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The Representation Of The Genital System On The

What has been intriguing for me and several other practitioners has been the representation of the ovary luanchao and testicle gaowan on the medial side of the antitragus. The indications for both points were hypogonadism, and epididymitis for the first and abnormal menstruation for the second. The indications for both points were extended by Li Su Huai to dwarfism, hypofunction of the anterior pituitary, hypothalamic amenorrhea, sexual disorders, etc.68

Extinguishing the AR axis

The androgen dependence of prostate cancer on testosterone was first observed as early as 1941 when the effect of castration on androgen levels in prostate cancer was studied 17 . This lead to the introduction of androgen deprivation therapy and the generation of the castrate state where serum levels of testosterone are reduced to

Clinical phase III studies of IAS

In this multicentre European prospective randomized phase III trial EC507, testosterone serum concentrations under AS were analyzed in prostate cancer patients with PSA progression after radical prostatectomy. Patients were randomized to either CAS or IAS therapy using a 3-months depot with leuprorelin acetate as microcapsule formulation. In 109 patients testosterone recovery to baseline values was achieved in 79 during the first and in 65 during the second IAS cycle, respectively. Median time to testosterone normalization was 100 days in the first and 115 days in the second cycle, respectively. There also appeared to be a QoL benefit during off-treatment intervals owing to the recovery of serum testosterone levels. No significant difference was observed up to 1000 days between IAS and CAS with regard to time to androgen-independent progression. This was the first prospective study of leuprolide, demonstrating normalization of testosterone levels in the off-treatment period in...

Clare Stevinson Kristin L Campbell Christopher M Sellar and Kerry S Courneya

The effects of a 12-month aerobic exercise intervention were examined in 173 sedentary, overweight, postmenopausal women without cancer.35 The exercise group had a significant decrease in estrone, estradiol, and free estradiol compared to no change or increase in the control group at 3 months. These differences were maintained at 12 months, but were no longer statistically significant. A similar nonsignificant decrease in androgens was noted in both groups. However, those who lost weight had a significant decrease in testosterone and free testosterone, which was greater in the exercise group than the control group despite similar weight loss. To date, the effect of physical activity on sex steroid hormones in cancer survivors has only been examined in a small pilot study of nine breast cancer survivors who engaged in an 8-week physical activity (3 times per week of aerobic activity) and low fat diet (20 calories from fat) intervention.36 Slight, nonsignificant decreases were observed...

The Social and Cultural Domain

While there is clear support for how social factors contribute to gender dif ferences, there are also findings that show such di ferences across many dif ferent societies and cultures. Men, for example, are the more aggressive gender in all societies studied to date. Consequently , some theories are emphasizing differences between men and women that may be due to hormones. Testosterone levels, for example, dif fer greatly between men and women, and testosterone has been reliably associated with the personality traits of dominance, aggression, and sexuality.

Glucocorticoid antagonists and depression

Hpa Dysfunction

Glucocorticoid synthesis inhibitors are unlikely ever to become drugs of choice for treating a disease as prevalent as depression. The toxic effects are well described in summary, ketoconazole, metyrapone and aminoglutethimide each disrupt multiple pathways in steroid formation, thereby having effects on several important steroids and indirectly nonsteroidal systems (many side effects are effectively summarized in the excellent review by Wolkowitz and Reus, 1999). For example, ketoconazole decreases testosterone levels, metyrapone can induce hirsuitism, and aminoglutethimide can lower oestra-diol levels other side effects include rashes, menstrual

Contraindications And Precautions

As licorice may questionably reduce testosterone levels in men, it should be used with caution in men with a history of impotence, infertility or decreased libido (Armanini et al 1999, Zava et al 1998). It exhibits mineralocorticoid, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mucoprotective and ulcer-healing activity in humans. Antiviral, antibacterial, antitumour, expectorant and hepatoprotective effects have also been demonstrated in animal or test tube studies. Significant effects on oestrogen and testosterone levels remain to be established in controlled trials as evidence is inconsistent.

