How to get rid of striae naturally

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks Prevention and Treatment. Learn What Exactly Are Stretch Marks And How Can They Be Treated. MP3 Audio included for your PC or IPod.

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The Classic Female Fat Pattern

There are many nicknames for female fat. We downplay it by using cute or nonoffensive labels such as saddlebags, chunky body, looking healthy, or dimples in the hips and thighs. Or we try to tame it, cover it up, or hold it in using a whole range of garments from girdles to control-top panty hose to baggy clothing. Entire cosmetic industries have arisen to help women get rid of unsightly cellulite and stretch marks, while attractive women's fashions in large sizes are making their mark in stores and in fashion magazines designed for those with a generous figure. Most women wage a lifetime battle with fat, as can be seen by the hundreds of diet books for women that fill bookstore shelves. In fact, at any given time, three out of four women are either trying to lose weight or keep it off. abdominal obesity with sparing (thin or slender) of the arms and legs. There is often rounding of the face and thickening of the fat pads around the neck. Additionally, there are pronounced pink-purple...

Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid

Crack Cocaine Effects Teeth

FIGURE 30 Lichenoid stomatitis in chronic hepatitis C. This red and white lesion at a high-risk site like the lateral border of the tongue was sensitive to spicy food and was highly suspicious for a premalignancy. A biopsy showed a liche-noid mucositis without dysplasia. Note the central erythematous area surrounded by white, radiating striae, the typical lichenoid clinical appearance. Source Courtesy of Stacy Mullins, DDS. FIGURE 30 Lichenoid stomatitis in chronic hepatitis C. This red and white lesion at a high-risk site like the lateral border of the tongue was sensitive to spicy food and was highly suspicious for a premalignancy. A biopsy showed a liche-noid mucositis without dysplasia. Note the central erythematous area surrounded by white, radiating striae, the typical lichenoid clinical appearance. Source Courtesy of Stacy Mullins, DDS.

Clinical and histological aspects of caries lesions on occlusal approximal and smooth surfaces

Fissures, guided by prisms direction and striae of Retzius. Histologically, the lesion forms in three dimensions and assumes the shape of a cone, with its base toward the enamel-dentin junction. Acids lead to the demineralization underneath the enamel surface and there is an enlargement in intercrystalline spaces, increasing its permeability. Over time, the surface porosity has increased and leads to a considerable increase of the lesion body (a subsurface lesion starts to form). Occlusal enamel breakdown is the result of further demineralization, thus leading to cavity formation (Nyvad et al., 2008).

Side Effects of Corticosteroids

The side effects of corticosteroids are numerous and very common. They include Cushing's syndrome, fluid retention, increased appetite and weight gain, truncal obesity (skinny arms and legs but increased fat on back and stomach), moon face (fat cheeks), stretch marks, acne, growth retardation, bone-weakening calcium loss, avascular necrosis, muscle weakness, poor blood sugar control (diabetes), cataracts, increased intraocular pressure, increased infections, oral and vaginal thrush, atherosclerosis, extra hair growth, and mood changes. In addition to these common side effects, corticosteroids also may cause high blood pressure, inflammation of the pancreas, and pseudotumor cerebrae (increased pressure in the brain, associated with severe headaches and visual problems).

Dermatological Conditions

Vitamin E is used both as an oral supplement and as a topical preparation in a variety of dermatological conditions. It is a popular ingredient in many moisturising preparations used to alleviate dry and cracked skin, assist in the repair of abrasions, burns, grazes and skin lesions, prevent stretch marks and diminish scar tissue. Vitamin E oil is used as a stand-alone preparation or incorporated into a cream or ointment base for these purposes.

