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The All Natural Varicose and Spider Vein Solution

Varicose veins are affections of veins that mainly torment women, but also affect men. In addition to generating aesthetic problems they cause some unpleasant symptoms. Care and prevention are essential to prevent the onset of varicose veins. Women who go through varicose veins know how uncomfortable the legs look and not only that, there are also symptoms like pain, swelling, burning and a feeling of weight together. Watch for signs of illness in your body and learn to take care of it. In this guide, you will know all about varicose veins, prevention ways, the myths that involve the disease and how to keep your legs beautiful and healthy. Varicose veins are veins that dilate becoming tortuous, elongated, a bluish color and bounced on the skin. They leave the blood accumulated, generating a feeling of weight, pain and discomfort. Varicose veins occur more in the lower limbs because the legs and feet stay in the same position for long periods, thus increasing the pressure in the lower body by the force of gravity. If you want more prevention and health care tips for women, get the practical online guide now. More here...

The All Natural Varicose and Spider Vein Solution Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Robert Galarowicz
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Varicose veins

Veins are known as varicose when the valves within them lose their strength. As a result of this, blood flow may become reversed or static. Valves are concerned with preventing the back flow of blood. When their function is impaired they are unable to prevent the blood from flowing downwards, causing the walls of the affected veins to swell and bulge out and become visible through the skin. Varicose veins may be due to several factors

Jemerlang Laut Yellow Flame Yellow Flamboyant

Dosage A tea prepared by pouring 0.25 L of hot water over 1 heaped teaspoon of the dried plant extract and strained after 10 min is to be drunk 3 times a day. 1 Homeopathically, it is used to treat varicose veins, 5 drops, 1 tablet or 10 globules are to be taken every 30 to 60 min in acute cases, or 1 to 3 times daily for chronical cases. 1

Solanaceae Nightshade family

One benefit of lycium that is generally accepted is to promote a healthy gut flora, while lowering bad LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. The berries serve to stabilize the capillaries, veins, and arteries throughout the body. They work on thread and varicose veins, and fragile capillaries that bleed under the skin. They also help to reduce narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis), thereby benefiting cold hands and feet. varicose veins

Collagenases and Their Inhibitors

The pathology of varicose veins bears some resemblance to cancer invasion, and in considering the resemblance, we find suggestions for compounds that may be useful in cancer treatment. In both cases, intermittent blood stasis causes tissue hypoxia and reperfusion, which leads to free radical generation. The free radicals then degrade collagen in the ECM and basement membrane. In addition, collagenases are produced, which further degrade collagen. At the same time, a dysregula-tion of normal matrix production occurs in both diseases, and GAG synthesis, primarily of hyaluronic acid, is excessively stimulated.45'46 This leads to a maldevel-oped ECM and basement membrane that is collagen-poor and GAG-rich. Proanthocyanidins and other compounds such as Centella and boswellic acid inhibit GAG synthesis and collagen degradation, and or stimulate collagen production in vitro. In fact, proanthocyanidins are reportedly useful in vivo for increasing capillary resistance in diseases such as...

Supplements For Venous Insufficiency

50 mg) in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. J Herb Pharmacother 4(2) (2004) 19-32. Facino RM et al. Anti-elastase and anti-hyaluronidase activities of saponins and sapogenins from Hedera helix, Aesculus hippocastanum, and Ruscus aculeatus factors contributing to their efficacy in the treatment of venous insufficiency. Arch Pharm (Weinheim) 328(10) (1995) 720-4. Fallier-Becker P, Borner M, Weiser M. Proliferation modulating effect of Aesculus hippocastanum, Coenzyme therapy of chronic venous insufficiency.) FortschrMed 114(15) (1996) 196-200. Guillaume M, Padioleau F. Veinotonic effect, vascular protection, antiinflammatory and free radical scavenging Ottillinger B, Greeske K. Rational therapy of chronic venous insufficiency chances and limits of the therapeutic use of horse-chestnut seeds extract. BMC Cardiovase Disord 1 (2001) 5. Pit tier M, Ernst E. Horse chestnut seed extract for chronic venous insufficiency. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 4 (2006) CD003230. Pohlmann G,...

Hesperidin Hesperetin

(121) hesperidin was anti-inflammatory against rat colitis induced by trini-trobenzenesulfonic acid and protected against urinary bladder carcinogenesis in mice (122) and hesperidin protected against rat esophageal carcinogenesis (123). Hesperidin methylchalcone is a drug used against chronic venous insufficiency since it reduces activation of phospholipase and ameliorates the decrease in ATP in hypoxia-treated endothelial cells (124).