Solanaceae Nightshade family

In China it has long been claimed that lycium improves sexual performance, mainly in older men. Research has found that regular doses of the berries can raise testosterone levels when these are deficient. Many older men have this problem, so to this extent lycium may reduce impotence and can be seen as aphrodisiac.

Different hormonal treatments influence testosterone differently

Different drugs for hormonal treatment of prostate cancer have different effects on serum testosterone. Non-steroidal antiandrogens increase overall serum testosterone levels. Steroi- dal antiandrogen (cyproterone) reduces testosterone levels, but not to castrate values. Often old patients take two 100 mg tablets daily and testosterone values are than commonly around 7 nmol l. With proper dosing (3 times 100 mg daily), values nearing castration levels have been reported (mean 2.5 nmol l, 19 ), on the other side, with dose 200 mg daily, relatively small decrease only to low-normal levels has been reported for healthy young to middle-aged men (mean 11.4 nmol l 20 ). LHRH agonists injections are supposed to universally reduce testosterone levels to castration values, but sometimes this is not the case. LHRH antagonists are gaining popularity very slowly with similar effect on testosterone. They may reduce testosterone levels in a proportion of patients a bit further compared to LHRH...

Daily rhythm of testosterone

Sleeping increases testosterone values 31 . Some even claim sleep, not circadian rhythm to be more important for regulation of testosterone 31 . Pattern of physical activity (physical work or training in the morning versus evening) does not influence testosterone concentrations or testosterone diurnal pattern 32 . Food (mixed meal) decreases testosterone value, if blood is taken 1-2 hours after, by 30 in comparison to overnight fast 33 . Better sleep increases testosterone value 34 . Anxiety may increase testosterone levels, it was even suggested, patient's samples on the day of admission to hospital should not be used because anxiety may be associated with increased testosterone level 35 . On LHRH agonists, diurnal pattern is expected to be abolished 36 . Age reduces circadian fluctuations 37 . Due to stated variations in testosterone levels during the day, morning fasting blood samples are standard.

Gender Differences In The Consequences Of Substance Abuse

Women's reproductive function increases alcohol- and drug-related health risks to themselves and to their unborn children. Alcohol and drug abuse are associated with numerous disorders of the female reproductive system, including breast cancer, amenorrhea, failure to ovulate, atrophy of the ovaries, miscarriage, and early menopause. Men also experience reproductive and sexual difficulties as a result of alcohol and drug abuse, including impotence, low testosterone levels, testicular atrophy, breast enlargement, and diminished sexual interest.

Management Short Stature

Milder and partial forms of disorders causing hypergonadotrophic hypogonadism in Table 3 Onset of acquired disorders in Table 3 during puberty for example, SLE treated with systemic steroids FSH not elevated Low estrogen Milder and partial forms of disorders causing hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism in Table 3 Variants of Turner syndrome Virilization Normal estrogen

Hormones and Aging Hope Springs Eternal

Serum levels of total and bioavailable testosterone gradually decrease with age in men and are associated with changes in cognition. Cher-rier and coinvestigators (2001) examined the relationship between exogenous testosterone administration and cognitive abilities in a population of healthy older men. The investigators raised the circulating total testosterone in the treatment group an average of 130 from baseline at week 3 and 116 at week 6. Because of aromatization of testosterone, estradiol increased an average of 77 at week 3 and 73 at week 6 in the treatment group. Significant improvements in cognition were observed for spatial memory (recall of a walking route), spatial ability (block construction), and verbal memory (recall of a short story) in older men treated with testosterone compared with their baseline evaluation and the performance of the placebo group. Although no one has investigated if hormonal treatment with testosterone can restore the age-related decrease of...

An Integrated Theoretical Perspective

Men and women clearly dif fer in circulating testosterone levels, and these differences are linked with dif ferences in sexuality , aggression, dominance, and career interests (Hoyenga & Hoyenga, 1993). Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the causal possibility, for which there is some evidence, that being in a dominant position actually causes testosterone to rise. Thus, social roles and hormones may be closely linked, and these links may be necessary for an integrated theory of sex dif ferences.

