Adamantiades-Behget's disease is a systemic inflammatory disorder classically characterized by recurrent oral and genital ulcerations along with inflammatory eye disease, although multiple manifestations of the disease have been described, involving virtually every organ system. The disease has likely been present since antiquity, with a description of an ulcerative disease similar to what we now call Adamantiades-Behget's appearing in the writings of Hippocrates (1). The medical community turned its attention to this disease again in the early 1900s, when there were several case reports of patients with recurrent mucocutaneous ulcers, but it was not until the 1930s that the disease triad of oral and genital ulcers with inflammatory eye disease was attributed to a single syndrome, initially by the Greek ophthalmologist Benedict Adamantiades (2), and soon thereafter by Hulusi Behget, a Turkish dermatologist whose name has since become synonymous with this disease (3). Because of Adamantiades's description of the same syndrome prior to Behget's, many physicians feel the disease is most appropriately named Adamantiades-Behget's disease, and although this title has not yet been widely accepted, the disease will be referred to by this name throughout the remainder of this chapter.

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