Obesity and Physical Activity

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Strategy Development Workshop for Public Education on Weight and Obesity--Summary Report. Summary of a 1992 workshop held to identify issues in educating the public, identifying priority audiences, approaches, and communications channels for weight and physical activity. Available at http: //www.nhlbi.nih.gov/nhlbi/ cardio/obes/prof/obeshc.htm

Methods for Voluntary Weight Loss and Control (National Institutes of Health Technology Assessment Conference). An edited summary of a 1992 NIH Technology Assessment Conference on American weight loss practices, success of methods of weight loss and control, short- and long-term benefits and adverse effects of weight loss, principles for selecting a weight loss and control strategy, and future directions for research. Available at http://text.nlm.nih.gov/ nih/ta/www/10.html

[Full proceedings available in Danford, D., Fletcher, S.W. Methods for Voluntary Weight Loss and Control, National Institutes of Health Technology Assessment Conference. Annals of Internal Medicine Supplement, 119(7pt2)641-770(1993).]

NIH Consensus Development Conference on Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health. An edited summary of a 1995 NIH Consensus Development Conference which examined the accumulating evidence on the role of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors. Available at http: //odp.od.nih.gov/consensus/ state-ments/cdc/intros/physact_intro.html

[Full proceedings available from Leon, A. (ed.) Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health: A National Consensus. Human Kinetics:1995.]

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