Obesity Associated with Recognized Medical Condition

Chromosomal abnormalities are more frequent causes of a predisposition to obesity. Prader-Willi syndrome, due to deletion or uniparental disomy of part of the long arm of chromosome 15, is associated with characteristic facies, small hands and feet with tapering fingers, hypogonadism, early hypotonia, difficulty feeding, and initially failure to thrive. From the second year of life many of these children show voracious appetite, progressive obesity, and negative behavior (stealing food and refusing to follow a diet). Many also commonly have psychodevelopmental problems with moderate mental retardation that exacerbates the difficulties maintaining normal weight for height and age. Gross obesity commonly leads to early death associated with hypoventilation (Pickwickian syndrome) and or complications of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Pubertal Status Effects

Since hormonal changes are the cause of the changes in physical growth and development, it is often difficult to disentangle hormonal and status effects on adjustment. For example, as described in the previous section, a study by Angold and colleagues (1998) found that only after reaching Tanner stage III were girls more likely than boys to experience higher rates of depressive disorder. However, subsequent analyses showed that effects of elevated estradiol and testosterone levels eliminated effects due to secondary sexual characteristics (Angold et al., 1999). This study suggests that when pubertal status effects on adjustment are found, they are likely be driven by hormonal changes.

Dual Energy XRay Absorptiometry

Endocrine diseases Delayed puberty Hypogonadism Turner syndrome Growth hormone deficiency Hyperthyroidism Juvenile diabetes mellitus Hyperprolactinemia Cushing syndrome Inborn errors of metabolism Protein intolerance Glycogen storage diseases Galactosemia Gaucher disease

Progesterone derivatives

The exact mechanism of action of these agents remains to be elucidated. It has been postulated that central appetite stimulation effect (probably mediated by NPY) (Engelson et al. 1999 McCarthy et al. 1994), reduction of serotonin and cytokine release (Mantovani et al. 1997, 1998), and a corticosteroid-like effect (Beller et al. 1997), suppressing baseline cortisol levels, suggest an impact on the HPA axis (Oster et al. 1994). MA inhibits secretion of LH and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in males and females (Engelson et al. 1999) and reduces testosterone levels (Engelson et al. 1999 Venner et al. 1988). In vitro studies have identified that MA enhances the differentiation of pre-adipocyte mouse fibroblasts to adipocytes (Engelson et al. 1999) which suggests that MA increases not only cell size, but also cell number (Neuenschwander and Bruera 1998). Data are contradictory on the possible down-regulation of IL-6 levels by MA (Mantovani 2002 Jatoi et al. 2002). The effect of these...

Effects on the Reproductive System

Epimedium has been reported to have proreproductive effects in the popular press. Teeguarden (52) anecdotally reported that E. sagittatum seemed to stimulate the sensory nerves throughout the body, particularly in the genital region. The effect of Epimedium herb on the testes, prostate gland, and leva-tor ani muscle (which supports the body in thrusting movements) was reported to enhance male sexual function indirectly (53). E. sagittatum appeared to have a sexual potentiation effect and to improve the quality of life in the patients of chronic renal failure with regular hemodialysis (39). Icariin from Epimedium could inhibit contraction of arterial smooth muscle rings that restrict blood flow in the body, via a Ca2 + channel-blocking mechanism, further enhancing vasodilation (48). On the other hand, the chief ingredient of Epimedium herb, icariin, can promote the development of epididymes and seminal vesicle of mouse. In vitro animal studies suggest that icariin may enhance the...

Adipose Tissue Hormones

Leptin on the hypothalamus is the modulation of the gonadal axis. Low levels of leptin are associated with decreased activity of the gonadal axis, and this explains the relationship between starvation and hypogonadism. After nutritional rescue and weight regain, the levels of leptin in the serum become normal.

