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Sex without intercourse

There are many ways to have sex that do not cause pregnancy. Oral sex (mouth on genitals) and sexual touch (touching the genitals or other parts of the body) are both sexual activities that many couples enjoy. They have very low risk of passing HIV and other STIs and they cannot cause pregnancy. Anal sex also cannot cause pregnancy, although HIV and other STIs can pass very easily this way. Avoiding all sexual intercourse is the most sure way to prevent pregnancy and can be a good way to reduce the risk of HIV and other STIs. Not having sexual intercourse may be very difficult for couples to practice for a long time.

Closer Look Consenting to Sex with a Stranger

The sex difference in desire for sexual variety shows up in behavioral data. In one study conducted at a university in Florida, experimental confederates approached people of the opposite sex (Clark & Hatfield, 1989). After introducing themselves, they said, Hi, I've been noticing you around campus lately, and I find you very attractive. Would you go out on a date with me tonight A different group was asked, Would you go back to my apartment with me tonight And a third group was asked, Would you have sex with me tonight Experimenters simply recorded the percentage of people approached who agreed to the request. Of the women who were approached by the male confederate, 55 percent agreed to the date, 6 percent agreed to go back to the man's apartment, and 0 percent agreed to have sex with him. Of the men approached by the female confederate, 50 percent agreed to go out on the date, 69 percent agreed to go back to her apartment, and 75 percent agreed to have sex with her. These studies...

Erectile and orgasmic dysfunction

Long-standing, untreated hypertension is well known to have a negative impact on sexual function and can lead to complete impotence. Unfortunately, antihypertensive drugs still have a bad reputation with regard to erectile function. Some of the older antihypertensive drugs, such as resurpine and guanethidine, have a well-known negative effect on erectile and orgasmic function. Diuretics, beta-blockers, and antiadrenergic drugs, as well as alpha-blockers, diminish erectile function. Failure to ejaculate, or even retrograde ejaculation into the bladder, may occur with some antiadrenergic drugs. In women, diuretics and certain antiadrenergic drugs may interfere with lubrication. Beta-blockers are known to cause orgasmic dysfunction in women and men alike. BP lowering (by any drug) may by itself, at least initially, have a slight negative impact on erectile function. However, the body fairly rapidly adjusts to the lower BP level and, with modern antihypertensive therapy (calcium...

Having sex on demand where did the fun go

Infertile couples commonly feel that the joy and pleasure they used to experience in their sexual relationship goes out the window when the focus is on baby making rather than on love making. Trying hard to time sex at the most fertile stage can be the biggest turn-off and can dampen your enjoyment. It may even give him 'performance anxiety' and cause erection difficulties. And her libido may take a beating from tension about infertility and doubt about ever falling pregnant. Even if your sex life isn't as pleasurable as it used to be, don't forget to give each other plenty of affection and physical closeness. Going away for the weekend and deciding not to take your infertility problems with you gives you a break and may bring on lust and the urge to have sex just because you love each other

Table 134 Enhancing Physical Intimacy

Great sex is a whole-body experience or more precisely, a body, mind, and soul experience. Both partners can have orgasms without intercourse. Visualization and fantasy can enhance your sex life. Couple's Guide to Better Sex after Prostate Disease (Cambridge, MA Perseus, 2004),

Can my diabetes affect my sex life If so how and what can I do about it

Diabetes can have a profound effect upon a person's sexual drive, functioning, and satisfaction. This is especially apparent in men, although there is some evidence that some women with diabetes can also experience adverse effects on their sexual responses. The reason for the significant effects on male sexual function arises from the complexity of the penile erection mechanism. This requires satisfactory nerve, blood vessel, and hormone function to be achieved and sustained. Diabetic nerve damage (see Question 32) can be of two main types. One form is damage to the system that serves conscious movement and sensation and the other is damage to the system that serves unconscious or automatic responses, such as bowel contraction and the heart beat. The erectile mechanism is served by the latter, while the sensation of pleasure in sexual performance is served by the former. Since the nerves to the genital area are relatively lengthy, they are prone to the damage described in Question 32....

