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Complete shoulder and hip blueprint come as a digital program package which helps to restore upper and lower body. The product has worked with athletes and other clients seeking to improve their body functions too. It is essential when it comes to adjusting body performance in terms of strength and resilience. Complete shoulder and Hip Blueprint is a creation of Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset- both respected coaches who have worked with many baseball players to correct shoulder dysfunction as well as injury-related problems for a long period of time. Shoulder and hip problems is a dominant condition that undermines people's daily activities. For that reason, this product was developed to eradicate such miseries by addressing them naturally rather than opting for medical treatment. It is important to give the product a little emphasis since it works on shoulder and hip regions, the parts credited to make human body gain additional strength, become resilient and endure pressures of heavy tasks. Complete Shoulder and Hip Blueprint is an amazing product. In the course of its existence, the product has received a lot of positive reviews from users. Give it a try and enjoy the benefits it guarantees. More here...

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Cure Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Injuries

Here's a quick preview of some of the things you'll learn inside: Detailed anatomy of the shoulder, how everything fits together and how that affects your injury and your pain, and why that means you can treat it faster than ever. The most common causes of shoulder injury, and how to avoid them in future so you Stay pain free. How to recognise classic injury symptoms so you can catch a problem before it fully develops, and self-diagnose your injury so you can heal it in super fast time. How to adjust your strength training to avoid common gym mistakes that 99% of people make. How to properly and fully prepare your shoulder ready for all types of exercise, important for maintaining healthy joints. Which popular gym exercises are most likely to give you an injury, and why, and what you can do about it. Exactly how much weight you should use to rehabiliate your shoulder, and why it's absolutely vital that you use that amount. How to target each of the shoulder's inner muscles individually, and heal them one by o More here...

Cure Shoulder Pain & Rotator Cuff Injuries Summary

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Author: Joe Brent
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Shoulder Pain

The great range of movement possible at the shoulder is due to the fact that unlike the hip, the shoulder is not limited by a deep bone socket. As a result, the shoulder is much more dependent on strong ligaments to maintain proper alignment. Young people with relatively loose ligaments are therefore uniquely susceptible to recurrent shoulder injury and dislocation, especially if they are involved in athletics. Any child with recurrent shoulder dislocations without obvious explanation should be evaluated for ligamentous laxity and associated conditions (see Chapter 16).

Shoulder Injuries

A common shoulder injury is impingement, in which the subacromial space narrows as the upper extremity is actively elevated overhead. Both the biceps tendon and the rotator cuff tendons lying in this space can be impinged. Causes of impingement include poor flexibility, muscle imbalance, decreased scapular stability, and poor stroke mechanics.54 Researchers have demonstrated that anatomic adaptation occurs in the racket shoulder of the tennis player. This adaptation includes loss of active and passive range of motion in internal rotation and even a total loss of shoulder rotation, which results in overuse shoulder injuries.58 Dry needling acupuncture therapy is very effective in reducing overuse stress and treating inflamed tissues of shoulder injuries. The tender spots in the shoulder area should be precisely located and treated, and trigger points in the related muscles should be identified and needled. As with wrist injuries, relief of pain in shoulder injuries can be achieved in a...

Standing Up Sitting Down

Bring your buttocks close to the edge of the chair. Keep your feet at least 8 inches apart, with one foot slightly in front of the other. Rock your trunk quickly back and forth a few times to build up momentum. On your last rock forward, bring your shoulders forward, just past your knees, and push down with your hands on the arms of the chair or the cushion while you straighten up to a standing position.

Neck Injuries Strain Contusion and Fracture

Like head injuries, neck injuries can be very serious, even fatal, and necessitate immediate medical attention, particularly when vertebrae are broken or fractured. Neck injuries can be caused by sudden twisting, serious falls, and direct blows or physical impact from other athletes. The injuries may result in head, neck, and shoulder pain a crackling sensation in the neck loss of strength and mobility of the neck and shoulder and even

Are there any other surgeries commonly performed following gastric bypass Are these also routinely covered by insurance

In addition to panniculectomies and abdominoplasties, many women require reconstructive breast surgery. If this surgery is being recommended due to back, neck, or shoulder pain it may be covered. Likewise if it is being recommended due to infection beneath the breasts it may also be covered. On the other hand, if it is purely cosmetic it is unlikely to be covered.

