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C botulinum Predictive Models for Cooked Meats

Botulinum Time Temperature Combination

A brief overview of the models for C. botulinum growth was discussed by McClure, Cole, and Smelt (1994). The earliest models developed for C. botuli-num were for predicting the survival of the spores during thermal processing (canning). Subsequent models for probability of growth or time to toxin production have been reported in the literature. The factors that have been used for preserving foods at risk for C. botulinum growth and toxin production include pH, NaCl, sodium nitrite, and sorbate among others. Predictive models describe the effects of these factors in a variety of food matrices such as cheese spreads, pork slurry (Lindstrom et al., 2001), and sous vide beef and sous vide pork (Hyytia-Trees et al., 2000). Genigeorgis, Meng, and Baker (1991) used a two-step approach, using regression analysis to model lag phase, and subsequently incorporated these into secondary equations to express or predict the probability of toxin production, resulting from C. botulinum growth in...

How much Botox costs and whether insurance pays

If you're currently considering Botox therapy, keep in mind that this form of therapy is generally not a low-cost option, and if you have a shortage of dollars, you may not even be able to afford it. In general, Botox is more like the upscale, form of treatment. Always check first by simply calling and asking your insurance company if Botox treatments are covered. If and when the FDA approves Botox as a therapy for chronic pain, more health-insurance providers will likely cover such treatments. Most patients need to receive at least two vials of Botox to gain a sufficient amount of the substance to obtain relief from their chronic pain, and one vial costs about 600. As a result, in considering all the costs involved, a Botox procedure can cost at least 1,200 and the price can go much higher than that. However, proponents say that when Botox injections work to resolve symptoms, patients won't need lots of doctor visits, and they can also avoid taking many doses of pain medications and,...

Clostridium botulinum

C. botulinum comprise a group of Gram-positive, spore-forming, rod-shaped, anaerobic bacteria that produce a potent neurotoxin. The C. botulinum species are differentiated based upon the antigenically specific toxins that they produce. Thus, there are currently seven known types A-G, with type C having C1 and C2 toxins. All the strains of C. botulinum are at present placed in four groups. Group I contains proteolytic types A, B, and F Group II, the non-proteolytic types B, E, and F Group III, the types C and D and Group IV, the type G. Group I contains the proteolytic type A, B, and F strains (Cato, George, & Finegold, 1986 Gibson & Eyles, 1989 Hatheway, 1993). Botulism in humans is predominantly caused by Group I and Group II strains. The C. botulinum Group I are actively proteolytic, digesting the native proteins of meat, milk, and egg white and liquefy gelatin, while Group II are non-proteolytic, but capable of liquefying gelatin, however less actively than Group I. The optimal...

Botox and fibromyalgia

Botox treatments for people with fibromyalgia are a relatively new form of therapy. But Botox use may explode in the next few years, particularly if both clinical research and patients' word of mouth indicate that Botox can provide the pain relief that patients so desperately want and need. In fact, it could really take off if the prices come down. Most people spend a lot of time trying to avoid bacteria, carefully washing their hands with antibacterial soap, taking daily baths or showers, and trying to keep their bodies and their clothes as clean as they can. For the most part, bacteria are seen as being bad and something to avoid. Botox is created by bacteria, so the idea of injecting it into your system may make you feel a little squeamish. It may almost sound like injecting dirt into your body. patients with Botox treatments. Dr. Kandel says that Botox injections can be quite successful in treating the muscle changes, muscle spasms, and the general spasticity that many patients...

Beating Fibromyalgia with Botox Injections

One of the newer and somewhat controversial remedies that doctors sometimes use to treat people with fibromyalgia is the injection of Botox. Botox is a form of the botulinum toxin, which is a kind of a poison that's created by a specific bacterium, Clostridium botulinum. At least seven or eight different forms of Botox are used to treat a wide array of medical problems. The doses of Botox that are used are considered to be small enough to avoid harming the patient, but, at the same time, they're also large enough to provide noticeable results with a problem of the nervous system or the muscu-loskeletal system. Physicians use Botox to treat many different types of medical problems, such as tremors, tics, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic low-back or neck pain, chronic headaches, and a wide variety of other medical conditions. Some plastic surgeons also use Botox to cosmetically (and temporarily) rid people of their facial wrinkles. Physicians who are open to using...

Is it true that Botox injections can be used to treat spasticity

Botox can be used to relieve spasticity. However, only neurologists or specialists in physical rehabilitation who are familiar with the special problems that MS patients may encounter should use Botox. Generally, the use of this drug is reserved for patients who have severe spasticity with early contractures in a single muscle group, such as the gastrocnemius, and have failed management with stretching and the drugs previously discussed. Botox is not a panacea for the management of spasticity.

Normal skin

Few clients will have normal skin, as this skin type is very rare indeed. Normal skin is balanced in that it has a good oil and water balance. The best example of normal skin is in children from birth up until puberty. Distinguishing features The primary aim in treating dry skin is to help to balance the moisture and oil of the skin, soften the texture of the skin, hydrate and moisturise. Dry skin also needs a lot of sun protection.

Sensitive skin

While sensitivity is a condition that may affect any skin type, sensitive skin is more commonly referred to in its own classification and therefore most product lines now recognise and market products specifically for this skin type. The aim in treating sensitive skin is to soothe and calm the skin, avoid harsh products and forms of treatment conditions (such as heat) that may cause irritation. NB. Although all skins may be sensitive at times, due to misuse of products, medication or the environment, clients with genetically determined sensitive skins will have an impaired barrier function and reduced lipid protection, making them more susceptible to allergens and irritants. Caution is therefore essential with this skin type when choosing products and suitable forms of treatment.

Dry skin

A dry skin is so called because it is either lacking in sebum or moisture, or both. It develops as a result of under-activity of the sebaceous glands. The skin's natural oil, sebum, lubricates the corneum layer and in the absence of this oily coating the dead cells start to curl up and flake. The sebum coating also helps to prevent moisture loss by evaporation. Therefore, due to a lack of sebum, dry skin has difficulty retaining inner moisture. Although dry skin is hereditary, it can also develop as a result of the ageing process. Distinguishing features The skin looks dry, often parched.

Skin Care

Organ, covering the entire body in a four-layer sheath. Like all organs, skin serves specific purposes that contribute to overall physical well-being. Limited ability, for example, to sense potential dangers to the skin or to turn or position oneself, can result in damage to the skin and cause it to break down. Proper skin care is essential to maintain function and prevent breakdown of this vital organ. An understanding of basic anatomy, skin functions, and proper care will allow you to prevent and manage skin problems.

How To Minimize And Manage The Different Types Of Fatigue

What you eat fuels your body with energy stores. It is important for you to eat a well-balanced diet to minimize fatigue and maximize function. Good nutrition will also contribute to your skin integrity, your mood, and elimination patterns. (Nutrition is discussed in detail in Chapter 15, The Role of Nutrition in Multiple Sclerosis. )

Historical Aspects Of The Use Of Nuts And Seeds For Health In Pakistan

Antiparasitic, blood purifier, scabies, constipation, hemorrhoids, diuretic and diaphoretic, and skin problems such as leukoderma, leprosy, and psoriasis (Kabirudin & Khan, 2003) Most of the nuts and seeds used in health and disease in Pakistan are cultivated in the country, although some are partially imported from different regions for example, almonds from Iran. Some plants grow wild, such as Tribulus terrestris L. (Bhakhda), and grasses along the banks of canals, rivers and in deserts. A number of plants are obtained as byproducts of different crops for example, Hordeum vulgare L. (Jo) and Cichorium intybus L. (Kasni) from wheat crops. Nuts are seeds that are covered with a hard shell, and both nuts and seeds are a vital source of nutrients for human beings. Some fruit and vegetable seeds (melon, water melon, pumpkin, etc.) are stored by local people and used for the maintenance of health. Coconut, sunflower, safflower, rapeseed, corn, or sesame seed oils are used to treat skin...

