Other hypertensive strains

Next to the SHR, several other hypertensive strains have been developed. The inherited stress-induced arterial hypertensive (ISIAH) rat was originally selected from the Wistar strain (Markel, 1992), by selectively breeding animals with a high blood pressure response to restraint stress. However, after selective inbreeding, the animals also developed an increase in basal blood pressure (Maslova et al, 1998, 2002a). Restraint stress produce a significantly larger increase in blood pressure in ISIAH rats than in control Wistar rats (Maslova et al, 2002b).

As mentioned above, the SHR has been used to develop a number of other rat strains/lines as well, such as the WKHT, the WKHA and the borderline hypertensive rat (BHR). Especially the latter one was specifically developed for its stress-induced hypertensive response (Lawler et al, 1981). Indeed in several stress paradigms the BHR show both a stronger and a much more prolonged increase in blood pressure (Sanders and Lawler, 1992). Chronic stress also leads to higher plasma levels of noradrenaline in BHR compared to WKY rats (Mansi and Drolet, 1997), emphasising the increased sympatho-adrenal hyperactivity of the BHR.

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