Module 1 Days 1 3 and 5

Sit on the bench with your feet solidly on the platform. Cross your arms in front of your chest. The pad should be resting just below your shoulders on your upper back. 2. Keeping your palms facing inward and your thumbs stable, lift your arms overhead by extending your elbows. Do not lock your elbows at any time. If pain occurs in your shoulders, modify or stop the exercise.

Module 1 Days 2 4 and 6

Tighten your abs and raise your trunk until your body forms a straight line between your knees and your shoulders. 2. Keeping your shoulders on the floor, drop your knees to the right and touch them to the floor. Pause and flex your abdominal muscles for a few seconds. 3. Lower your back, inhale as you pass through the neutral position, then exhale as you bring your head up, pulling your shoulders down as you feel your spine extend.

Other Common Injuries

Some football injuries are related to specific positions of the game. Offensive linemen are more prone to lumbar, knee ligament, and shoulder injuries. Wide receivers may have hamstring strains and tears of the anterior cruciate ligament. Defensive backs often have upper extremity injuries, including finger dislocations and hand and wrist sprains from defending or blocking their opponent's offensive players. Neck and shoulder sprains occur during tackling. Both field-goal kickers and punters develop overuse injuries.3 Among kickers, the most common injuries are low back, hip flexor, and hamstring strains.

Common Upper Extremity Injuries

Frequently leads to mechanical breakdown of the biomechanics of the shoulder complex, and results in various kinds of shoulder pain.45 Shoulder pain is the most common muscu-loskeletal injury among competitive swimmers. Numerous studies have demonstrated that basic impingement syndrome is the most common cause of shoulder pain in swimmers and that the underlying instability of the glenohumeral joint is a predisposition for inflammation of the subacromial bursa and tears of the glenoid labrum.49

Will I be able to walk

If you walk with short steps stand sideways and look in your mirror. Is your neck flexed on your chin Are your shoulders rounded Do they slope forward Is your spine bent or curved If the answer to two or three of the above is yes, then the bent or curved spine may be part of the problem. The cause of the bent or curved or twisted spine is unknown. In some patients this results from an unequal pull of muscles in the front over muscles in the back of the spine. The spine is a fulcrum around which your hip, thigh, and back muscles exert leverage. If your spine is bent, curved, or twisted, or if your posture is stooped, you will not generate as much force with your hip, thigh, and 1. Learn to stand with your hands on your hips. This forces your shoulders-up and forces you to stand straight. Every time you stand, place your hands on your hips make it a habit. 2. Learn to sit with your elbows on the table. This also forces your shoulders up and forces you to sit straight,...

Pathophysiologic Factors That Convert Latent Acureflex Points To Passive Points

Pelvic torsion-related pain is associated with leg-muscle shortening or leg length pseudo-inequality and may possibly be related to lumbar and pelvic floor myopathy. In pelvic torsion, rotation of the pelvic iliac bone causes an ipsilateral high positioning of the posterior superior iliac spine and a low positioning of the anterosuperior iliac spine, which results in inequality of leg length. Scoliosis that results from pelvic torsion produces an asymmetry in shoulder height and mechanical stress on neck and shoulders, which can cause myalgic headache, neck pain, and shoulder pain.7-11 Viscerosomatic pain syndromes occur when visceral disorders exist. Internal organs are associated with somatic segmental referred pain syndromes. Endometriosis, for example, is associated with abdominal myofascial pain. Interstitial cystitis and irritable bowel syndrome are associated with chronic pelvic pain syndromes. Liver disease can cause local abdominal and referred shoulder pain that manifest as...