Dermatomyositis and Polymyositis

There are a number of illnesses that may cause muscle weakness in children. In addition to dermatomyositis, the gradual onset of weakness in small children can come from botulinum spores (found in honey and possibly other unpasteur-ized or improperly processed foods), intrinsic muscle diseases including muscular dystrophy, and a variety of metabolic diseases. The abrupt onset of muscle weakness may occur with viral infections, poisoning by insecticides and other toxic substances, certain venomous snakebites, and some medications. During some flu epidemics many children will complain of pain in their calves and have elevated muscle enzyme levels. The key finding that differentiates dermatomyositis from these conditions is the presence of rash and different patterns of muscle weakness. Children with dermatomyositis are weak everywhere, but the thighs and upper arms are much weaker than expected when compared with the hands and feet.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against the routine use of acyclovir in cases of uncomplicated chicken pox in otherwise healthy children. The AAP does recommend acy-clovir for susceptible teenagers who are not pregnant, or for those children over 12 months of age who are receiving long-term salicylate therapy because of the risk of Reye's syndrome, in those with chronic pulmonary or skin problems, and in those receiving aerosolized corticosteroids. However, the benefits of therapy in these groups has not been proven.

Nightshades Jimsonweed Datura Belladonna Henbane

Belladone Scopolaline

The physical effects of scopolamine are very dramatic and often very uncomfortable. They include parched mouth and burning thirst hot, dry skin and a feverish feeling widely dilated eyes (making bright light painful) inability to focus the eyes at close distances rapid heart rate constipation difficulty in urinating and, in men, interference with ejaculation. These effects may last for twelve to forty-eight hours after a single dose of datura.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa P pyocyanea A

The cause of psoriasis is unknown, although researchers believe that some type of biochemical stimulus triggers the abnormal cell growth in the skin. While normal skin cells take a month to mature, patients with psoriasis have skin cells that over-multiply, forcing the cells to move up to the

Sleepdisordered breathing disorders in neurological diseases

Generation of respiratory movements (neuromuscular disorders). Vascular damage to the respiratory center may lead to central respiratory disturbances. Neurodegenerative disease can damage the respiratory center (Cormican, 2004), as well as demyelinating lesions (Auer, 1996) located within the respiratory center. Damage of the axons projecting from respiratory center to spinal cord a-motoneurons (cervical spine trauma, demyelinating plaques in multiple sclerosis) can cause respiratory disorders. Damage to the a-motor neurons of the spinal cord (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, post-polio syndrome) leads to respiratory failure (Aboussouan, 2005). Similarly, peripheral nerve conduction abnormalities (Guillian-Barre syndrome and congenital polyneuropathy) may lead to hypoventilation and respiratory failure. Disorders of the neuromuscular transmission (myasthenia gravis, botulinum toxin poisoning) and primary muscle disorders (myopathies, muscular dystrophy) can cause respiratory disorders....

Sweating sickness English

Six to 12 weeks after infection, the patient enters the secondary stage, which features a skin rash that may last for months. The rash has crops of pink or pale red round spots, but in black patients the rash is pigmented and appears darker than normal skin. In addition, the lymph nodes may be enlarged, and there may be backache, headache, bone pain,

Clinical Manifestations Primary Lesion

Vulvar Melanoma Primary Satellite

A primary lesion is the most common manifestation of malignant melanoma of the head and neck region. This lesion can vary in appearance from the classical black-pigmented, raised lesion to an enlarging, skin-colored (amelanotic) mole (Fig. 1A and B). Melanoma can arise from a preexisting nevus or normal skin. The appearance of melanoma may be

How to Start Caring for Your Gums at Home

If you massage the skin on your face and create more circulation, then you are more likely to get a healthier and tighter appearance to your skin. The gum tissue is similar to the skin on your face in that both need proper products and massage. In Chinese medicine, natural blood-building tonics such as dong quai improve circulation. This can bring a healthy blood flow and stimulation to the gum tissue, and balance the female hormonal chemistry, which has a direct correlation to the health of our gum tissue. As your mouth continues to recover from the treatment it received in the dental office, recognize that the foods you eat after root planing should not be too hot or too cold. Think of your gums as you would your skin if you were to put ice or a hot substance on your skin, you would then notice irritation. The same condition can arise in your mouth. Another important suggestion is to stay away from spices when you are trying to heal your gum tissue. If you had a wound on your...

Literature review Individual TrxG genes 31 ASH2L

Oncosuppressor Proteins

It has H3K4 methyltransferase activity 85 . The oncogenic role of MLL in leukemia arises through a translocation that removes its SET domain responsible for H3K4 methylation 84 . However, the role of MLL in PCa tumors has not been fully studied yet. Recent reports indicate that MLL enhances androgen signalling by directly interacting with AR and trimethy-lating H3K4 at AR target genes 70 . In accordance with an activating role of MLL on AR signalling, RNAi-mediated depletion of MLL significantly decreases Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) levels 70 . MLL expression is induced by SOX4 (Sex-determining region Y-box 4), a transcription factor that also activates epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), Integrin av, Ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (Rac1), and ADAM metallopeptidase domain 10 (ADAM10) 86 . The pathways influenced by MLL activity suggest that MLL plays a role in promoting tumorigenesis. As is the case with MLL, MLL2 has also been shown to interact with AR. Although...

Advanced Decontamination Technologies Irradiation

Bacterial food-borne illnesses account for an estimated 76 million cases, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths each year in the United States (CDCP, 2005), and 5,300 food-borne outbreaks in Europe resulted in 5,330 hospitalizations and 24 deaths in 2005 (Aymerich, Picouet, & Monfort, 2008). Major food-borne pathogens of concern include Escherichia coli O157 H7, Campylobacter jejuni coli, Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Clostridium botulinum perfringens, Staphylococcus aureus, Aeromonas hydrophylia, and Bacillus cereu, and spoilage microorganisms include Pseudomonas, Acinetobac-ter Moraxella, Aeromonas, Alteromonas putrefaciens, Lactobacillus, and Bro-chothrix thermosphecta (Mead et al., 1999). Cl. botulinum (spore) Anellis, A., Shattuck, E., Morin, M., Srisara, B., Qvale, S., Rowley, D. B., & Ross Jr., E. W. (1977). Cryogenic gamma irradiation of prototype pork and chicken and antagonistic effect between Clostridium botulinum types A and B. Applied and Environmental...

Hauser Bengamin Gayelord 18951984 Popular advocate of diet and nutrition

The zigzag diet for weight loss involved a purge of Epsom salt in the morning and senna at night. He was a strong advocate of fortifying meals with natural ingredients, such as dry brewer's yeast, wheat germ, yogurt, powdered skim milk, honey, blackstrap molasses, vegetable salt, vitamins, and minerals. The mass popularity of Hauser's cures was such that they became part of the routine of stand-up comics of the day. The great vaudeville and television comic Jimmy Durante joked that blackstrap molasses doesn't really make you live longer, it just seems longer.

