Increase the Amount of Practice and Review

• Review previously learned skills with high frequency.

• Make sets of practice/review problems (a few per page) with answers on the back for independent practice.

• Use computer software games for drill and practice of math skills. Computer programs can generally be adjusted for speed and level of difficulty. They provide immediate feedback and are fun, non-threatening, and motivating to students. Also, they tend to hold the interest of an ADHD student, as the stimuli is constantly changing.

• Pair students to practice and quiz each other on skills taught.

• Motivate the practicing of skills through the use of board games, card games, and other class games. Many board games (for example, Uno™, Battleship™) and card games are excellent for building math skills (for example, counting, logic, probability, strategic thinking). Try using as many games as possible that do not have a heavy emphasis on speed of recall, or the type of competition that will discourage struggling students from even trying.

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