Clare Stevinson Kristin L Campbell Christopher M Sellar and Kerry S Courneya

Similarly encouraging functional outcomes have been demonstrated in trials that have focused on resistance exercise training. Reductions in shoulder pain and disability were reported in head and neck cancer survivors who had undergone spinal accessory neuropraxia neurectomy,73 and increases in muscular fitness42 and muscle mass74 have been found for prostate cancer survivors receiving androgen

Cervical Laminoplasty

Resection Ligament Flavum

Was significantly higher after laminoplasty than after anterior fusion (60 vs. 19 p 0.05). In 18 patients (25 ) from the laminoplasty group, the chief complaints after surgery were related to axial symptoms for more than 3 months, whereas in the anterior fusion group, no patient reported having such severe pain after surgery. In this group shoulder pain developed exclusively on the hinged side. 42 Hosono N, Yonenobu K, Ono K Neck and shoulder pain after laminoplasty. A noticeable complication. Spine 1996 21 1969-1973.

Multidirectional Instability of the Shoulder Causing Impingement

Chronic Shoulder Instability

Case 17 A 14-year-old year round right handed swimmer has three months of intermittent right shoulder pain. The pain usually occurs with butterfly stroke. She feels as though the shoulder clicks and slips with certain movements. She denies paresthies or an injury. She has limited internal rotation of her shoulder and weakness with resisted external rotation and supraspinatous testing. She has a positive sulcus sign along with a positive apprehension and relocation test. She has scapulothoracic dysfunction and weak scapular muscles. She goes into a valgus maneuver with single leg squats. Throwers, swimmers, wrestlers, tennis players, and athletes participating in overhead activities commonly present with shoulder pain. Table 3 Sports Shoulder Injuries Shoulder instability from repetitive overload causing impingement combined with muscular imbalance and scapulothoracic dysfunction has been implicated in overuse shoulder injuries in overhead athletes. The shoulder joint is a ball and...

Frozen Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis

Frozen shoulder is caused by scar tissue formed inside the space of the glenohumeral joint with reduced synovial fluid. This condition usually occurs after repeated tearing of soft tissue surrounding the joint, or it may be caused by scar tissue formed after shoulder injury or by adhesion after surgery. The joint capsule appears to be a major source of limitation of movement in this condition. A dull, aching pain is felt in the shoulder when the arm is lifted, and it often gets worse at night.

Impingement Syndrome of the Shoulder

The major symptoms of impingement syndrome of the shoulder include shoulder pain during sleep when the patient rolls onto the injured arm, when the arm is rotated to reach the back, or when the arm is raised in the air. This injury is caused by a narrowing of the space between the rotator cuff and the acromion, and it impairs the joint movement.

Arriving at Acceptance

Write about your current physical feelings. Is your stomach upset Are you sweating Is your heart pounding Do your shoulders feel tight Describe everything going on in your body in objective terms. 1. Write about your current physical feelings. Is your stomach upset Are you sweating Is your heart pounding Do your shoulders feel tight Describe everything going on in your body in objective terms.

Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

Shoulder injuries account for 8 to 20 of volleyball injuries. The biceps and rotator cuff tendons are the tissues most commonly injured.62 The shoulder girdle musculature does not generate very powerful torque in the upper limb. About 85 of the energy needed to spike or serve a volleyball is generated by the legs and back. After repetitive overload or acute trauma, the athlete begins to alter movement patterns in an effort to minimize symptoms and maintain performance.64 This increases the risk of injury to other structures within the kinetic chain. Typical symptoms of shoulder injury include pain, restricted range of motion, and muscle weakness and imbalance. Further examination may reveal that the scapulae are abducted and the musculature of the posterior shoulder girdle is tight, which limits internal rotation in the affected shoulder and thereby increases the risk for impingement of the supraspinatus muscle and attrition of the glenoid labrum.64

Fatty Foods Breast Cancer

DeMaria I had irritable bowel syndrome combined with lower back and shoulder pain. I didn't take much medication for IBS, only a little occasionally for constipation or diarrhea. I didn't know how much IBS had weakened my body until I ended up in the emergency room about three years ago. The parasites in my colon had weakened my body. Dr. Bob recommended Parablast and that brought healing to my colon and the parasites vanished. I have also modified my diet per Dr. Bob's recommendation. I now eat more raw fruits and vegetables along with more fiber. I have also increased my water intake. I now exercise speed walking for one hour approximately 4 to 5 days per week. Self-discipline has been the most difficult, making sure I'm releasing stress daily by getting enough exercise, eating a more balanced diet, and gaining spiritual strength by prayers and meditation. The adjustments have enhanced my health by diminishing colon pain, lower back and shoulder pain.