Sexual Activity

Sexuality is an aspect of human development across the lifespan. The rapid biological and psychosocial changes that occur during adolescence enhance the importance of sexuality during this critical period. During puberty, hormones increase adolescents' attraction to potential sexual partners and enables their bodies to reproduce. Psychosocial development enhances teens' abilities to negotiate sexual relationships and to realize that their physically mature bodies encourage adultlike interactions, including romantic relationships and a greater degree of autonomy from parents. This article reviews a number of adolescent sexual issues, including sexual activity, contraception, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and reproduction. In addition, the issues of substance use, violence, and sexual orientation as related to adolescent sexual behavior are discussed.

Reinforcement And Its Relation To Dependence

Nevertheless, drug-induced reinforcement, like reinforcement by food, water, sexual activity, or escape from harm, simply means that the behavior that caused it has an increased likelihood of being repeated. Some other process or processes must enter into play if that behavior is to become so strongly entrenched that it comes to dominate the individual's thinking and activities. Various hypotheses have been put forward concerning the nature of such additional processes. One suggestion is that activation of the reward system is controlled by something analogous to a thermostat, regulating the ''set-point'' of the system, and that frequent repetition of drug-taking leads to a change in setpoint so that reinforcement grows progressively stronger over time. Another, perhaps related, hypothesis is that the degree of reinforcement by a given drug is regulated by genetic factors, and therefore vulnerability to addiction is greater in those who inherit either an abnormally high sensitivity to...

Influence Of Medical Conditions On Sexuality

Infarction have on sexual activity Erectile dysfunction Which postmyocardial infarction patients can resume sexual activity During what time period prior to pregnancy should a woman cease sexual activity Decreased fertility Erectile dysfunction Orgasmic dysfunction Reduced testosterone levels Retrograde ejaculation into the bladder

Adherence to Non Pharmacological Therapies

In addition to rehabilitative therapies, adolescents with JIA may also be asked to avoid specific behaviors including socially accepted activities that pose specific risk (e.g., participation in contact sports), and experimental activities that pose both a generic health risk and added threat to those on particular immunosuppressive therapies (e.g., teratogenic effect of methotrexate and increased risk of hepatotoxicity for those who concomitantly use alcohol). Again, there has been little systematic study in this area. This may reflect the fact that general health promotion has not sat within the traditional remit of rheumatology health care (37). However, the seriousness of these issues suggests this is an important part of adherence that should be addressed. Indeed, a study of 9268 adolescents in Switzerland (38) found that those with chronic illness were just as likely to engage in experimental behaviors as their healthy counterparts. Other studies have reposted that while...

The Sense of Merger and Transcendence

Sex informed by love results in heightened sexuality. It is in love that one is granted the most compelling sexual experiences of one's life. Every sexual act is informed with wonder, tenderness, and awe. Other women, other men cease to interest the lover. In the phase of idyllic love, the lover is passionately monogamous even if he in fact sleeps with someone else. (For some, object constancy depends on whom they think of when they make love, not whom they are with.)

Clinical Vignettes

A 21-year-old female college student decides to go on a date with her boyfriend of 2 years. She consumes a large volume of alcohol while out. When they return to her dorm room, the boyfriend tries to coerce her into having sex with him. She passes out without agreeing. Since they've had had sex before, he cites their long-term relationship as proof of consent. Would this incident be considered sexual assault

Adverse Effects And Reactions Allergies And Toxicity

Aside from minor gastric upsets in some subjects, attributable to Piper guineense and clove in Niprisan, there have been no reports of any untoward effects from normal consumption (Wambebe etal., 2001). However, anumber of studies from West Africa have demonstrated the androgenizing effects of Piper guineense seeds. For example, it is reported from the Cameroons (Mbongue et al., 2005) that acute treatment of male rats with aqueous extracts at 245 mg kg body weight for 8 days significantly raised the level of testicular and serum testosterone and cholesterol epididymal a-glucosidase activity and fructose in the seminal fluid. By contrast, chronic treatment (122.5 mg kg body weight for 55 days), while increasing testicular and serum cholesterol, lowered both epididymal a-glucosidase activity and the level of fructose in seminal fluid by over 20 . Although both acute and chronic treatments increased sexual activity, the chronic treatment reduced male fertility by 20 . From Nigeria,...