Treatment of Th1Mediated Autoimmune Skin Diseases Using AntiIFNy

Anti Interferon Gamma Treatment

Of four vitiligo patients who received intradermal injections around the lesion, two responded with repigmentation in the treated area (Skurkovich et al. 2002b, 2002c, 2003c). In the other two patients, an additional course of intramuscular injections led to a gradual diminishment of the border between the depigmented area and normal skin. Vitiligo IFN-y may play a central role in the immunopathogenesis of acne (Mouser et al. 2003). The normal skin commensal bacterium Propi-onibacterium acnes (P. acnes), which is implicated in the pathogenesis of inflammatory acne, appears to stimulate a typical Th-1 response. T cell lines from inflamed acne lesions were shown to proliferate in response to P. acnes extract and expressed IFN-y in response to P. acnes stimulation (Mouser et al. 2003).

Internal factors affecting the skin

Smoking affects the skin's cells and destroys vitamins B and C, which are important for healthy skin. Smoking dulls the skin by polluting the pores and increases the formation of lines around the eyes and the mouth. A healthy body is needed for a healthy skin. The skin can be thought of as a barometer of the body's general health.

Candidate Diseases For Cutaneous Gene Therapy

The STS gene leads to restoration of STS protein expression as well as enzymatic activity (102). In the same study, it was shown that transduced XLI keratinocytes from XLI patients regenerated epidermis histologically indistinguishable from that formed by keratinocytes from patients with normal skin, after grafting onto immunodeficient mice. In addition, the transduced XLI epidermis presented a return of barrier function parameters to normal.

Local Skin Reaction And Cutaneous Microcurrent Mechanism

Dry Skin Mechanism

The body surface always has a layer of electric charge because the human body is bathed in the electromagnetic field of the earth. Normally, dry skin has a direct current (DC) resistance of 200,000 to 2,000,000 ohms. At sensitive points this resistance is reduced to 50,000 ohms.7 However, Melzack and Katz8 found no difference in conductance between traditional ISDN points and nearby control points in patients with chronic pain. This phenomenon can be explained by the dynamic nature of the sensitive tissues. It is understandable that the area of sensitized tissue is larger in patients with chronic pain, whereas the same location in healthy persons is less or not at all sensitized. In a healthy person, the DC resistance of sensitive points is the same as for other areas. There is 20 to 90 mV of resting potential across the intact human skin, negative on the outer surface and positive on the inside.9 Most sensitive points show a measurement of 5 mV higher than for nonacupoint areas.7

Acidum Nitricum For Heartburn

Ailments see skin conditions skin conditions Acidum nitricum (Nitric ac.) 70 Ammonium carbonicum (Ammonium carb.) 73 Anacardium orientale (Anacardium or.) 36 Arnica montana (Arnica) 37 Carcinosinum (Carcinosin) 106 Causticum Hahnemanni (Causticum) 79 Delphinium staphisagria (Staphisagria) 54 Graphites (Graphites) 83 Hepar sulphuris calcareum (Hepar sulph.) 84 Kalium bichromicum (Kali. bich.) 87 Natrum carbonicum (Nat. carb.) 91 Natrum chloratum (Nat. mur.) 92 Psorinum (Psorinum) 111 self-help ailments 240-43 Sepia officinalis (Sepia) 112 serious ailments 193-95, 200 Silicea terra (Silica) 97 skin infections with a rash 98 skin problems in elderly people 268-69 Solanum dulcamara (Dulcamara) 62 Stibium sulphuratum nigrum (Antimonium crud.) 98 Sulphur (Sulfur) 99 sulphuratum rubrum sulfuret of lime see Hepar sulphuris calcareum Sulphur (Sulfur) 99, 308 dandruff 242-43 heartburn 234-35 diaper rash 246-47 measles 252-53 menopause 258-59 mild eczema 240-41 skin problems in elderly people...

Castor Oil Plant Castor Bean

Steve Castor

Traditional Medicinal Uses Its leaf poultice is applied to boils and sores in India to treat headaches and fever in Hawaii. 91 The leaves and roots are used in a decoction for anal prolapse, arthritis, constipation, facial palsy, lymph-adenopathy, strabismus, uteral prolapse, cough, and also as a discutient and expectorant. The heated leaves are applied to gout and swellings as well. 51 The leaves and oil are used for dermatological purposes in Nigeria. 101 Its seeds are used to treat abscesses and skin eruptions, deafness, headache, skin problems, bleeding, constipation, boils, piles and to promote labour. 41 They are rubbed on the temple for headache, powdered for abscesses, boils, and carbuncles. The plant is also used for dogbite, scrofula and several skin infections. The Chinese rub the oil on the body for skin ailments. The seeds are crushed and made into a pulp and rubbed into the palms for palsy, introduced into the urethra in stricture and rubbed on the soles of feet of...

Trusting your intuition

In the last chapter, I revealed how, after a long period of practically zero fat dieting, I took my results to a higher level with one small change to my diet - I added more fat. But it wasn't just any fat. Dr. Udo Erasmus, the world's 1 expert on dietary fats, says there are Fats that heal and Fats that kill. Adding the wrong kind of fats can increase your blood cholesterol, clog your arteries, increase fat storage and wreak total havoc in your body. Adding the right kind of fats can increase your energy, increase fat burning, increase muscle-building hormones, increase your strength, improve insulin function, improve your skin texture and strengthen your joints. With benefits like these, good fats sound like some kind of wonder drug, and in many respects, the effects are almost drug-like. Surprisingly, these miraculous benefits can be obtained simply by eating small amounts of foods or oils rich in the healthy good fats.

Dermatitis seborrheic

Dermatitis, seborrheic An extremely common form of eczema that causes scaling around the nose, ears, scalp, mid-chest, and along the eyebrows. There may be psoriasis-like plaques and secondary infection as a result of scratching. It is often misdiagnosed by non-physicians as simply dry skin. However, the flaking caused by this type of dermatitis is not caused by dryness.

Historical perspective on food processing Roman sausage to canning to space food

Early humans were hunters and gatherers. Getting food was a daily process, and food spoilage and foodborne illnesses must have been common. Agricultural production of grains and animal husbandry followed the hunting gathering stage, although hunting and gathering remained common means of obtaining food. Early forms of preservation such as salting, drying, smoking and fermenting were practiced long before people understood why they worked, and were likely discovered by accident. Although food safety was probably not at the forefront of early man's concern when they were just trying to get enough food to survive, these food preservation techniques that inhibited food spoilage microorganisms had the added benefit of inhibiting many pathogenic organisms. Early attempts at fermentation were probably especially fraught with dangers. Clostridium botulinum is derived from the Latin term botulus, meaning sausage. The 'controlled spoilage' under the specific conditions of fermentation allows...

Lubricants used for massage

Oils tend to offer the highest level of lubrication and are suitable for thin skin or hairy areas. Lotions and creams tend to be more nourishing and may have additives that are beneficial for dry skin. Gels and powders may be more suitable for oily skins because powder helps to absorb sebum and sweat, but if sweating is excessive, the powder, sebum and sweat may congeal to form a tacky mess. (If this happens, clean the area and use a more suitable medium.)