Cornerstone Significance

The cornerstone in your body frame is the spine. We don't think much about the spine since we cannot see it, like our teeth. For optimal health we need to focus on standing and sitting erect. Here is a tip. When standing, focus on holding your shoulders back. I encourage my patients to grasp their hands and place them in the small of their back. This will naturally position your shoulders behind a forward head alignment. Spinal breakdown is effortless erect posture requires energy.

Breast Cancer Survivors

In one study of 222 survivors who had undergone axillary lymph node dissection as part ofbreast cancer surgery, 72 reported shoulder arm pain. Present pain intensity was a significant predictor of quality of life measured by the EORTC QLQ-C308 with (P 0.29 p 0.001). Pain discomfort affect (P 0.42 p 0.001), sensation of pain (P 0.289 p 0.001), and pain disability for self care (P 0.261 p 0.001) were important predictors ofpsychological distress as measured by the Mental Health Inventory.9,10 In another study, 55 survivors were surveyed with a health-related quality of life instrument, the RAND-36,11 at a mean follow-up of 2.7 years from surgery, 60 reported pain and reduction of grip strength. Shoulder pain was a significant factor for the domains of social functioning (p -2.9 95 CI -5.0, -0.8), mental health (P -2.3 95 CI -4.1, -0.5), vitality (P -3.8 95 CI -5.8, -1.8), pain (P -0.55 95 CI -7.1, -3.9), health perception (P -4.5 95 CI -6.3, -2.7), and health change (P -3.8 95 CI -6.3,...

Stand Against Evil

The head glide takes some concentration. (See Figure 3.) Sit with your eyes closed. Slide your head and upper neck straight backward, then tilt chin up slightly. Do not move your shoulders. This is an excellent way to establish and maintain a normal cervical curve. A normal lordotic cervical curve will increase the strength of your spine by a factor of seven. Hold the head position for five seconds. Complete three sets of 15 every day. You may feel slight neck pain at first, but this exercise will prevent long-term spinal imbalance and will help minimize the damage caused by subluxation once your subluxations are checked and corrected. (See Day 288 for a more detailed explanation of subluxation.)


Patients after mastectomy may experience shoulder pain, phantom breast sensations, and otherwise unexplained sensations in addition to postmastectomy pain. In one study of Finnish hospitals, the prevalence of chronic pain ranged from 43 to 56 , strange sensations 26-45 , phantom breast sensation 26-66 .98 Mastectomy-related symptoms are highlighted by a survey of 124 Quebec City survivors at 8 years after mastectomy. In comparison with a control group, survivors were more likely to report arm problems, defined weakness, stiffness, pain, swelling, loss of sensation, and limited range of movement (64 vs. 43 , p 0.04).99

Shoulder Subluxation

Shoulder subluxation is a partial dislocation of the ball-and-socket joint of the shoulder. The humerus is held in the socket of the scapula by a group of ligaments. If these ligaments are torn, the ball of the humerus can slip partially out of the shoulder socket. An athlete who suffers from this injury may experience shoulder pain, looseness and weakness of the shoulder joint, or numbness in the shoulder or arm. Surgery is needed in some cases.

Eat Your Vegetables

My past health complaints ranged from neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, unpleasant periods (cramps, headaches), and just a general feeling of unhealthiness and stress. I wasn't taking any medications however, with a family history of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, having a healthy future looked grim for me.

Case Study 2

A 42-year-old female had been suffering with left posterior shoulder pain, worsening at night, for 20 days, due to overload from repeatedly lifting her 2-year-old child. Two tender spots were found on the posterior arm and on the posterior axillary fold both had clinical features of MTPs and were attributed respectively to the triceps brachii and to latissimus dorsi. PPT performed on the whole auricle identified two tender points close together on the medial surface. Both were tested with NCT the first point gave a very good result on the MTP of the triceps, whereas the second neutralized the local twitch response and the irradiation of pain to the arm of the MTP of the latissimus dorsi.