Food Pyramids Obesity And Diabetes

High Iron Saturation Level

According to the World Health Organization, obesity has become a worldwide problem that has significant effects on health. Problems that were once considered limited to developed or industrialized countries now affect everyone. Because of obesity, the incidence of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and hypertension has increased around the world. Obese individuals are also prone to pulmonary disease, varicose veins, and gallbladder disease. They have an increased risk of breast, uterine, and colon cancers.

Historical And Presentday Cultivation And Usage

Several by-products, such as the leaves, the hazelnut green leafy cover, the hazelnut hard shell, and hazelnut skin, are obtained through the harvesting, shelling hulling, cracking, and roasting processes, respectively. These by-products have a lower commercial value than hazelnut kernels. However, among these by-products, the hazelnut's hard shell is currently used for burning as a heat source, for mulching, and as a raw material for the production for furfural in the dye industry. Moreover, the hazelnut green leafy covers and tree leaves are sometimes used as organic fertilizers for hazelnut trees and other crops upon composting. Hazel leaves are also widely used in folk medicine, in the preparation of infusions for the treatment of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, phlebitis, and edema of the lower limbs, as consequence of its astringency, vasoprotective, and anti-edema properties (Valnet, 1992).

Applications To Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

Escin, the major bioactive principle in AH seeds, has shown satisfactory evidence of clinically significant activity in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, postoperative edema, and mammary induration, and in cancer therapy. In some controlled trials, escin was demonstrated to be as effective as traditional medical treatments for the same pathologies, in addition to having excellent tolerability (Sirtori, 2001).

Supplemental Material For Chapter

Butcher's broom has a long history of use in treating hemorrhoids and varicose veins in humans. It is reported to be effective after oral administration.6-12 Both in vitro and in vivo, it caused vasoconstriction and inhibited increased vascular permeability induced by a variety of agents.

Aesculus Hippocastanum

Horse chestnut seed extracts are often used for chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). A systematic review (12) included eight placebo-controlled trials and five trials conducted against reference treatments. They included a total of 1083 patients with CVI of moderate severity. The methodological quality of these trials was on average good (Jadad score 3-5). The overall results indicated that active treatment is significantly more effective than placebo and equivalent to reference treatments. Both objective signs and subjective symptoms responded to treatment. On the basis of these findings we concluded that''horse chestnut seed extract is superior to placebo and as effective as reference medications in alleviating the objective signs and subjective symptoms of CVI'' (12).

Cardiovascular problems

Massage is thought to increase blood flow, which is desirable in many conditions, but can be dangerous in others. Infection and cancer cells can be carried around the body in the bloodstream to affect other areas. Bruised, damaged or broken blood vessels would be further damaged by massage, resulting in increased bleeding. Varicose veins should be avoided as the tissues around the vein may be fragile and easily damaged and there is a tendency for the stagnating blood to form clots. Massage proximal to the vein may prevent these problems.

Techniques For The Knee Area3

Precautions include the need to avoid excessive force and pain, as in all other areas, but also include the need to avoid excessive pressure over any varicose veins. Some knee syndromes are manifestations of hyper-mobility masked by muscle protection. If this is the case, mobilizing techniques are not indicated, so careful assessment should precede treatment. If a knee is degenerative it will generally tend to have lost some of its normal hyperextension, and excessive attempts to restore this are doomed to failure and will only provoke more pain and problems.

Presentday Cultivation And Usage

Milk thistle is indigenous to Kashmir, Southern Europe, Southern Russia, North Africa, and Asia Minor. It was introduced to most areas of Europe, North and South America, and Southern Australia, and is cultivated mainly in the dry rocky soils of European countries, Australia, Canada, China, North and South America as a medicinal plant. It is also grown as ornamental plant for its attractive foliage. The seeds are collected when ripe, during late summer. Presently, milk thistle seed, its purified extracts and its active constituents are mainly used in liver diseases. It is the most widely used hepatoprotective agent in chronic inflammatory hepatic disorders, including hepatitis, jaundice, alcohol abuse, fibrosis, cirrhosis, and fatty infiltration and in hepatotoxicity by mushroom poisoning and by industrial pollutants. It is also widely used as nutraceutical agent. In homoeopathy, the seed tincture is used in liver disorders, jaundice, gall stones, peritonitis, hemorrhage, bronchitis,...

Mild Inflammation Of The Mouth And Throat

HAEMORRHOIDS, VARICOSE VEINS, VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY The considerable astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema activity of bilberry provides a theoretical basis for its use in these conditions. Several human case series and a single-blind trial report significant improvements in lower extremity discomfort and oedema related to chronic venous insufficiency however, further research is required to confirm these findings (Ulbricht & Basch 2005).

Answers To Patients Frequently Asked Questions

Bilberry is used to relieve the symptoms of mild diarrhoea and improve poor night vision, sensitivity to glare, photophobia, peptic ulcers, varicose veins, venous insufficiency and haemorrhoids when taken internally. It is also used as a mouthwash, gargle or paint for mild inflammation of the mouth or throat, such as gingivitis or pharyngitis.