Stress Busting with Biofeedback Therapy

Can you really control your body changes, such as lowering your blood pressure, dropping your skin temperature, and making other physical changes Supporters of biofeedback (a therapy that works to enable the user to change his body responses through concentration and observation of physical changes on a computer screen) think that yes, you can. And they also believe that biofeedback training can enable you to become more focused and more relaxed.

In the operating room Getting ready

Once you're in position, your abdomen is clean and you're numb or asleep, your surgeon will make the first incision. This will be the abdominal incision, made in your abdominal wall. The incision on your abdomen will probably be about 6 inches long, going through your skin, fat and muscle to reach the lining of your abdominal cavity, called the peritoneum. Bleeding blood vessels can be sealed with heat (cauterized) or tied off. The stitches on your internal organs and tissues can dissolve on their own and won't need to be removed. With the incision on your skin, your surgeon may use stitches to close it or may use a type of staples small metal clips that bend in the middle to pull the edges of the incision together. Throughout this repair, you may feel some movement but no pain. If your incision is closed with staples, your doctor or nurse can remove them with a tiny pair of pliers before you go home.

Skinfold measurements The Pinch an inch test

Skinfold testing is based on the fact that you store most of your body fat directly beneath your skin. These types of fat deposits are called subcutaneous fat. The remainder of your body's fat is located around organs (internal fat) and inside muscle tissue (intramuscular fat).

Disinfection will destroy microorganisms but not spores

A wide variety of products is available and any information regarding the products should be carefully studied in order to make an informed choice. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, use with care and protect your skin with gloves. Disinfectants must be used in the concentrations recommended if they are further diluted their effectiveness is reduced. Most disinfectants are more effective at higher temperatures.

Constructing the fatigue experience

It's hard to tell you or tell really anyone what it's like because it's something that you feel all over, inside and outside it's like a pulling down inside when you have to fight even to stand up. Some days it's hard to imagine I will ever be able to do anything again and I can feel myself in danger of just giving up, that's what it's like, but I don't know if that makes sense to you or anyone but me interviewer 'you talked about it being inside and out ' yes well, no I'm not sure I can but outside it's um like a feeling on your skin, like your skin is really sensitive to any touch, not all the time just when it's really bad that probably sounds mad but on the outside it's more my body than my mind or how I feel mood wise'.

Local anesthetics to prevent pain

We use EMLA for everything finger pokes, accessing port, shots, spinal taps, and bone marrows. I even let her sister use it for shots because it lets her get a bit of attention, too. Both of my children have sensitive skin that turns red when they pull off tape, so I cover the EMLA with plastic wrap held in place with paper tape. I also fold back the edge of each piece of tape to make a pull tab so the kids don't have to peel each edge back from their skin.

Table 104 Common Types of Injections to Treat Nonmalignant Pain

Botulinum toxin injections* tendon (for tendinitis, lateral epicondylitis, etc.). Medication is injected near the nerve but not into the nerve (for reflex sympathetic dystrophy, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal nerve compression syndromes, etc.). Medication is delivered to the epidural space in the spine (for spinal stenosis and lumbar or cervical radiculopathy from a herniated disk). Injections are performed around the facet joints in the spine for relief of pain usually due to arthritis of the facet joint itself (for cervical facet and lumbar facet arthritis). Botulinum toxin is injected directly into the muscles to decrease muscle spasm or spasticity (for spinal cord injury, stroke, migraine headaches, etc.). Medication is injected into the joint space (for knee

Expressing breast milk

Whichever type of pump you choose, make sure you can remove and wash with soap and water all the parts that come in contact with your skin or milk. Some breast pump parts are dishwasher safe. Without proper cleaning, bacteria could grow, and your milk wouldn't be safe for your baby.

Presentday Cultivation And Usage

The safflower seed (SS) is well suited for organic skin care products, and has been clinically proven to be highly beneficial in lowering serum cholesterol levels. It is also used quite commonly as an alternative to sunflower seeds in birdfeeders. Today, SS the source of OSS is used for meal, birdseed, in the food and industrial products markets, and foots (the residue from oil processing) to manufacture soap, but it is primarily grown for its oil.

Autism Society of America Foundation ASAF

Aveeno bath A range of moisturizers, cleansers, and bath additives that are formulated from oatmeal, which has been used for centuries for its natural, soothing anti-itching action. All Aveeno products are specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin, and they are particularly effective in helping to relieve the itch associated with many skin conditions such as chicken pox, hives, rashes, psoriasis, poison ivy, and so on. Aveeno products are safe for children and babies.

Borderline intellectual functioning An IQ

Botulism The most common type of the infectious disease known as botulism is a food-borne illness involving the toxin Clostridium botulinum, which is both rare and very deadly (two-thirds of those afflicted die). Another type is known as infant botulism, an uncommon illness that strikes infants under the age of one. Because botulism is technically an intoxication, not an infection, the patient cannot infect others even though the toxin and bacteria will be excreted in feces for months after the illness. Botulism toxins are a type of neurotoxin that attaches to the nerves, blocking the messages that are sent to the muscles. The C. botulinum spores (latent form of the bacteria) are found in air, water, and food they are harmless until deprived of oxygen (such as inside a sealed can or jar). If conditions are favorable, the spores will start to generate and multiply, producing one of the most deadly toxins known seven million times more deadly than cobra venom. Botulism can also occur if...

Does an autistic person want to be cured

Personally, I feel that this way of thinking is quite 'childish' on the part of society (i.e. if you do not play the game of life like I want I will just take my ball and go home.) and leaves me to believe that issues of other minorities in the world have little hope of being accepted either. As if to say to the black minority 'You will be accepted if we cure your skin colour', to say to the Jews 'You can be accepted if only you cure your religious beliefs', to say to women 'You will be accepted with equal pay and respect if you cure your gender', etc.

Regulatory T Cells in Psoriasis

Several have noticed that the basement membrane of the epidermis in patients with psoriasis is ultrastructrally different than that of phenotyp-ically normal individuals (Heng et al. 1986). Concordantly, uninvolved and involved skin of patients with psoriasis exhibits increased basement membrane zone expression of the EDA splice variant of fibronectin, a form that is associated with hyperplasia, such as in wounds, fetal tissue, and cancer (Bata-Csorgo et al. 1998 Ting et al. 2000). Functionally, psoriatic basal keratinocytes containing resting stem cells exposed to fibronectin undergo more rapid induction of cell cycle entry and cell spreading if the cells are derived from psoriatic uninvolved vs normal skin, particularly in combination with psoriatic T cell lymphokines (Bata Csorgo et al. 1995 Chen et al. 2001 Szeli et al. 2004). This is, it appears, central in the pathogenesis of psoriasis is the interplay of activated T cells, antigen-presenting cells, and an abnormally primed...

Stabilization Cooling Performance Standards

Stabilization cooling performance standards for preventing the growth of spore-forming bacteria are given in 9 CFR 318 for RTE roast beef, cooked beef, and corned beef products fully cooked, partially cooked, and char-marked meat patties and certain partially cooked and RTE poultry products. The regulations and supporting documents specify two performance criteria for chilling (1) there can be no multiplication of toxigenic microorganisms such as Clostridium botulinum, and no more than a 10-fold multiplication of C. perfrin-gens, within the product and (2) C. perfringens shall not exceed 100,000 g after chilling. With the possible exception of certain heavily spiced foods that have non-inhibitory pH values, water activities, nitrite concentrations, or salt levels, the microbiological hazards, C. perfringens and C. botulinum, would not be hazards reasonably likely to occur during chilling of meat products at USDA-inspected processing establishments. Historical reviews of the literature...

