness as a coveted physical ideal associated with happiness, vitality, and well-being, while obesity is perceived as unhealthy and unattractive. This has encouraged a growing sentiment of body dissatisfaction, particularly among young women. Endless images of unrealistically thin models and actors in all forms of media further promote body dissatisfaction one of the strongest risk factors for the development of disordered eating.

Name One Thing

Expression of highs and lows is a simple, nonthreatening group exercise, and often overlooked for its capacity to elicit deep self-awareness at a very existential level. The therapist may instruct the group, saying, Name one thing that makes you happy right now, and one thing that's making you sad. This is more than just an ice breaker it is a pathway to deep and potentially troubling issues. It is built upon the principle that people sense that their own vitality and efficacy rest on whether they have purpose, relationships, or freedoms (Yalom 1980 Arkoff 1995).

Davis Adelle 190474

O ne of the early twentieth-century diet authorities who had a professional background in nutrition. Trained in dietetics and nutrition at the University of California at Berkeley, she received her M.S. degree in biochemistry from the University of Southern California in 1938. Her work piggybacked on that of Gayelord Hauser in that she was an early advocate of nutritional supplements as well as natural foods in specific combinations. In i935, Stationers' Hall of London, England published her Optimum Health, and in 1939 her second book, You Can Stay Well. In i942, the Macmillan Company published the most assertive of Davis's works of the period, Vitality through Planned Nutrition.


I would like to share with you a diet that is five thousand years old, and from the Orient. This specific diet helps build vitality, nerves, and muscular strength. The mouth, which is in direct relationship to the body, reacts accordingly, thereby giving the gums and teeth added vitality and strength. The art of macrobiotics helps in the understanding of longevity, the wholesome, creative life, and the balancing of yin and yang (passive and active) elements that exist in everything and every activity not just food. It emphasizes harmony with nature, especially through following a diet that consists mostly of whole grains, beans, vegetables, and moderate amounts of seafood and fruit.

Energy Therapies

Reiki is a Japanese word that comes from rei, meaning universal spirit, and ki, meaning life energy. Reiki is an ancient healing method that was revitalized in the 1800s by the Buddhist monk Hichau Mikao Usui. Practitioners believe that the health benefits of Reiki come from a universal life energy that they are able to channel Therapeutic Touch. Delores Krieger, RN, PhD and Dora Kunz, a natural healer, developed this mode of therapy in the 1970s. Although therapeutic touch has ancient origins that come from both religious and secular practices and includes healing from the laying on of hands, it is now most commonly used by nurses and mental health practitioners. Therapeutic touch is not meant to have religious connotations however, there is debate in the scientific community over whether the method should be classified as a religious or spiritual approach rather than a therapeutic intervention. The basic concept is that a life energy imbalance can potentially be corrected...

Some Definitions

Prayer is generally thought of in a religious context, but it can be a nonreligious endeavor and associated with the nonreligious aspects of spirituality. In her book How to Pray without Being Religious, psychologist Janell Moon writes, Webster's New World Dictionary defines prayer as 'the act or practice of praying, to beg, to implore or beseech, implore, to ask earnestly make supplication as to a deity to God, a god, as by reciting certain set formulas.' I propose that we expand the definition of prayer to include praying to our spirit as a source of life energy. So, for the purposes of this discussion, prayer, which can include meditation and other nonreligious entities, is the method that one uses to connect to one's energy source. (Although some scholars make a clear delineation between prayer and meditation, for this chapter, I'll include them in one general category.) Formal religion may or may not be a part of an individual's spiritual life. Moreover, these definitions are...

Common Features

As cells, neurons share some features in common with cells in all other organ systems (see Figure 3). They have a plasma membrane acting as an external cell wall to form a distinct boundary between the environment inside (intracellular) and outside (extracellular) the cells. The intracellular material enclosed by the plasma membrane is termed the cytoplasm. Like all other cells (except red blood cells), neurons have numerous specialized intracel-lular organelles, which permit them to maintain their vitality while performing their specialized functions.

Ginseng Korean

Historical note Gin refers to man and seng to essence in Chinese, whereas Panax is derived from the Greek word pan (all) and akos (cure), referring to its use as a cure-all. Ginseng is a perennial herb native to Korea and China and has been used as a herbal remedy in eastern Asia for thousands of years. It is considered to be the most potent Qi or energy tonic in TCM. Modern indications include low vitality, poor immunity, cancer, cardiovascular disease and enhancement of physical performance and sexual function. However, a recent systematic review of RCT found that the efficacy of ginseng root extract could not be established beyond doubt for any of these indications (Coon & Ernst 2002).

Dr Prices Message

The obvious conclusion of Price's research is that for humanity to survive, it must eat better. And the foods it must eat must be whole, fresh, and unprocessed. More and more, people are beginning to see this and have been changing their eating patterns. But for the majority, however, the continuation of negative dietary habits will inevitably lead to decreased vitality, unhealthy children, in short, the degeneration of the human race. In this world of survival of the fittest, we need to take every opportunity to bolster our position or we risk going the way of the dodo bird into extinction.

Ginseng Siberian

Historical note Siberian ginseng has been used for over 2000 years, according to Chinese medical records, where it is referred to as Ci Wu Jia. It was used to prevent colds and flu and to increase vitality and energy. In modern times, it has been used by Russian cosmonauts for improving alertness and energy, and to aid in adaptation to the stresses of life in space. It has also been used as an ergogenic aid by Soviet athletes before international competitions and was used after the Chernobyl accident to counteract the effects of radiation.

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