Your body during weeks 29 to

About 20 percent of pregnant women develop varicose veins. They're caused by weaknesses in the valves within the veins that carry blood back to your heart. They typically show up in the later months of pregnancy, when the veins in your legs have expanded and your uterus has grown to the point that it's putting increased pressure on them. You may also be developing spider veins (vascular spiders). These tiny reddish spots with raised lines branching out from the center, like spider legs, are another consequence of increased blood circulation. You may notice them on your face, neck, upper chest or arms. They'll probably disappear a few weeks after your baby is born. If you're really unlucky, you may also have hemorrhoids. These are varicose veins in your rectum. They're caused by increased blood volume and increased pressure from your growing uterus on your pelvic veins, which return blood to your heart from your legs and organs of the pelvis. Constipation...

Horse Chestnut

Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) is used in Western herbal medicine to treat diseases of the venous system. In Germany, preparations of horse chestnut are approved to treat diseases such as thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, and many types of edema. Aesculus extracts are the second most prescribed herbal monoprepa-ration in Germany, with annual retail sales of 103 million (U.S. dollars).79 In Chinese herbal medicine, the seed of a related plant, A. chinensis, is used to treat malnutrition and other digestive difficulties at a dose of 3 to 9 grams in decoction. Japanese herbal medicine prescribes the seed of A. turbinata, another related plant, to treat digestive difficulties and promote absorption.80 Butcher's broom (Ruscus aculea-tus) is an evergreen bush native to the Mediterranean region. It has been used extensively in herbal medicine to treat varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and edema, although it has not received as much research in this area as horse chestnut. The active...

Agrimony tincture

Donald Duck Halloween Scare

Bilberries are one of the best herbs for the eyes and eyesight. They also strengthen the veins and capillaries, so are used for fragile and varicose veins. The berry tea was used for treating bedwetting in children, and to dilate blood vessels of the body, in the same way as described for the eye. The tea is valuable for varicose veins and hemorrhoids, strengthening vein and capillary walls. The berries mashed into a paste are applied to hemorrhoids. A friend once asked me to make up bilberry syrup for her elderly neighbor. This lady had a lot of aching and discomfort in her legs from varicose veins but was about to go on a long walk, the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. She completed the pilgrimage successfully, walking many miles, commenting that she could 'feel her veins tightening up' when she took the syrup.


Familiar for its nuts, called conkers, horse chestnut is a beautiful introduced ornamental tree. It also has significant medicinal uses, particularly for supporting weakened veins, as in varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and capillary fragility. It is used for two Bach Flower Essences and in commerical quantities for allopathic and homeopathic remedies for irregularities of the veins. It also has some surprising other uses. Aescin, found in conkers reduces leak- age and is used in the treatment of oedema (lower leg swelling) and has proved to be as effective as com- pression stockings. It strengthens and tones the blood vessels and is becoming very important in the treat- ment of varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) Haemorrhoids respond well too Use horse chestnut for Horse chestnut is a leading herbal treatment for weakened veins, including varicose veins, hemorrhoids, acne rosacea, and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). It has an unusual capacity to strengthen small...


Anthocyanidins are red-blue pigments in plants, and they are especially high in fruits such as blueberries, bilberries, and other berries. Like many other flavon-oids, anthocyanidins exist in nature almost exclusively in their glycoside (anthocyanin) forms. Although the glycosides are found in many plants, the primary commercial source of anthocyanins is Vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry), in which they occur at about 3 percent.185 Bilberries are eaten as food and have also been used medicinally to treat scurvy, urinary infections, diarrhea (due to their astringent characteristics), and varicose veins, as well to improve night vision and treat other eye disorders.186


Pregnancy lasts 40 weeks from the last day of menstruation. Changes in hormonal levels cause symptoms such as nausea in the first trimester, digestion problems and constipation in the second, and, in the third trimester, the growth of the fetus may result in back pain and swelling of the legs. Varicose veins, which can develop in susceptible individuals, may be due to an inherited weakness in the structure of the veins. Blood gathers in pools causing the vein to bulge. Topical application of a cream used in Europe that contains horsechestnut or escin, has shown to be beneficial in affecting venous circulation. A drop in the hormone levels of estrogen and progesterone can cause depression and weepiness after birth. For varicose veins Arnica montana Calcarea carbonica Carbo vegetabilis Hamamelis virginiana Lycopodium Pulsatilla

Blood vessels

Node Pathway

Blood is pumped along the veins by the contraction and relaxation of muscles and by the expansion and contraction of the thorax and diaphragm during breathing. If muscles are not contracting, e.g. during long periods of standing and inactivity, gravity exerts a downward force. If the valves are weak, blood 'pools' in the veins. This pressure overloads the veins and the wall bulges outwards, causing the condition known as varicose veins. Regular leg massage speeds up the flow of blood through the veins. This prevents overloading of the veins, which helps prevent varicose veins.