Principles of Predictive Modeling

In predictive microbiology, mathematical models are used to predict the behavior of a microbial population in food from a detailed knowledge of the type of microorganism and of its environmental conditions (intrinsic and extrinsic factors characterizing the food and its environment). Microorganisms of interest in predictive microbiology are both foodborne pathogens such as Escherichia coli O157 H7, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella spp., Clostridium botulinum and spoilage microorganisms such as Pseudomonas spp. and Enter-obacter spp. Food products of interest are those that may be naturally contaminated by pathogens or spoilage microorganisms or those contaminated during process, for which process conditions do not ensure a complete destruction of microorganisms. Meat and processed meat obviously fall under this category. Food products may be characterized by intrinsic factors such as pH and water activity (aw) and extrinsic factors such as temperature and storage atmosphere....

Foodborne Pathogens of Significance in Readyto Eat Meat and Poultry Products

The microorganisms of concern with respect to RTE meat and poultry products include spores of spore-forming pathogens C. botulinum, C. perfringens and C. botulinum is of significance as these spores can germinate and grow during extended refrigerated storage and distribution. Consequently, the organisms of significance in cooked, RTE meat and poultry products, their characteristics, and importance will be discussed briefly.

The Tooth Spa Hygiene Station

The tooth spa program is an innovative gum-care program adapted from treatments I had at a spa I frequented in New York. Dental hygiene professionals and specialists are so concerned with the removal of tartar and bacteria they often omit the healing necessities of the gums. I developed the tooth spa program because people are able to understand the need to clean and massage their gums by associating gum care with skin care.

Dandruff Head Skin Itch

I treat most patients with dandruff, seborhea, and eczema with a balance of oils. The oils should have a combination of the Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats. Generally patients are deficient in the Omega 3 fats such as flax oil. For whatever reason, dandruff responds more effectively to a product we use called BioOmega with a combination of Omega 3 oils. Skin inflammation, just as other body inflammations, responds with the right oil. Read product ingredient labels on all lotions you apply to your skin. Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate. Natural Prescription for Health One tablespoon of a balance of Omega 6 & 3 oils per 100 pounds of body weight will heal dry skin challenges.

Applications To Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

The essential oils from the seeds of Elettaria cardamomum have been reported to show good skin permeation activity for certain drugs. The oils from Elettaria cardamomum interact with the lipids of the horny layer of the skin, resulting in the destruction of the structural order of the skin and thus increasing the diffusion capacity of the active components by the lipid intercellular pathway. An in vitro study on the permeation of estradiol through hairless mouse skin revealed that complex terpenes are responsible for the enhancement of transdermal permeation for moderately lipophilic drugs like estradiol (Monti et al., 2002). The in vivo and in vitro studies on the permeation of indomethacin showed that permeation was significantly enhanced after pretreatment with cardamom oil. This increased permeation was mainly due to the presence of cyclic monoterpenes from Elettaria cardamomum (Huang et al., 1999).

Adverse Effects And Reactions Allergies And Toxicity

Years that people have been eating the seeds in Africa and Europe (Dybas & Raskin, 2007). Also, no interactions have been observed with standard prescription of AM seeds. There is as yet no recorded history of allergic reactions associated with the use or consumption of the seeds rather, they are useful against allergic manifestations. Pharmaceutical preparations containing AM seeds were shown to exhibit anti-allergic effects, and were most potent in counteracting skin irritation by down-regulating the production of IgE and inhibiting the release of allergic mediators. There is strong evidence that AM seeds can serve as a skin-care product for the treatment of skin disorders associated with allergic reactions (Dybas & Raskin, 2007). However, people who are allergic to cardamom or ginger preparations are advised to use GP seeds with caution. The acute toxicity test showed that oral doses of the alcoholic extract of the seed also have a high safety profile, as it is well tolerated by...

Medicationinduced Injection Site Reactions

Recent studies have shown that disease modifying therapies alter the natural course of MS and slow the progression of disability. These medications are injectable either sub-cutaneously or intramuscularly. So while it is important to stay on treatment for as long as your health provider recommends it, it is important to take care of your skin. Some people who are using disease modifying therapies such as interferon beta-1b (Betaseron ), interferon beta-1a (Avonex , Rebif ), and glatiramer acetate (Copaxone ), experience discomfort during the injection or a site reaction after the injection. This reaction may be as mild as redness or as severe as an infection. The following rules of thumb will help you minimize your discomfort and maintain healthy skin while taking injectable medications Do not allow the medication to come in contact with your skin. Inject with a dry needle tip by leaving a tiny air bubble in the syringe. If an injection site develops redness that progresses to painful...

Homeopathic medicine

The most important criteria in determining constitutional prescription are the person's individual symptoms (see page 18). Some remedies in particular are associated with the treatment of psoriasis, however. Arsen. alb. is indicated for dry, rough, and scaly skin and Lycopodium is effective for dry skin and raw areas in the flexures. Sepia is prescribed for the thick crusts that form on the elbows while Staphysagria is used to treat skin conditions that are affected by irritability of the nervous system.

Your body during weeks 29 to

Unfortunately, the changes in your circulatory system that support your growing baby may be causing some new and unpleasant side effects for you. As your veins are becoming larger to accommodate your increased blood flow and the baby compresses some of your pelvic veins, you may notice that they're beginning to protrude and become visible as bluish or reddish lines beneath the surface of your skin, particularly on your legs and ankles. Your skin If your itching is severe and you have reddish, raised patches on your skin, you may have a condition called PUPPP, which stands for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. PUPPP affects about one out of every 150 pregnant women. It usually appears first on the abdomen and then spreads to the arms, legs, buttocks or thighs. Scientists aren't sure what causes PUPPP, but it tends to run in families. It's also more common among women who are pregnant for the first time and among women carrying twins or other multiples. PUPPP can be...

Sixth disease See roseola

For example, superfatted soaps contain excess fatty material and leave an oil residue on the skin, which is designed to improve mildness. Transparent soaps contain glycerin and varied amounts of vegetable fats. other soaps may be produced for specific purposes, such as oatmeal soap for skin that tends to break out. The choice of a proper soap demands on the child's age, skin texture, skin problems, and personal needs. All soaps are good at cleansing, but because of age, heredity, climate, and skin texture, there are many different methods of proper skin cleansing.

Reduction of preservatives

As a result of concerns about the potential for formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines in products containing nitrite, there have been numerous studies, reports, and debates about safe levels. However, nitrite serves as a means of preventing growth of Clostridium botulinum and is thus an important safety component of these products restricting its use presents an increased risk of botulism from cured products (Marriott et al., 1981 Tompkin, 1980). The residual level of nitrite in today's cured meats is five times lower than in the 1970s (CAST, 1997), as a result in part of introducing other compounds such as ascorbates in the curing system to allow reduction of nitrites while maintaining the ability to inhibit C. botulinum (Marriott et al., 1981). Similarly, salt plays a key role in the safety of many products. Salt levels decreased considerably during the twentieth century, from levels greater than 6 in the first half of the century to around 2 today (CAST, 1997). Much emphasis has...

