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Preface ix

Section 1. Environmental and Genetic Factors Influencing Stress Reactivity

1.1. Hypothalamic- pituitary adrenal axis in postnatal life

D.M. Vázquez and S. Levine (Ann Arbor, MI and Davis, CA, USA) 3

1.2. Early-life environmental manipulations in rodents and primates:

potential animal models in depression research

C.R. Pryce, D. Rüedi-Bettschen, A.C. Dettling and J. Feldon

(Schwerzenbach, Switzerland) 23

1.3. Gene targeted animals with alterations in corticotropin pathways: new insights into allostatic control

1.4. Rat strain differences in stress sensitivity

(Nijmegen, The Netherlands) 75

1.5. Glucocorticoid hormones, individual differences, and behavioral and dopaminergic responses to psychostimulant drugs

M. Marinelli and P.V. Piazza (Bordeaux, France) 89

1.6. Social hierarchy and stress

R.R. Sakai and K.L.K. Tamashiro (Cincinnati, OH, USA) 113

Section 2. Stress and the Immune System

2.1. Stress-induced hyperthermia

B. Olivier, M. van Bogaert, R. van Oorschot, R. Oosting and L. Groenink (Utrecht, The Netherlands and New Haven,

2.2. Cytokine activation of the hypothalamo-pituitary adrenal axis

2.3. Glucocorticoids and the immune response

G.J. Wiegers, I.E.M. Stec, P. Sterzer and J.M.H.M. Reul (Innsbruck, Austria, Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Bristol, UK) 175

2.4. The molecular basis of fever

T. Cartmell and D. Mitchell (Potters Bar, UK and Johannesburg, South Africa) 193

Section 3. Stress and Psychiatric Disorders

3.1. Animal models of posttraumatic stress disorder

I. Liberzon, S. Khan and E.A. Young (Ann Arbor, MI, USA) 231

3.2. Neuroendocrine aspects of PTSD

3.3. Depression and effects of antidepressant drugs on the stress systems

S. Modell and F. Holsboer (München, Germany) 273

3.4. A contemporary appraisal of the role of stress in schizophrenia

3.5. Atypical antipsychotic drugs and stress

C.E. Marx, A.C. Grobin, A.Y. Deutch and J.A. Lieberman (Durham, NC, Chapel Hill, NC and Nashville, TN, USA) 301

3.6. The role of stress in opiate and psychostimulant addiction: evidence from animal models

3.7. Stress and drug abuse

3.8. Stress and dementia

E. Ferrari, L. Cravello, M. Bonacina, F. Salmoiraghi and F. Magri (Pavia, Italy) 357

Section 4. Novel Treatment and Strategies Targeting Stress-related Disorders

4.1. CRF antagonists as novel treatment strategies for stress-related disorders

T. Steckler (Beerse, Belgium) 373

4.2. Nonpeptide vasopressin Vlb receptor antagonists

G. Griebel and C. Serradeil-Le Gal (Bagneux, France and Toulouse, France) 409

4.3. Substance P (NK] receptor) antagonists

4.4. Glucocorticoid antagonists and depression

J.S. Andrews (Mississauga, ON, Canada) 437

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