Testosterone And Grasp Reflex

Total sample Table 3 presents the mean testosterone levels for the right-, left-, and mixed-handed participants for the grasp reflex in human neonates (unpublished observations). For the free testosterone levels, the difference between groups did not reach a traditional level of significance, F (2, 55) 2.56, p .10. The left-handers had the lowest mean testosterone level, which was significantly less than that of the right-handers, t (35) 2.23, p .OS, and mixed-handers, t (31) 2.01, p .05. For the total testosterone levels, the difference between groups was also statistically significant, F (2, 55) 3.34, p .05. The right-handers had the highest testosterone level followed by the mixed-handers and the left-handers. Table 3. The mean testosterone levels in right- (RH), left- (LH), and mixed-handed (MH) neonates Table 3. The mean testosterone levels in right- (RH), left- (LH), and mixed-handed (MH) neonates

Detection and Assessment

A physical examination and laboratory screening (e.g., complete blood count, liver function, serum testosterone level, serum vitamin B12, thyroid function) may be performed to exclude potential systemic causes of depressive symptomatology. Testosterone deficiency associated with depressive symptomatology (e.g., anhedo-nia, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction) has been described in males with PD and may possibly be managed with testosterone replacement therapy (120). Likewise, symptoms of hypothyroidism (e.g., anxiety, difficulty with concentration, dysphoria, fatigue, irritability, and motor retardation) resemble depressive symptomatology and are treatable with thyroid replacement. It is also important to ensure that patients are on optimal doses of antiparkinson drugs to minimize motor fluctuations that may contribute to mood fluctuations.

Intrauterine Influences

The key issue of Geschwind's theory is the role of elevated testosterone levels in the development of a symmetric brain. Elevated testosterone levels also affect the development of the thymus, leading to a higher incidence of immune disorders. For this reason, Geschwind's model predicts a relation between handedness and autoimmune diseases. Geschwind and Behan (1982) reported raised frequencies of autoimune diseases in left-handers and

The Role of Biological Factors

Hormones play some indirect role in human aggression. Interaction with external stimuli may affect the threshold of aggressive behavior. Some researchers have concluded that high testosterone levels could be a result of aggressive behavior. In women, premenstrual tension syndrome is associated with a number of aggressive behaviors, such as violent crime.

Direct testosterone assays and prostate cancer The verdict

It is obvious chemiluminescent direct testosterone measurements do not show only testosterone values and as such can not serve as a tool to decide which LHRH agonist reduces testosterone more compared to other drugs. But results of such assays, as for example Abbot Architect testosterone assay, are consistent 39 and according to published and our results, there are great differences in measured levels of androgens in patients on LHRH agonist therapy (740 , from 0.5 to 3.7 nmol L, 14 - 107 ng dL). Perhaps, at present a pure speculation, chemiluminescent assays, which give consistent results, only with some cross-reactivity and therefore systematic overestimation of testosterone values in the low range, like Architect and Immunolite, can give estimation of overall serum androgen levels. Importance of extratesticular androgens is becoming more and more evident 62,63 . This may explain findings from Morote et al, who used same technically problematic direct chemiluminiscent assay and...

Clinical phase II studies of IAS

Following apparently successful pilot studies, a number of phase II IAS trials were conducted (Table 1) 16 . Since the end points of most phase II studies were safety and feasibility of IAS, survival data were not reported in general. Out of the 19 studies reviewed by Abra-hamsson only five involved more than 100 patients (102, 103, 146, 250 and 566 patients, respectively) and the other smaller studies employed a mean number of 52 patients 16 . Although patients with advanced, metastatic prostate cancer were included in several studies, most patients treated in phase II IAS trials had localized disease or biochemical progression following prostatectomy radiation therapy. The number of IAS cycles given ranged from 1 to 12, with an average of 2-3 per patient, and the length of time off therapy generally decreased or remained stable with each succeeding cycle. Most of the studies reported off-treatment periods of approximately 50 of the duration of the IAS cycles, dependent on the tumor...

Can my diabetes affect my sex life If so how and what can I do about it

Diabetes can have a profound effect upon a person's sexual drive, functioning, and satisfaction. This is especially apparent in men, although there is some evidence that some women with diabetes can also experience adverse effects on their sexual responses. The reason for the significant effects on male sexual function arises from the complexity of the penile erection mechanism. This requires satisfactory nerve, blood vessel, and hormone function to be achieved and sustained. Diabetic nerve damage (see Question 32) can be of two main types. One form is damage to the system that serves conscious movement and sensation and the other is damage to the system that serves unconscious or automatic responses, such as bowel contraction and the heart beat. The erectile mechanism is served by the latter, while the sensation of pleasure in sexual performance is served by the former. Since the nerves to the genital area are relatively lengthy, they are prone to the damage described in Question 32....