Concerns about refrigerated foods

While consumers focus on the convenience of prepared foods, they still want 'fresh' foods. And while they want 'fresh' foods, they want to keep the foods longer. The consumer demand for high-quality convenient meals that require minimal preparation has resulted in an increase in refrigerated foods that are lightly processed to preserve flavor, texture, nutrients, and other quality factors. This has often been combined with packaging in a vacuum or modified atmosphere to help extend shelf-life. One such process is known as 'sous vide ' a food is vacuum packaged, given a minimal heat treatment, quickly chilled and then reheated just before serving. The process retains many of the flavor, nutritional and texture aspects of fresh product. Concerns have been raised about the potential for growth of psychrotrophic strains of C. botulinum, since the packaging provides an anaerobic environment, competing microflora have been destroyed by the heat treatment, and the shelf-life might provide...

Refrigeration and freezing

Modern freezing technology began with Clarence Birdseye, who, based on his experience with frozen seafood, developed rapid freezing technology that better preserved the quality of foods. A significant percentage of foods sold today are frozen (Lund, 2000). Although it was long held that refrigeration prevented growth of pathogens, we now recognize there are a number of pathogens capable of growth at refrigeration temperatures, including Listeria monocytogenes and some strains of Clostridium botulinum. Nevertheless, refrigeration significantly slows the growth even of those pathogens that can grow at low temperatures. Freezing, on the other hand, prevents growth of bacterial pathogens and sometimes kills them (Archer, 2004). Refrigeration and freezing are of key importance in the safety of foods, and are thus commonly used by the processing industry.

Impact of injury and stress

Archer (1996) stated that traditional food preservation systems work well to inhibit the growth of toxin-producing bacteria such as S. aureus or C. botulinum that require relatively high numbers for the toxin to cause disease. However, he expressed concern that infectious bacteria such as E. coli 0157 H7 and strains of Salmonella may increase in virulence during stressful conditions of food preservation. Stresses such as starvation and extremes of temperature, pH, and osmolarity cause adaptive responses, one of which may be to potentiate expression of virulence genes or, even worse, create unpredictable mutations in the virulence genes. To date there is little evidence that this occurs in food production, but it warrants vigilance.

Impact of technologies that reduce competitive microflora

An example of a new food preservation technology that presents a potential concern is the use of vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging of foods to extend shelf-life. This would seem to be a very useful technology for packaging fresh fish, which is highly perishable. Greater shelf-life could increase consumption of what has become recognized as a very healthy food. However, a natural concern would be to question whether this technology would create conditions that would allow neurotoxin to be produced by non-proteolytic C. botulinum sooner than in fish stored in non-oxygen-reduced environments. In one study, not only was neurotoxin produced faster in modified atmospheres, it was produced before the fish was considered spoiled (Post et al., 1985). Therefore, a technology that provides a longer shelf-life for this very perishable food may suppress the natural warning system for consumers by suppressing the growth of the natural spoilage microorganisms.

Looking At All Your Treatment Options

In Chapter 12, I cover alternative remedies and treatments that may help you feel better, such as herbs, supplements, Botox treatments (not just for facial wrinkles anymore ), acupuncture, tai chi, and other complementary medicine choices, as well as some treatments that you really should steer clear of and some advice on how to tell the good guys from the scammers out there.

Medicating the Problem Overthe Counter Drugs May Help

In this chapter, I also cover antihistamines (cold-medicine-type remedies), painkilling remedies (such as Tylenol, aspirin, and ibuprofen), and topical pain-relief remedies (ointments, creams, and so on that you can rub into your skin, allowing you hope at least a temporary reprieve from your pain).

Considering Alternative Remedies and Treatments

Knowing whether an alternative therapy can really help you Using herbs and supplements Pinning your hopes on acupuncture Hoping for relief with homeopathy Getting Botox injections Trying tai chi Whether alternative therapies come in the form of herbs and supplements, acupuncture, Botox injections, or another alternative solution, many people with fibromyalgia fervently hope that they'll work. Sometimes, people find that these remedies work very well or at least seem to.

Considering your options

1 Capsaicin (derived from chili peppers) When it works, capsaicin can anesthetize parts of your body where you've rubbed it on your skin by reducing your level of Substance P (the pain neurochemical) and also by dulling the pain receptors at the level of your skin's surface.

Feeling Better by Looking Better

Feel Better is a program developed by the Personal Care Products Council Foundation in cooperation with the American Cancer Society. At the local level, beauticians from various salons donate their time and talent to hold workshops at which they instruct cancer patients in skin care, makeup, and the use of wigs, turbans, and scarves to help them look better. Large cosmetic companies donate generous gifts of makeup and perfumes, which the beauticians distribute to participants. There is also a Look Good . . . Feel Better for Teens, which offers an Internet network as well as local meetings.

Palpation of the tissues

Carried out on dry skin without any lubricant, although this is not always possible, as a lubricant may have already been applied before the problem was identified. It is then better to continue the massage and return to the localised area towards the end, when the lubricant will have been absorbed. Palpation is mostly done with the pads of the fingers or thumb, as these are the more sensitive areas of the hand, but sometimes the whole palm is involved, 'feeling and sensing' the tissues as it moves along. Pressure is adjusted depending on the depth of the tissue being palpated. Light pressure is required for palpating the skin and superficial fascia, becoming heavier for muscle and bone.

Essential Fatty Acids EFSs Udos Choice oil blend or Flaxseed oil

The two EFAs that you must obtain from your foods are omega 3's and omega 6's. EFAs have many important functions in the body they are required for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, for proper nerve function, immune system function, energy production, oxygen transfer, recovery from fatigue, and hormone and prostaglandin production. They make up the major components of cell membranes, they are important for the construction and maintenance of all healthy cells and healthy skin, and are used in special ways in the adrenals and sex organs. EFAs are great for your joints and connective tissue which can help you prevent training related injuries.

External factors affecting the skin

Lack of, or incorrect, skin care can be a major factor affecting the skin. The use of products that are too aggressive can strip the skin and effectively damage the barrier function of the skin. The correct use of sunscreens can provide the best protection against premature ageing.

Before Getting Started

Before starting an exercise regimen, be sure to talk to your doctor about what types of exercises you can do, how hard you should push yourself, what you should avoid, and what problems you may encounter. If you have had surgery, your doctor will probably not want you to exercise within a month or so of the operation. Of course the type of surgery makes a difference. If you have had a melanoma removed from your skin, that incision will typically heal more quickly than, say, an abdominal or a chest surgery. Most doctors encourage their patients to exercise while in chemotherapy or radiation treatment unless they are at risk for certain complications internal bleeding due to low red blood cell levels or infection due to low white blood cell levels, for example.

Trying One Medication or Therapy and If It Doesnt Work Giving Up

An array of other therapies may improve your symptoms as well, such as acupuncture, icing or heating the painful areas, using Botox injections, and many other options. Some people may try one form of therapy, and if they get no relief, they give up. But another therapy could provide them with considerable symptomatic relief. (Read about acupuncture and icing and heating in Chapter 11 turn to Chapter 12 for more on alternative remedies such as Botox injections.)


The treatment of drooling in PD has been attempted with anticholinergic drugs such as benztropine, scopolamine, and glycopyrrolate the latter having been recommended as the agent with the fewest troublesome side effects (40). Most recently, several authors have reported results of botulinum toxin injections as a treatment for drooling in PD. Mancini et al. (41) injected 450 U of botulinum toxin type-A (Dysport ) into the parotid and submandibular glands using ultrasonographic guidance in PD and MSA patients with disabling sialorrhea. They reported a reduction of drooling within one week that lasted about a month and was unassociated with adverse effects such as dysphagia. Dogu et al. (42) compared ultrasound-guided botulinum toxin injections (Botox ) in the parotid gland with blind injections (using no guidance) and measured postinjection salivary output in the two groups. Although subjective sialorrhea improved in both groups, the group receiving ultrasound guidance experienced a...

