Endovenous laser ablation sclerotherapy

Recently, Hayes and colleagues have reported on the use of endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy for the treatment of RLS. They screened 89 patients for RLS using the 2003 IRLSSG criteria. A total of 35 patients met inclusion criteria with 16 assigned to the control group and 19 to the interventional group. IRLS scores were obtained at baseline and 6 weeks later and showed a significant symptom improvement of 80% in the interventional group. The authors suggest that endovenous laser ablation therapy improves symptoms in RLS patients with superficial venous insufficiency (Hayes CA, 2008). The only other study assessing the efficacy of sclerotherapy in RLS was published by Kanter in 1995. In that paper, 1397 patients presenting to a varicose vein clinic were screened for RLS using an interview and a questionnaire (pre-1995 IRLSSG). Of these, 312 patients (22%) were felt to have RLS with 113 patients receiving treatment with sclerotherapy. The vast majority of patients (98%) reported subjective initial improvement in RLS symptoms although a substantial minority reported recurrent symptoms at 2 year follow-up (Kanter AH, 1995).

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