Reasons for testosterone measurement in prostate cancer

After long term of androgen suppression with LHRH (GnRH) analogues, sometimes testosterone levels do not recover after stopping treatment (which may be due to permanent dysfunction of Lydig cells), therefore application of LHRH drugs may be stopped in selected patients 13 . However, this should be confirmed and followed with testosterone measurement.

AR in CaP progression

Although AR gene amplification and hypersensitivity serves to be a sound model for AI-CaP progression, the AR may be activated by alternative means including activation by co-regulators, increased androgen production, and or intermediary downstream signaling pathways. Greater levels of co-activator expression such as SRC-1, ARA70, and TIF2 were demonstrated to be elevated in CaP and correlated with increased CaP grade, stage, and decreased disease free survival. For example, Cdk-activating phophatase B, an identified co-activator of the AR was overexpressed and also highly amplified in tumors with high Gleason scores 3 . Local production of androgens within the prostate can also increase AR transacti-vation by compensating for decreased serum testosterone resulting from androgen ablation therapy. Studies have shown that serum testosterone levels can decrease 95 , contrasting the DHT levels within prostate tissue which only reduce by 60 1, 76 . Locke et al., (2008) demonstrated that...

Problems with direct testosterone immunoassays

Large differences were reported from measurements of the same serum sample with chemi-luminescent assays from different manufacturers 39,40 . Direct RIA techniques were not better 41 . In the low range (values of interest for castration control in patients with prostate cancer), which was close to range of female testosterone levels, direct assays gave results more than 20 different from the gold standard 41 . Abbot Architect assay was also reported to give consistently up to 20 higher results compared to standard in this range of values 39 .

Castrate testosterone values in different prostate cancer studies

Serum testosterone value around 1.735 nmol l or 50 ng dl as castrate level for the purpose of hormonal treatment of prostate cancer was used already in 1970'ties 2 . Later, some LHRH formulations were designed to achieve serum testosterone below this value in 95 of treated patients. It was accepted as standard value in guidelines 50 . Guidelines have at present gone even a step further and stated testosterone levels above 50 ng dl to be in-sufficient and additional hormonal manipulation to be warranted in such patients 3 . It is further generally accepted patients with surgical castration to have lower levels of testosterone - around 15 ng dl and certainly below 30 ng dl 51 . As surgical castration provides lower testosterone levels, there were always claims one should aim as low as possible with testosterone levels and should try to reach below 20 ng dl - for example in a small study of 38 patients, treated with LHRH agonists, Oefelein found 5 did not reach values below 50 ng dl and...

Mechanisms involved in the development and progression of the disease

Compelling evidence that implicates DHT as the primary prostatic androgen comes from the discovery of the Dominican pseudohermaphrodites or Guevedoce. This population has a deficiency in 5a-reductase and therefore their DHT levels are markedly lower, whereas their testosterone levels remain normal 19 . The prostate of these affected men is non-palpable and the prostate volume is one-tenth that of normal age-matched controls. Administration of DHT in these individuals results in prostate enlargement, strongly implicating DHT as a necessary component of prostate growth and development 20 .

Medical And Nonmedical Uses

AASs are prescribed by physicians to treat a variety of medical conditions (Bagatell & Bremner, 1996). The most accepted use is for treating boys and men unable to produce normal levels of their own testosterone, a condition known as testosterone deficiency or hypogonadism. AASs are also used to treat a rare skin condition called hereditary angioedema, certain forms of anemia (deficiency of red blood cells), advanced breast cancer, and endometriosis (a painful condition in females in which tissue usually found only in the uterus develops in other body parts). AASs are also combined with female hormones to treat distressing symptoms that can accompany menopause. Experimentally, AASs have been used to treat a condition in which bone loss occurs (osteoporosis), to treat impotency and low sexual desire, and as a male birth control pill. In addition, AASs have been used in the treatment of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) to stimulate appetite, weight gain, strength, and...

