Numberconnection test ZVT

The number-connection test is composed from four number matrices. Each matrix contains 90 unsorted numbers. It must be connected according to the statement by lines from 1 to 90. For estimating the test processing time, the experimenter uses a stopwatch.

The test is used to measure the basal, all intelligence performances underlying, largely milieu independent and genetically related cognitive performance speed. It corresponds with those ability bundles, which in literature will be called as "liquid" intelligence, "perceptual speed." or "processing speed" are. The test has a wide range of applications. It can apply from 8th years up for all age levels; from the special school to high school and universities (for all levels of education). It is very economical and can be use on an individual or group test. For the processing of the tests the subjects require 5 to 10 minutes (Oswald and Roth, 1987).

The high reliability of the test (test-retest reliability between rtt = .84 and rtt = .973; parallel test reliability between r = .95 and r = .98) is largely independent of age and educational level of the subject. The correlations with various intelligence techniques (PSB, HAWIE, IST-70, RAVEN, CFT-3) are between r = .40 and r = .83. For the individual experiments exist currently standards for 8th to 60th years (n > 2,000), standard values for the group version of the ZVT are available for the age range from 9 to 16 years. The mean of the norm sample (16-60 years) is a T-value of 50 ± 10.The Sleep Apnea patients achieved before therapy a T-value of 39.82 ± 10.73, under a only 3-day-CPAP therapy, there was a significant improvement (T-value: 43.08 ± 10.50) (Büttner et al. 2007).

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