Overuse Injuries

Physical exercise has the potential to cause overuse injuries to muscles, bones, and joints as well as injuries caused by accidents. Additionally, preexisting conditions can be aggravated upon initiation of a physical activity program, and chronic, repetitive activities can result in injuries. For instance, running can result in injuries to muscles and joints of the lower limbs and back, swimming can cause or irritate shoulder injuries, and cycling can cause or worsen problems to the hands, back, or buttocks. Fortunately, the recommendation in this report to accumulate a given amount of activity does not depend on any particular exercise or sports form. Hence, the activity recommendation can be implemented in spite of possible mild, localized injuries by varying the types of exercise (e.g., walking instead ofjogging). Recalling the dictum of do no harm, the physical activity recommendations in this report are intended to be healthful and invigorating. Activity-related injuries are...

Personal Evolution

Are you on antidepressants Focus on increasing flax oil, one tablespoon per 100 pounds body weight. Add more protein along with 150 mg of B6 a day for three months. Do you suffer with constipation Increase your water consumption and raw vegetables. If you constantly deal with chronic sinus problems, eliminate dairy and peanut butter. Shoulder pain can be corrected by eliminating citrus. Do you have morning headaches Cease eating sweet fruit or sweet snacks before bed. Chocolate cravings Eat mixed green salads daily. To curb your desire for dairy try focusing on olive and flax oil for fat along with sesame seeds for calcium and protein. Are you struggling to lose weight Drink more water and minimize your sweets. Sweets increase insulin. You will have challenges losing weight with elevated insulin. Leg cramps while sleeping can be eliminated by adding sesame seeds and almonds to your diet.

Baths Sleep

I had various health complaints before making Dr. DeMaria's recommended lifestyle changes. I suffered with depression, shoulder pain, leg pain. I could write a book about what Dr. Bob has taught me. We are responsible for our actions. Be aware of what you do, eat, and exercise. Gerald F. Teggart

Case Study 1

A 70-year-old male patient had a fall when on a bus and strained his right biceps brachii muscle. Soon he began to suffer with anterior shoulder pain, weakness, restricted elevation of the arm and also some autonomic phenomena such as numbness of the forearm. After several sessions of physiotherapy had brought no benefit he asked to be treated with acupuncture.

Swimmers Shoulder

Dry needling acupuncture is very effective in both preventing and treating swimmer's shoulder. Regular weekly de-stressing treatment can reduce overuse stress and restore normal physiology of soft tissue, thus preventing muscle inflammation and fatigue. Once shoulder pain appears, the athlete should receive two treatment sessions per week, including both local and systemic treatment.

Better Than Statins

DeMaria I had bad hip, leg and shoulder pain. I had a terrible time sleeping because the pain was so bad I even took Celebrex for the pain, which did nothing for me. Following the information and care provided by Dr. Bob I can certainly do a lot more things and for a longer period of time. I now have no pain at night. I am very grateful for his care. Roxine Jones

Pain Syndromes

Post-radical neck dissection syndrome is defined as neck and or shoulder pain starting within 2 months after radical neck dissection. Patients complain of sharp or shooting pains in the ear, neck, and shoulder. The prevalence of this syndrome is unknown. In one survey of 25 patients with this diagnosis, all had neuropathic pains in the distribution of the superficial cervical plexus and 72 experienced regional myofascial pain.94 There are no specific recommendations. Carbamazepine has been recommended because ofits effectiveness in a related condition, trigeminal neuralgia. A pilot trial of botulinum toxin A in 16 patients decreased pain severity.95

Heat and cold

It can be applied through a heating pad, a warm towel, a hot compress, a hot water bottle or a heated rice-filled pack or sock. You can apply heat to your shoulders, lower abdomen or back to relieve pain. As you near the time to push, you may find it comforting to place a warm blanket over your body if you're trembling, or a hot compress on the area between your vagina and anus (perineum).

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