The Ecm And Cancer

Theoretically, it might seem that hyaluronic acid production could inhibit tumor progression, for example, hyaluronic acid synthesis is needed to repair the damaged ECM during wound healing. It is much more likely, however, that it facilitates cancer progression. For one thing, the excess hyaluronic acid produced during cancer is probably not of the normal type, or it is produced in relative imbalance to other ECM components such as collagen and fibronectin. As discussed below, this type of imbalance (high GAG production and low collagen production) occurs in the dysfunctional matrix produced around varicose veins, a condition that has some similarities to cancer invasion.

The formula provides

Vitamin E 150 i.u. - D-alpha tocopherol is a fat-soluble antioxidant found in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils which it helps to prevent becoming rancid, just as it protects fats within the body from oxidation. Its antioxidant properties help limit the damage to all body cells caused by naturally present free oxygen radicals, and therefore helps prevent cancer and ageing. Needed for maintenance of a healthy heart and circulation, normal sexual function, proper growth and repair of skin. Helps heal scar tissue, oxygenate muscles and maintain immunity. Deficiency symptoms lack of sex drive, exhaustion after light exercise, easy bruising, slow wound healing, varicose veins, loss of muscle tone, infertility.

Centella asiatica

Centella asiatica (gotu kola, Indian pennywort) is a tropical herb used in traditional medicines for a wide variety of conditions, including burns, venous disorders, and skin ulcers.37 Studies have confirmed that oral or topical administration promotes wound healing, including surgical and nonhealing wounds, ulcerations, and leprosy sores.38-42 Centella is used internally for venous insufficiency conditions such as varicose veins and edema. The most common formulation for oral administration is the standardized total triterpenic fraction of Centella asiatica (TTFCA), which contains about 30 percent asiatic acid, 30 percent madecassic acid, and 40


After taking the history the patient is asked to undress to his underpants and the examination begins. He is asked to stand and we observe his posture and carriage of weight from behind, in front and from the side. He appears to be reasonably symmetrical but stands with a slight bend in his right leg at the knee. When he is asked to stand with the legs straight he appears to have his left iliac crest lower than the right. The waist fold is slightly deeper on the right than the left. His right shoulder is slightly lower than the left. He has very slight varicose veins evident on the left calf. Active movements into flexion show some guarding in the lumbar area and he supports his weight on his thighs as he returns from flexion. Sidebending to the left is full, but attempts to sidebend to the right cause increase of discomfort. Extension causes no problems but he is rather stiff. Rotation is slightly fuller to the right than the left. If he is asked to let one knee sag so that he bears...


It is located in the right lower rib cage. A damaged liver can be restored by making appropriate lifestyle changes including limiting alcohol, sugar, and man-made chemicals. Diet soda is a leading cause of poor liver function. Toxic chemicals need to be processed by the liver. Skin lesions including acne and psoriasis will clear up. Female hormone issues, even tender breasts, heavy menstrual flow, and spider veins will respond to liver cleansing. Eat organic beets regularly. Avoid lymph congesting,


LEG VEINS PRONE TO VARICOSITY Veins inthe legs become enlarged and twisted when small valves that should snap shut between heartbeats (to keep blood moving up toward the heart) malfunction, causing blood to pool. Severe varicosities can lead to swellingand pain and, on rare occasions, to life-threatening blood clots


This is an abnormal swelling of body tissues due to an accumulation of tissue fluid. It could be the result of heart failure, liver or kidney disease or due to chronic varicose veins. The resultant swelling of the tissues may be localised, as with an injury or inflammation or may be more generalised, as in heart or kidney failure. Subcutaneous oedema commonly occurs in the legs and ankles due to the influence of gravity, and is a common problem in women before menstruation and in the last trimester of pregnancy.

The Large Intestine

The beneficial effects of dietary fiber on the alimentary tract were emphasized by another of the founders of the dietary fiber hypothesis, Denis Burkitt, who based his arguments largely on the concept of fecal bulk, developed as a result of field observations in rural Africa, where cancer and other chronic bowel diseases were rare. His hypothesis was that populations consuming the traditional rural diets, rich in vegetables and cereal foods, produced bulkier, more frequent stools than persons eating the refined diets typical of industrialized societies. Chronic constipation was thought to cause straining of abdominal muscles during passage of stool, leading to prolonged high pressures within the colonic lumen and the lower abdomen. This in turn was thought to increase the risk of various diseases of muscular degeneration including varicose veins, hemorrhoids, hiatus hernia, and colonic diverticulas. Colorectal neoplasia was also thought to result from infrequent defecation, because...

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