Epidemiologic studies estimate that SAHS affects 1-5% of adult men in western countries (Young 2002). Sleep apnoea hypopnoea syndrome is the most common form of sleep disordered-breathing. Limited data is available on the prevalence of UARS in the general population in both children and adults. Some authors consider it an uncommon disease in clinical practice. In earlier descriptions, the estimated prevalence was 6% in men and 11% in women (Votteri 1994; Guilleminault 1995). Kristo found a prevalence of 8.4% in a one year polysomnography review (Kristo 2005). In an epidemiological study conducted in Brazil, the prevalence of UARS was 18.7%, being more common in women and young people (Tufik 2009).

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea

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