Hormonal Theories

Men and women do differ in their levels of circulating hormones. Women's level of circulating testosterone typically falls between 200 and 400 picograms per milliliter of blood at the lowest part of the menstrual cycle and between 285 and 440 at the highest part of the menstrual cycle (just prior to ovulation) (Hoyenga & Hoyenga, 1993). Men, in contrast, have circulating testosterone levels ranging from 5,140 to 6,460 picograms per milliliter of blood. Following puberty , there is literally no overlap between the sexes in their levels of circulating testosterone. Men typically show more than 10 times the levels of women. These sex dif ferences in circulating testosterone have been linked with some of the traditional sex dif ferences found in behavior, such as aggression, dominance, and career choice. In women, for example, high levels of testosterone are linked with pursuing a more masculine career and having greater success within the chosen career (Hoyenga & Hoyenga, 1993). In...

Sex Hormones

Although the biological basis of sex differences in the brain's structure and function has not been entirely elucidated, there are at least two reasons that the brains of men and women might be different, size and laterality of cognitive processes. These two reasons, however, are not entirely independent. As I mentioned earlier, men's brains are larger than women's brains and there are more neurons. Although these differences are at least in part developmental, it is unknown whether these differences between men's and women's brains are induced by differences in hormonal exposure during development, are related to genetic differences independent of the hormonal influence, or are a combination of both. Men's and women's brains from the fetus to old age are exposed to different sex hormones, and hormones might influence thought patterns, moods, and behavior, both during development and after maturation. As mentioned previously, one of the major differences between the brains of men and...

The Violent Brain

Molecular processes in the brain are related to violent behavior. These can be measured in the same way that we take a person's, blood pressure to detect hypertension, or measure blood sugar to detect diabetes. Excessive aggressiveness may someday be treated the way infectious diseases, diabetes, cancer or heart disease are treated. For years, sex offenders have been treated with drugs that increase serotonin levels in the brain, or with drugs that decrease testosterone levels. Bernhardt (1997) suggested that elevated testosterone alone doesn't account for aggressive behavior. He believes that testosterone is linked more to dominance in general than to aggression. Bernhardt speculates that low serotonin activity is associated with increased responsiveness to aversive stimuli. High testosterone levels encourage dominance-seeking behaviors, which put the individual into situations in which frustration of dominance can occur. When this happens, low serotonin levels result in a greater...

Males and females

The mean free testosterone levels were found to be 5.9+3.6 ng dL and 7.8+4.2 ng dL for the female (N 35) and male (N 47) neonates, respectively. The difference between males and females was statistically significant, t (80) 2.15, p .05. The mean total testosterone levels were found to be 112.5+58.9 ng dL and 142.2+ 69.2 ng dL for the female (N 35) and male (N 47) neonates, respectively. The difference was statistically significant, t (80) 2.05, p .05. In females, the mean total testosterone level was significantly greater in right-handers than left-handers, t (14) 2.27, p .05. There was, however, no significant difference between the mean free testosterone levels of the left- and mixed-handed participants , t (16) 1.38, p .10. An identical result was also found for the mean total testosterone level, that is, the mean testosterone concentration was significantly greater in right- than in left-handers, t (14) 2.5, p .05. The difference between the mean testosterone levels for the left-...


Despite positive data from animal studies, a recent small controlled clinical trial of tribulus in young men aged between 20 and 36 years showed no statistical increase in testosterone levels in the treated group (Neychev & Mitev 2005). Men were divided into two treatment groups (each n 7) and one control group (n 7). One group was given 10 mg kg and the other 20 mg kg per day divided into three even doses for 4 weeks. There was no significant change in testosterone, androstenedione or luteinising hormone.