Results and Discussion

Even after sex chromosomes evolved independently in some reptiles, birds and mammals, AMEL and ARHGAP6 had remained to be autosomal. It is only in eutherian mammals that a pair of homologous autosomes that carried these and all other linked genes were added or translocated to the telomeric end of the pseu-doautosomal region (PAR) of the sex chromosomes. As a consequence, subsequent evolution of eutherian AMEL became intimately related to evolution of the sex chromosomes.

Case Example 3 Identifying Vulnerability Based on Difference

R was a highly successful architect in his 40s when he presented for treatment for depression, which had been apparently triggered by a crisis in his relationship with his gay partner, Sam. The pair had been together for 3 years, but Sam described an increasing dissatisfaction with their sexual relationship, in which Mr. R was quite inhibited.

Building The Confidence To Live Well

Role in the successful management of diabetes. Women who feel confident in their ability to manage diabetes are less likely to blame themselves for having the disease, are less likely to worry about themselves, and are less likely to hide their condition from others. Additionally, they are more likely to experience a more satisfying sex life.

The counting days method

With the counting days method, a woman does not have sexual intercourse during any time that she might be fertile. This method can only be used by women with regular cycles that last between 26 and 32 days. This means that the time from the first day of one monthly bleeding to the first day of her next monthly bleeding must be at least 26 days, and no more than 32 days. For this method to work, the woman cannot have sexual intercourse from the 8th day of her cycle through the 19th day of her cycle. If she has sexual intercourse during this time, she must use another method of family planning. l started my monthly bleeding 8 days ago. So we cannot have sex today, or for the next 10 days. 6 blue beads show days when sexual intercourse will not usually cause pregnancy. 13 more blue beads show days when sexual intercourse will not usually cause pregnancy. 13 more blue beads show days when sexual intercourse will not usually cause pregnancy. 12 white beads show the fertile time when sexual...

Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is a way to avoid pregnancy after having sex. If a woman has sex without using a family planning method, and she does not wish to get pregnant, she can take a high dose of birth control pills as soon as possible within 5 days of having sex. The sooner a woman takes the pills, the more likely they are to work. This is not a good method to use every time a woman has sex. Emergency contraception often causes nausea or headaches. It is not as dependable as other methods. An IUD can also be used as emergency contraception. A trained health worker must insert the IUD within 5 days of a woman having sex. This will usually prevent a pregnancy. The IUD can then be left in to prevent future pregnancies. But this method should not be used by a woman who might have an STI.

Neoplastic Complications of Hivaids

KS is a malignant vascular neoplasm usually arising in cutaneous tissues and lymph nodes. The incidence is higher in men who have sex with men historically, it was one of the first features of the newly described syndrome in 1981, which was later termed AIDS. KS usually is seen with CD4 counts of less than 50 cells mm3. Lesions are typically red or purple macules coalescing to plaques, papules or nodules, but can be bluish or

Case Illustration Background Information

Making sure that they all had food, were clean, and did their homework. In Ann's teenage years, evidence of impulsive behaviors began cropping up. Although she did not remember any sexual or physical abuse, Ann had an early onset of sexual activity and promiscuity, mostly with males. She reported feeling confused about her sexuality, but suppressing it, because it wasn't right. Shortly after high school, Ann married an acquaintance while working at a local hospital. The marriage lasted years, because Ann was unhappy and began socializing with different friends. In addition, she reported that she was running around instead of staying home with her husband. Eventually, sexual dissatisfaction and relational difficulties associated with Ann's not being home contributed to the decline of the marriage. While working at the college, Ann engaged in an affair with a college professor that lasted for approximately 1 year, at which point she ended the affair. She was later introduced to Tom, the...