Chagas Disease

The dysphagia that occurs with Chagas' disease can occur anywhere from weeks to years following infection. Initially, the dysphagia is intermittent however, as the disease progresses, it becomes persistent and more severe. Regurgitation, aspiration with pneumonia, and weight loss are common. Roberto Dantas described esophageal motor abnormalities as documented by barium esophagram or manometry in 25 of asymptomatic individuals (23). These findings typically consist of dysrhythmic contractions in early phases. As the disease progresses, the manometric findings show decreasing peristaltic amplitudes and eventually aperistalsis, which is the hallmark of this disease. Radiographically, barium swallows show a dilated atonic esophagus, similar to that seen in primary achalasia. The diagnosis can be confirmed by serology however, false positives can occur in patients with collagen vascular disease, leishmaniasis, malaria, and syphilis (24). Treatment of the acute disease, even when...


Elicit a variety of inhibitory effects against microorganisms comprising stasis, cidal, adhesion-blockade, cationic, synergistic and opsonic mechanisms. Broad-spectrum activity against different bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, in combination with anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties makes LF a potent innate host defense mechanism. The current global production of bovine milk LF is approximately 100 metric tons and this figure is continuously increasing. This protein is finding it applications as an active ingredient in infant formulae, and health foods in South-East Asian countries, in particular. LF is also in use as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent to control intestinal illnesses and mucosal infections. Certain oral hygiene products, skin care products, and animal feed supplements contain LF. Recent advances in LF research to elucidate the structural function relationships, antimicrobial mechanisms, cost-effective technologies for large-scale protein...

Use red clover for

This slow and steady action plus its high content of trace minerals means that red clover is effective for a wide range of health problems, and is gentle enough for children. Clover is most effective when taken consistently for several months for chronic conditions such as skin problems. Dose 3 or 4 cups a day. Can be taken by children. For chronic toxicity, constipation and skin problems this tea needs to be taken consistently over a period of five or six weeks, as the effect is cumulative. To help with hot flashes, it is best drunk cold at the first onset of a flash.

Cosmetic Problems

Skin problems Intertrigo, seborrheic eczema, and thrush are common in the thick heavy skinfolds of severely obese children. Pink or pale cutaneous striae, distinct from the purplish striae resulting from thinning of subcutaneous tissues in Cushing's syndrome, are common on the abdomen and upper limbs and may be a source of embarrassment. Hirsutes (abnormal facial and body hair) occurs particularly in adolescent girls with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is associated with obesity and insulin resistance. Acanthosis nigricans, a velvety, pigmented, thickening of the skin usually at the back of the neck, is another important marker for insulin resistance, affecting up to 90 of children with type 2 diabetes mellitus.


Use horse chestnut for Horse chestnut is a leading herbal treatment for weakened veins, including varicose veins, hemorrhoids, acne rosacea, and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). It has an unusual capacity to strengthen small blood vessel walls by reducing the size and number of the pores it also works well on wrinkles by tightening the skin (an alternative to Botox, perhaps ), and for fluid retention or edema.

Seizures 445

Seborrhea A condition in which excess sebum is secreted, causing increased facial oiliness and a greasy scalp. While the exact cause of this excess production is not understood, male sex hormones (androgens) do play a role in the problem. Not surprisingly, therefore, the problem is most common in adolescent boys. Seborrhea usually disappears by adulthood without treatment, but people with seborrhea are also more likely to have other skin problems such as acne vulgaris and sebor-rheic dermatitis.


Different kinds of biofeedback methods are available. There are devices that show you changes in your skin temperature. A GSR device measures the skin's electrical conductivity by the amount of sweat produced under stress. EMGs are visual signals that indicate muscle tension. If you are in a state of relaxation, your sweat glands will have low activity, and high levels of alpha waves in the brain will indicate a slow, even heart rate. You can begin to train yourself

Natural Toothpaste

Myrrh is a powerful antiseptic and often is used in natural toothpaste. I have found, however, that if you use this daily, the gums become irritated. Myrrh may be too be caustic, even though it is considered holistic in nature. So only use myrrh if an area of your mouth is inflamed. Do not use this product daily. Weleda brand makes a pink toothpaste with myrrh in it, and many people like the taste and color of the toothpaste. Frequent use can become a problem for people sensitive to myrrh. If your gums get irritated by using it on a daily basis, alternate your toothpaste. You can use different herbal toothpastes much the same way you would change your skin care products and shampoos from day to day.

Sweating Dysfunction

Treatment of sweating problems in PD is difficult, and no clear guidelines or evidence-based recommendations exist. Since some episodes are associated with off periods and others with dyskinesia, efforts should be made to reduce off time as much as possible while avoiding dyskinesia by adjusting antiparkinsonian medications. Although some have suggested treatment with L-dihydroxyphenylalanine or beta blockers, no studies have been published which evaluate these treatments in PD (73). Although there is a growing literature on the treatment of focal hyper-hidrosis with botulinum toxin injections (74-78), this therapy has not been studied in PD-related sweating disorders and would not be expected to be applicable to those patients with whole-body drenching sweats due to the practical problem of administering the drug to the target tissue. Beyond attempted pharmacological

The formula provides

Biotin 75 micrograms - Biotin, a water-soluble co-enzyme which works with the B Complex vitamins, is found in many vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, milk, eggs. Biotin is part of many enzyme systems and is involved in the conversion of amino acids to protein. It is involved in the production of energy from carbohydrates, fatty acid metabolism and the conversion of folic acid to a biologically active form. It helps maintain healthy skin and hair, good muscular tone and a balanced hormonal system. Promotes healthy sweat glands, nerve tissue and bone marrow. Antibiotics, excessive intake of alcohol, coffee or raw eggs will inhibit dietary intake. Deficiency symptoms dry skin, greyish skin colour, poor hair condition or hair loss, premature grey hair, leg cramps, tender or sore muscles, poor appetite or nausea, eczema or dermatitis, depression.


As the cause of constipation in PD is multifactorial, its management requires a multimodality approach. All patients should be advised to increase daily water consumption and add bulking agents to the diet, such as psyllium preparations and high-fiber foods however, rarely is this sufficient therapy. Cisapride, a prokinetic agent that directly stimulates acetylcholine release in the gut, has been shown to improve constipation and shorten colonic transit time in PD (52). However, this drug was withdrawn from the market in most countries due to QT prolongation and its proarrhythmic effect in some patients. Mosapride citrate is a newly synthesized agent with a similar mechanism of action as cisapride but without known cardiac toxicity. It was recently studied using an open-label design in 14 patients with PD and MSA, where it was well tolerated and effective in producing subjective improvement in bowel frequency and difficult defecation (53). The value of this agent remains to be...


Dermatitis is a diseased condition that appears as inflammation of the skin. The gum tissue is much like the skin on your face and shares similar histologic (cellular structure) characteristics. Diseases affecting your skin are lichen planus, candidiasis, psoriasis, pemphigus vulgaris, and pemphigoid.