Management Of Juvenile Slegeneral Concepts

Compliance with a long-term and complicated medical program is a frequent difficulty in adolescents with SLE. Some adolescents with renal disease may not feel particularly ill. They may therefore have difficulty understanding the reason for taking medications or following an intensive treatment program. The medications that are the mainstay of treatment for SLE have side effects that adolescents find objectionable. For example, high-dose prednisone will result in weight gain, skin striae, and acne. Many adolescents will either refuse to take the medication once they have experienced these side effects, or not take the medication as prescribed to try to avoid the side effects. Finally, adolescents who have had SLE for many years may develop treatment fatigue. They become tired of being ill, attending doctor appointments, and taking medications and simply decide to stop. Their adolescent developmental stage leads them to believe that nothing bad will happen to them. It is critical for...


Yellow elastic fibres are formed from the protein elastin. They are scattered throughout the matrix. These highly elastic fibres are capable of stretch and recoil. They give the skin elasticity, enabling it to stretch and return to normal. This is important for pregnancy and obesity. If the skin is over-stretched small tears occur in the dermis. These can be seen as white lines called 'stretch marks'. With ageing, the skin loses elasticity and becomes wrinkled. Care must be taken when massaging older clients not to further stretch the skin. All fibres are embedded in a jelly-like matrix. This is capable of absorbing water, giving firmness to the skin.

Cosmetic Problems

Skin problems Intertrigo, seborrheic eczema, and thrush are common in the thick heavy skinfolds of severely obese children. Pink or pale cutaneous striae, distinct from the purplish striae resulting from thinning of subcutaneous tissues in Cushing's syndrome, are common on the abdomen and upper limbs and may be a source of embarrassment. Hirsutes (abnormal facial and body hair) occurs particularly in adolescent girls with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is associated with obesity and insulin resistance. Acanthosis nigricans, a velvety, pigmented, thickening of the skin usually at the back of the neck, is another important marker for insulin resistance, affecting up to 90 of children with type 2 diabetes mellitus.


Dislike steroids in view of adverse effects, particularly weight gain, striae, and acne. NB Increased steroid toxicity in peripubertal period Alcohol, drugs, smoking, and risk-taking behavior Informed consent prior to use of drugs. Use IV methylprednisolone pulsing to quickly get inflammation under control in order to minimize use of oral steroids. Early use of immunosuppressive medication. Healthy eating advice to limit weight gain. Camouflage nurses may give advice on treatment of stretch marks and makeup use. Early aggressive treatment of JDM may decrease the chance of lipoatrophy and calcinosis, both distressing for adolescents.

The formula provides

Deficiency symptoms poor sense of taste or smell, white spots on the fingernails, frequent infections, slow wound healing, stretch marks, acne, poor skin condition, low fertility, pale skin, irritability, tendency to depression and anxiety, ADD, poor digestion, loss of appetite, impotence, prostate enlargement, growth problems.


The mainstay of treatment for active juvenile SLE is corticosteroids, given orally or intravenously when disease is quite active. High-dose ( 1 mg kg day) prednisone is generally effective in getting rapid disease control a gradual tapering of the dose is required to prevent flaring. Nearly all adolescents who take corticosteroids will experience some side effects and toxicity, and these side effects are frequently very disturbing to the patients. The corticosteroid side effects which are most concerning to adolescents include increased acne, facial hair growth, and striae. Attention should be directed to providing adequate treatment for the acne, with the involvement of a dermatologist if necessary. Facial hair growth should resolve as doses of steroid are tapered. Some patients develop severe widespread striae this is not preventable, and there is no effective treatment for them once present. Infectious complications relating to steroids in combination with other immunosuppressants...

Social Functioning

Adolescence is also a time of social change when a young person has to establish self-identity and relationships outside the family (see Chapters 2 and 5) . Body image is important to all adolescents (36,37) and may be detrimentally affected in JIA. Generalized growth failure and pubertal retardation (38) are seen in severe JIA. Some local growth anomalies (e.g., a short digit) are often mild but may cause concern to the patient, while other anomalies, such as micrognathia, can profoundly change facial appearance. Drug therapy in JIA may also have detrimental effects. Oral corticosteroids alter the distribution of fat stores and can change skin appearance with acne, striae and hirsuitism. Chlorambucil and cyclophosphamide may cause