Myroslava Romach Karen Parker

Also, learning, conditioning, and reinforcement play important roles in these repetitive behavior disorders as well as in the more traditional chemical or substance-abuse and -dependence disorders. It has also been pointed out that treatments for nonchemical addictive disorders often follow principles used in substance-abuse disorders for example, identifying trigger and high-risk situations, teaching alternative coping behaviors, and emphasizing relapse prevention. Self-help groups using AA principles have also been organized, such as Overeaters Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous. Some pharmacologic agents appear to alter both drug ingestion and obsessive-compulsive behaviors that are not drug related. For example, SEROTONIN UPTAKE INHIBITORS, now used as Antidepressant medications, seem to help alcoholics decrease alcohol consumption and compulsive hair-pullers reduce that behavior.

How does MS affect sexual function

Patients and physicians in the past rarely discussed sexual function and performance despite its central role in life. This was especially true when illness other than heart disease was at issue. Sexual relationships are a major bond between married couples, and the new frankness about these issues promises to benefit particularly MS patients greatly. There are a number of pertinent issues in this regard, many of which are equally important to healthy persons. The most common sexual problem affecting both men and women in good health is the lack of libido (sexual interest or sexual drive). Psychologic stress arising from interpersonal relationships and work is probably the most common single cause for this it is obviously much more of an issue in young adults affected by a major health problem. The resultant uncertainties that naturally arise in these situations contribute to this greatly. The actual diagnosis of illness may induce acute stress, which can precipitate sexual difficulty...

Does Viagra help with impotence in MS

The physical problem of erectile dysfunction is now openly discussed and is recognized commonly in otherwise healthy men. This change in the public attitude has helped men with MS accept this aspect of sexual function when it occurs and embrace the use of one of the approved drugs for erectile dysfunction. Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis appear to be at least as useful in men with MS as they are in otherwise normal men. Some studies have suggested that these drugs may also Orgasm be helpful in women having difficulty achieving an Sexual climax. orgasm. In any case, these medications should be used Physical limitations affect men more than women in the sex act. The female partner can often compensate for movement difficulties if they limit sexual performance in men. A willingness to experiment is healthy.

Benefit 7 Combats Erectile Dysfunction

A recent study of over 31,000 men between the ages of fifty-three and ninety showed that exercise delayed the onset of erectile dysfunction with age and improved sexual performance in those who already suffered from this problem. This research project, conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, found that an average of one-third of test subjects reported problems getting and keeping an erection. Most of the men studied said that they had few problems before age fifty, but 26 percent had difficulty between ages fifty and fifty-nine 40 percent between ages sixty and sixty-nine and 61 percent over age seventy. Men who watched more than twenty hours of television per week, consumed too much alcohol, smoked, were overweight, had diabetes, had a previous stroke, or took antidepres-sants or beta-blockers had the most problems with ED.

Teaching women how to prevent STIs

Women should know that any sex partner may have an STI. A man has a much greater chance of having an STI if he has sex with other partners without using condoms. The surest way for a woman to avoid getting an STI is for her to avoid having sex with anyone who might be infected. Or she can use condoms (for men or women) when she does have sex. Condoms protect very well against most STIs, although there is always some chance of getting an STI even with a condom. Use a condom every time she has sex. Do not have sex with someone who has signs of an STI (although many STIs spread even when the person has no signs). Wash the outside of the genitals after sex. Urinate right after sex. Support education about sex in your local school. Help parents understand that teaching about STIs, including HIV, helps young people make safer choices later on when they start having sex.

School Health Services

School health clinics and other school-based health services offer an often untapped resource because they have the opportunity to reach large numbers of students and the expertise to provide nutrition and health information as well as referrals to counseling and other health services. However, an emphasis on dietary behaviors and physical activity is not meant to be competitive with the other vital issues that school health services and health education curricula address, including prevention of tobacco and alcohol use and sexual education.