In Practice

A common example of allergies is with nuts, and in the case of a client with a nut allergy, care would need to be taken to ensure nut-based ingredients (which are common in lots of skin care products) were avoided. It is possible for a client to develop an allergy to a product after years of use, and although immediate reactions are more likely with skin care products, constant exposure to a particular ingredient or product can also cause the body to develop an allergy

Oral Irrigators

Oral irrigators, such as the Water Pik, can aid in directing natural healing products under the gum and into the pocket of the gum. Using pure distilled water in the oral irrigator with a natural antibacterial such as the extracts mentioned above will help fight gum disease and reverse the process naturally. But it is important to remember to use these tools daily. Using an oral irrigator is like washing your skin. A tincture will not clog your oral irrigator, but if it seems sluggish, flush it out with warm water and vinegar.


Beans, peas, potatoes, red beans, brown rice, whole wheat, rye, and sesame seeds. Flaxseeds and other seeds have some estrogen potential. Phytoestrogens are similar but not identical to the estrogen produced by the body. Phytoestrogens are plant-derived compounds, and are more natural than the prescribed drugs on the market. If you notice that your skin is dry, take flaxseed or pumpkin seed. Diet Soybeans, tofu, miso, boiled beans, apples, carrots, yams, green beans, peas, potatoes, red beans, brown rice, whole wheat, rye, and sesame seeds are good. Flaxseed acts as a lubricant and will help prevent dry skin and gums from receding. Your gums are similar to your skin, and you want to moisturize your gum tissue as you would your skin.


Exenteration is very extensive surgery that is sometimes done for recurrent cervical cancer. It is rarely done for a newly diagnosed cervical cancer. This surgery is so extensive that it is typically only done if there is a possibility that it could lead to a cure. Because the risks and side effects of this surgery are greater than with most surgeries, you and your doctor need to have a detailed discussion about the goals and outcomes before moving forward. There are several types of exenterations. In all of the procedures, the vagina, uterus, and cervix, if present, are removed. Often a new vagina can be created from your skin or muscles (called flaps ). A total exenteration also involves removing the bladder and rectum. With an anterior exenteration, the vagina and bladder are removed, but the rectum is left in place. With a posterior exenteration, the vagina and rectum are removed, but the bladder is left in place. In external beam radiation, the radiation oncologist directs...

Adverse Reactions

At doses greater than 30 mg day beta-carotene may cause an orange-yellow colouration of the skin (carotenodermia), which is usually seen first as yellowness of the palms and soles. This condition is harmless and reversible when intake ceases (Micozzi et al 1988). Carotenodermia is distinguished from jaundice by the absence of yellowed ocular sclerae. For some people, this skin colouration is actually considered desirable (Mathews-Roth 1990b) and is utilised in tanning tablets to produce a natural-looking skin tan (DerMarderosian & Beutler 2002).

Raynauds Phenomenon

Carefully, you may be able to see the areas of thickened skin, often with little central depressions or scars. However, it is easiest to screen for these by feeling the tips of the fingers. The areas that are scarred are harder than normal skin and feel like little bumps.

Pain Syndromes

Post-radical neck dissection syndrome is defined as neck and or shoulder pain starting within 2 months after radical neck dissection. Patients complain of sharp or shooting pains in the ear, neck, and shoulder. The prevalence of this syndrome is unknown. In one survey of 25 patients with this diagnosis, all had neuropathic pains in the distribution of the superficial cervical plexus and 72 experienced regional myofascial pain.94 There are no specific recommendations. Carbamazepine has been recommended because ofits effectiveness in a related condition, trigeminal neuralgia. A pilot trial of botulinum toxin A in 16 patients decreased pain severity.95


Ichthyosis A family of at least 20 rare skin disorders characterized by dry, thickened rough, scaling, darkened skin triggered by too much keratin (the main protein component of skin). This group of genetic diseases ranges from mild generalized dry skin (ichthyosis vulgaris) to severe widespread thickened scaly dry skin (lamellar ichthyosis). The disorder's name is derived from the Greek word ichthus meaning fish because the appearance and condition of the skin resemble fish scales. It affects more than one million Americans.


Specific treatment of itching depends on the underlying cause, but in general cooling lotions such as calamine can ease the itch and irritation of the skin. Emollients can reduce skin drying and ease itching for those with dry skin. Soothing lukewarm baths in colloidal oatmeal or Aveeno bath can ease the itch caused by hives or skin rashes such as chicken pox or poison ivy.

Medical Therapies

Oral treatments that have been used, with variable success, include tricyclic antidepressants, nonsteroidals, opioids, anticonvulsants and glucocorticoids (62,63). Sympathetic blocks (64), TENS (23) and botulinum injections have been used in localized pain (62). In some centers spinal stimulation are also advocated. Complementary therapies are commonly utilized by patients with chronic pain (65). The evidence supporting many of these therapies in children and adolescents is poor (66) but many young adults find certain therapies such as acupuncture, massage and aromatherapy helpful.

Skip the Milk

From my experience, a majority of the chronic no known cause of body pain and breakdown is sugar, man-made fat, and milk. Healthier human beings were raised on breast milk and whole food. Patients who were raised on formula and cow-based dairy products tend to have more ear infections, skin problems, asthma, bowel issues, and joint pain.

Eating Disorders

Physical signs and symptoms of inadequate caloric intake may include amenorrhea, cold hands and feet, dry skin and hair, constipation, headaches, fainting, dizziness, lethargy, hypothermia, bradycar-dia, orthostatic hypotension, and edema. There is no specific laboratory diagnosis, but there are often endocrine and electrolyte abnormalities especially hypokalemia, hypophosphatemia, and hypochlore-mic metabolic alkalosis from vomiting, which often require careful supplementation.


Clostridium perfringens and C. botulinum are potentially pathogenic microorganisms that are often contaminants in fresh meat. They are strictly anaerobic bacteria that may be present in the normal gut flora of animals and humans. They are spore-forming bacteria enabling them to survive in unfavourable environments, which present a challenge in food preservation. The species C. botulinum are defined by a Clostridium, able to produce botulinum toxin. Therefore C. botulinum comprises of a varied group of types, which differs in growth requirements for temperature, water activity, pH and heat treatment necessary for inactivation. They also differ in metabolism and geographical distribution. The psychrotrophic group has an optimum temperature at 28-30 C, will grow down to 3.3 C and endures water activity down to 0.97 (5 salt) and pH 5.0. The mesophilic group has an optimum at 35-40 C, grows down to 10-12 C and endures water activity down to 0.94 (10 salt) and pH down to 4.6 (ICMSF, 1996)....


Selenium protects against cadmium and mercury toxicity (including against the mercury in your dental fillings) and overactivity of vitamin E. A deficiency of selenium might show up as aging pigment on your skin. Toxic levels of selenium may cause hair and nail loss, as well as high rates of cavities if selenium was taken during tooth development. Foods rich in selenium are chard, cucumber, fish, pear, sweet potatoes, kidney, liver, and seafood.

Eating Sweets

Stress can cause us to act irrationally and can lead us to want to erase any negative feelings by eating sweets. It is known that chocolate can compensate for romance, and it affects the pituitary gland. What does it do to our teeth and fragile gum tissue Try placing sweetened chocolate and other sweets on your skin. You will find they will irritate the skin. They will also irritate the oral cavity. Sugar turns to acid, and acid eats away at the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Plaque and bacteria feed off the sugar and invade the support structures of your teeth.

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