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Ruta graveolens L Rutaceae Herb of Grace Common

Induration Insect Bites

Traditional Medicinal Uses Consumption of beets (Beta vulgaris) combined with molasses from S. officinarum, is used by Dominican healers to shrink fibroids or to strengthen and fortify the uterus after the fibroid had been drained from the body . 10 The cane juice promotes expulsion of phlegm from the respiratory passages, stimulates gastric activities, treats wounds, ulcers and boils. 11

Contraindications And Precautions

There are no known contraindications for the flower head extracts. Concentrated isoflavone extracts should only be used by people with oestrogen-sensitive cancers under professional supervision because of the possible proliferative effects. Additionally, people with conditions that may be aggravated by increased oestrogen levels, such as endometriosis or uterine fibroids, should use this herb under professional supervision only.

Significant Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

Inclusion and exclusion criteria are chosen to allow enrollment of a selected patient population. As described earlier, having a homogeneous group of patients will minimize the introduction of variability, which will cause altered results. Patients could be limited based on the amount of pre-existing adhesions, the presence or absence of endometriosis and ovarian endometriotic cysts, and the occurrence, location, and size of uterine fibroids. Additionally, inclusion of all such pathologies (and others) raises the question of how outcomes can be assessed considering these variable pre-existing pathological processes.

Homeopathic medicine

The treatment of growths on stalks that project from the uterine wall. For problems that may be associated with fibroids, Lachesis is indicated when the circulation of blood in the uterus leads to bleeding into surrounding muscle. Phosphorous is used for the overdevelopment of muscle, and Sepia is associated with inflammation of the uterus and prolapse (displacement of the uterus). Remedies may be prescribed specifically in an attempt to shrink a fibroid. These include Calc. iod., when fibroids are small and there is a profuse, yellow vaginal discharge and Fraxinus, when the uterus is swollen and accompanied by an urge to bear down, and there are painful cramps and a watery, brown vaginal discharge during menstruation. Silica is used when menstrual periods are heavy, possibly with intermittent bleeding, and the body feels ice-cold and Aurum mur. is often prescribed for a swollen, painful uterus with spasmodic vaginal contractions.

Blessed Is the Womb

I see a variety of conditions in my practice. Fibroids and heavy menstrual flow are very common in our toxic society. Why does a toxic environment impact the uterus Because estrogen clearing is delayed in the liver. Your liver processes estrogen with the help of quality B vitamins. There is an excessive amount of xenohormones present in man-made fabric, chemicals, wall coverings, and pollution. Xenohormones mimic estrogen. Estrogen needs to be balanced by progesterone. Stress on the adrenal glands and ovaries diminishes progesterone production. Estrogen, when not balanced by progesterone, activates receptors which can result in a fibroid and heavy bleeding.

Reproductive Systems

Reproduction depends upon the efficient functioning of both the female and male systems. This is impaired by physiological problems such as blockages, which are either congenital or the result of infection or scarring and which may give rise to infertility growths such as fibroids and malformation such as an enlarged prostate gland. The reproductive process may also be interrupted by hormonal imbalances.

Teucrium Marum

The primary affinity of this remedy is with polyps, which may affect the nose, ears, vagina, and rectum. Nasal polyps may be accompanied by chronic catarrh, dried-up, foul-smelling crusts of catarrh, and loss of smell. Fibrous tumors on the eyelids and fibroids in the uterus may be helped by the remedy, as may lumps in the urethra caused by gonorrhea.

Menstrual Problems

Endometriosis develops when cells from the lining of the uterus migrate outside the uterus. These cells still respond to the monthly hormonal cycles and release blood during menses. However, the blood has nowhere to go and so the area becomes inflamed and painful. Uterine fibroids are benign muscle tumors produced when estrogen activity is high as they depend on estrogen for growth. They appear in pre-menopausal women and shrink at menopause and in the absence of estrogen replacement therapy. They do not turn malignant. Birth control pills add to estrogen levels in the body. Symptoms of uterine fibroids include a feeling of fullness, frequent urination, and heavy and cramping menstruation.

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