Study of Conceptions of the Transition to Adulthood

Avoid committing crimes like shoplifting and vandalism Use contraception if sexually active and not trying to conceive a child Avoid drunk driving Avoid using illegal drugs Drive safely and close to the speed limit Avoid becoming drunk Have no more than one sexual partner Avoid using profanity vulgar language Have had sexual intercourse

Puberty and sterility

Children who receive total body radiation usually (but not always) become sterile that is, after growing up, girls will not be able to become pregnant, nor will boys be able to father children. Ability to have a normal sex life is not affected. Some children treated only with chemotherapy have remained fertile, and to date all offspring have been healthy. Teenaged boys may want to bank sperm prior to beginning their conditioning regimen. The banking of eggs is more experimental and takes a much longer time to accomplish therefore, it is performed infrequently.

Table 131 Cancer Related Intimacy Factors

Decreased or absent ability to achieve orgasm Decreased ability to achieve orgasm period during treatment when the person is too sick to be physically intimate. On the other hand, some people will want to maintain physical intimacy throughout their course of treatment and may find it very reassuring even right after a treatment. If you and your loved one are struggling with emotional or physical intimacy, or both, there are a number of things you can do to help the situation. Of course, if your problems are long-standing and predate the cancer diagnosis, the underlying issues will need to be addressed. For couples who had a stable and loving relationship prior to cancer, however, the following section may help.

The Promise of Microbicides

A University of Nairobi professor speaks to prostitutes about AIDS prevention. Researchers are working to develop a microbicide that would kill HIV during sexual activity. A University of Nairobi professor speaks to prostitutes about AIDS prevention. Researchers are working to develop a microbicide that would kill HIV during sexual activity.

Combining Prevention and Therapy

Experts estimate that by 2010 there could be as many as 45 million additional people throughout the world who are HIV positive. The need for anti-HIV efforts therefore becomes even more pressing. In fact, by implementing safe sex practices and education about the virus, it is estimated that 29 million of these infections can be prevented. Says former American president Bill Clinton

Lack Of Traininga Perceived Barrier To Adolescent Healthcare Provision

From the studies described above despite their limitations, it can be concluded that adolescent health care delivery has been highlighted as important and further attention is required in the training of current and future generations of health professionals to facilitate confidence and competence. However, there are also perceived barriers not only to gaining the necessary knowledge and skills but also in implementing them. Britto et al. found that pediatric rheumatologists had difficulties in promoting adolescent health in their clinics. Levels of screening young people for alcohol use and sexual activity was linked to lack of time, organizational problems, discomfort in dealing with the subject area, ambivalence as to whether the role was within the remit of a pediatrician, and doubts as to the relevance of the subject to their patient group (20). In units dedicated to the care of adolescents, Sawyer reported comorbidities such as underlying behavioral or mental health problems...

The Intersection of Neighborhoods and Schools

Other studies that have considered school and neighborhood simultaneously have found that school environments mediate the effects of neighborhoods on adolescents. A study of Midwestern fifth and sixth graders found that school characteristics (such as safety, average drug use and availability) mediated the effects of neighborhoods on individual adolescents' alcohol and cigarette use (Ennett, Flewelling, Lindroth, & Norton 1997). A study of teens in Philadelphia found that school norms toward sexual initiation mediated the effects of neighborhoods on adolescents' sexual initiation (Teitler & Weiss, 2000). This latter study also determined that the between-school variation in the proportion of sexually active youths is greater than the between-neighborhood variation and that there was virtually no added contribution of neighborhood once the schools were accounted for.

The Necessity of Multilevel Analyses

Indicators at the first level for each of the categories of this classification (Goldstein, 1995 Hox, 2002). A rare example of school and neighborhood cross-classification is a study by Teitler and Weiss (2000) who considered students cross-classified in neighborhoods and in schools themselves (although not school neighborhoods) in multilevel prediction of onset of sexual activity. As more and more studies examine neighborhoods and schools in a multi-level fashion and tease apart the effects attributable to cross-classified contexts, our understanding of how these contexts separately and together impact children can grow exponentially.

