The following are a few examples of possible rewards for school and home (Rief, 1998, 2003):

School Rewards/Privileges

• Breakfast or lunch with the teacher (or other staff member)

• Free/earned time (individual or class) for activities of choice, such as games, listening to music, drawing, working on special project, and accessing learning/interest centers

• Selecting items from class store or treasure chest

• Working with special materials/equipment

• Playing a special game or activity with friend(s)

• Responsibilities or privileges that are desirable (for example, taking care of class pet, assistant to other teacher or staff member, class messenger, operating AV equipment)

• Extra time/access to gym (for example, to shoot baskets), library/computer lab, music room

• Class money, tickets, or points redeemable at auctions/lotteries or class stores

Home Rewards/Privileges

• Special activity with parent/family

• Allowance/money

• Time for use on the computer/Internet, watching TV, or talking on the phone

• Purchase or rental of DVD or video

• Purchase of a desired item

• Friend for dinner or sleepover

• Playing special games

• Trips/outings

• Curfew extension

• Meal/dessert of choice

• Agreeing to drive child and friend(s) somewhere

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