Reproductive System

Hormonal Complications Males Obese men have elevated levels of plasma estrone and estradiol that correlate with the degree of obesity. Plasma total testosterone and free testosterone (the biologically active moiety) are reduced in obese men, and the reductions correlate negatively with the degree of obesity. The reduced levels of free and total testosterone are not generally accompanied by hypogo-nadism or a decrease in libido, potency, or sperm count in obese men. Free and total plasma testosterone levels normalize upon significant weight reduction. Also, estrogen levels are normalized if individuals attain normal weight but not if the weight loss is modest and significant obesity persists.

Hormone Effects

Angold and colleagues have conducted a number of studies on links between pubertal factors and depression. The first study assessed age, pubertal timing, and Tanner stage on the probability of depression in both boys and girls over four waves of data collection from the Great Smoky Mountains Study (Angold, Costello, & Worthman, 1998). Depression included three diagnoses DSM-IV major depressive episode, dysthymia, and minor depressive disorder. Findings revealed that only after the transition to mid-puberty (Tanner Stage III and above) were girls more likely than boys to be depressed. Timing of the pubertal transition did not affect depression, whether measured by onset of menarche or Tanner stage development. These findings imply that some aspect of puberty itself was related to depression, rather than the age at which the pubertal level was achieved. Further analyses considered HPG axis hormonal effects on depression in girls, in order to disentangle the effects of the morphological...

Anabolic Agents

Dhea Mark Mcgwire

Other anabolic agents include HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate), which, in clinical studies, has resulted in an increase in muscle mass. The number of studies has been quite small, however. Boron is a trace mineral involved in cellular functions, but it does not increase testosterone levels as some claims would suggest. It can suppress appetite and impair digestion in doses higher than 50 mg per day. Yohimbe is a supplement derived from the tree bark of a South American plant that confers a stimulant effect, not an anabolic effect. Ingestion of this product can cause dizziness, nervousness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and an elevated blood pressure. It can also interact with blood-pressure medication and increase the toxicity of

Treatment of Fatigue

Survivors face which contribute to fatigue. These problems, once identified, are usually easily resolved. Cancer treatments that cause hormonal fluctuations may lead to insomnia. So, for example, women with breast or endometrial cancer and men with prostate cancer may be affected by hot flashes, which can keep them awake at night. The cancer treatment may need to be continued, in order to alter the estrogen or testosterone levels, despite this bothersome side effect. However, medications that don't affect these hormones may work to decrease the incidence and intensity of the hot flashes (for example, the antidepres-sant medication Effexor venlafaxine has been shown to relieve hot flashes in women with breast cancer).


Children, adolescents, and adults with Down's syndrome have a deficit in isokinetic strength, and by the age of 14 years adolescents with testosterone levels in the normal range fail to show the pubertal muscle strength increase. Progressive resistance exercise programs can help to build muscle strength, and regular aerobic exercise will improve exercise tolerance. Often, individuals can attain high standards in competitive gymnastics and swimming. The overexpression of collagen genes on chromosome 21 affects both muscle and connective tissue, and it has been claimed that targeted nutritional treatment leads to rapid improvement in both muscle strength and joint stability.


In men, zinc deficiency may lead to impaired testosterone synthesis, resulting in hypogonadism and impotency. One placebo-controlled study has investigated whether oral zinc supplementation improves erectile dysfunction. The study involved 20 uraemic haemodialysis patients and showed that 6 months treatment with oral zinc acetate (25 mg elemental zinc) taken twice daily 1-2 hours before meals resulted in greater libido, improved potency and more frequent intercourse compared to placebo (Mahajan et al 1982). Active treatment also resulted in significant increases in plasma zinc, serum testosterone, and sperm count and decreases in serum levels of


I suggest a daily intake of 30 percent lean protein. Good sources of protein are chicken breasts, all types of fish, beef with a low fat content (in moderation), soy products, and whey products. Protein is a stabilizing food that assists in insulin management, the building of lean muscle, and immune function. For men, ingesting adequate amounts of protein daily helps stop the decrease in testosterone levels that they experience as they age. An article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism states, Diets low in protein lead to increases in sex hormone-binding globulin in older men, potentially reducing the availability of testosterone and causing loss of muscle mass, red cell mass and bone density. Getting adequate protein also helps avoid or slow bone loss in women, especially after menopause.

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