Prentif Cervical Cap

Figure Cervical Cap

The cervical cap is a small, deep rubber cap that fits tightly over the cervix to prevent sperm from entering. It is used with a spermicide. You push the cap up your vagina and over the cervix anytime before you have sex. It must be left in place for at least 6 hours afterward, but you can wear it for as long as 48 hours. A cervical cap has an advantage over the diaphragm because you can insert the cap many hours before having sex and, afterward, you can leave it in place longer. As with other barrier contraceptives, the effectiveness of this method depends largely on how faithfully it is used. To protect yourself against pregnancy and disease, you must wear a cervical cap every time you have sex. If you suspect toxic shock, remove the cap immediately and, as soon as possible, call your doctor. If fewer than 6 hours have passed since you have had sex, insert an applicator of spermicide before you remove the cap. Sometimes irritation is caused simply by leaving the cap on too long. The...

Cant get an erection

Few men bring up this issue with their doctors, and few doctors ask about it. This doesn't mean it's unimportant. The ability to achieve and maintain an erection is frustrating, embarrassing, and distressing to you and your partner. Achieving and maintaining an erection results from the successful interplay of several different physical and psychological processes. One or more of these may be impaired in PD. Thus, anxiety and or depression may result in a loss of a desire to have or think about sex. The desire to have sex or think about sex is called libido. A loss of libido results in impotence. Most men with PD, however, retain their desire for sex, and this coupled with impotence, heightens frustration, results in abstinence, and deepens social isolation. Alcohol, in moderation (because it represses social inhibitions), may promote sexual activity. In excess, alcohol depresses the brain and can temporarily result in impotence. Antihistamines, cocaine, marijuana, major...

Psychosexual Stages of Personality Development

In fact, the major event during this stage is children' s discovery of their own genitals and the realization that some pleasure can be derived from touching them. This is also the awakening of sexual desire directed outward and, according to Freud, it is first directed toward the parent of the opposite sex. Littl boys fall in love with their mothers, and little girls fall in love with their fathers. But children feel more than just parental love, according to Freud' s theory. A little boy lusts for his mother and wants to have sex with her . His father is seen as the competitor, as the one who is preventing the little boy from possessing his mother and receiving all of her attention. For the boy , the main conflict, which Freud calle the Oedipal conflict is the unconscious wish to have his mother all to himself by eliminating the father. (Oedipus is a character in Greek mythology who unknowingly kills his father and marries his mother.) Daddy is the competitor for...

Other Adolescent Sexuality Issues

Ple sexual partners and early initiation of sexual intercourse. Among students who reported current sexual activity in the YRBS, 24.8 percent had used alcohol or drugs at last sexual intercourse. Male students (31.2 ) were more likely to have used such substances than females (18.5 ). In examining the data by race, both white male (33.7 ) and female students (21.5 ) were more likely than Hispanic (male 30 female 14.4 ) and black students (male 26.6 female 9.3 ) to have combined alcohol or drugs with their last sexual experience. The 1999 YRBS data revealed that 8.8 percent of American students (grades nine through twelve) had been forced to have sexual intercourse against their will. Female students (12.5 ) were more than twice as likely to report that they had been victims of sexual aggression than male students (5.2 ). By race, black (11.6 ) and Hispanic students (10.5 ) were more likely to report forced sexual intercourse than white students (6.7 ). wrote that the prevalence of...

Sex Differences in Personality

We begin by examining sex dif ferences in temperament in children. The five-facto model of personality, discussed in detail in Chapter 3, provides a convenient framework for or ganizing a number of otherwise scattered findings about sex di ferences in personality (see T able 16.1). We examine sex dif ferences in the personality characteristics that are subsumed by the five-factor model. Then we will move on to discuss sex dif ferences in other domains of personality such as sexuality , criminality and physical aggression, depression and psychopathy , and the interaction patterns of men and women in groups.

Clinical phase III studies of IAS

Duction in survival, no clinically meaningful impairment in QoL, better sexual activity, and considerable economic benefit to the individual and the community. Since this study used only three months of therapy before stopping treatment in the intermittent arm, without impairing survival, there are significant savings for a patient receiving IAS for one year relative to CAS. This randomized study compared AS with goserelin + bicalutamide in CAS with IAS. The primary endpoint was time to clinical and or biochemical progression of the disease and secondary endpoints were survival time, QoL and side effects. Patients had histologically confirmed adenocarcinoma of the prostate in clinical stage T1-4N1-3M0 or T1-4N0-3M1 (D1 or D2). After an induction phase of six months with AS, 335 patients whose PSA decreased under 4 ng ml or 90 from baseline were randomized. About two-thirds of the patients of both the intermittent and the continuous therapy arm (65 versus 66 , ITT population)...

Can 600 Mcg Of Misoprostol And 300mg Of White Quinine Cause Abortion

Can Asprin Used For Abortion

Important Stop using gentian violet if it irritates the skin. A person with a yeast infection should not have sex until she is cured, to avoid passing the infection to her partner. Gentian violet will stain skin and clothes purple. Important Stop using miconazole if it irritates the skin. A person with a yeast infection should not have sex while using miconazole to avoid passing the infection to her partner. A person with a yeast infection should not have sex while using nystatin to avoid passing the infection to her partner.

The Pill Progestin Only Pills POPs

Link your pill-taking with another daily activity. Make it easy to follow your pill schedule. Women who usually have intercourse at night should schedule their pill-taking with dinner. And, if you take your pill in the evening, you will still be protected the next morning or afternoon. The fact that you must take the pill at the same time every day does not mean you can have sex only at set times. But it does make sense to be most protected when you most likely will have intercourse. Vomiting or severe diarrhea. Your intestinal system may not absorb the progestin if you are having severe diarrhea or vomiting. If you vomit within 2 hours after taking a minipill, take another one and stay with your pill regimen. Use your backup contraceptive if you have sex while you are sick and for at least 7 days afterwards. If you miss one minipill. If you miss taking a pill, take the pill you missed as soon as you remember. Also take the next pill at the regular time even if it means taking two...

Sex Differences in Jealousy

Another difference between the sexes in the nature of the adaptive problems they have faced stems from the fact that fertilization occurs internally (and unseen) within women. This means that, over human evolutionary history , men have risked investing in children who were not their own. Few women, however , have ever been uncertain about which children were their own. From this perspective, the most reproductively damaging act, from an ancestral man's point of view, would have been if his mate had had a pregnancy through sexual intercourse with another man. That is the act that would have jeopardized his certainty of passing on his genes. From an ancestral woman's point of view, however, the fact that her mate was having sex with another woman, by itself, would not jeopardize her certainty in that she is the mother of her own children. Such an infidelit , however, could be extremely risky to the woman's reproductive success she could risk losing her mate's resources, time,...

The Legal Framework For Protecting Vulnerable Adults

The Sexual Offences Act places the emphasis on victims first. It contains new offences in which the victim is considered to have a mental disorder, and it targets a wider range of exploitative behaviours. These include sexual touching including penetration, causing inciting a person to engage in sexual activity, engaging in sexual activity in their presence, causing a person to watch the action. The act uses the current definition of 'mental disorder' from the Mental Health Act 1983, which is Offences involving sexual activity when mental disorder impedes choice are covered in sections 30-33, and primarily relate to profoundly disabled people. The defendant has to have knowledge of the victim's mental disorder, prior to conviction. This can either be specific knowledge or reasonable knowledge. If the victim is unable to refuse because of insufficient understanding or is unable to communicate, the defendant will receive a tough sentence. Sections 34-37 relate to mental disorder, where...

The Erratic Cluster Ways of Being Unpredictable Violent or Emotional

Antisocial persons tend also to be easily irritated and to respond to even minor frustrations with aggression. Losing some coins in a vending machine might be all it takes for such a person to fly into a rage. Antisocial persons tend also to be assaultive, particularly to those around them, such as spouses or children. Fights and physical attacks are common. Recklessness is another characteristic, with antisocial persons showing little regard for their own safety and that of others. Driving while intoxicated or speeding is indicative of recklessness, as is having unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Sweating sickness English

Cause Syphilis is caused by a spirochete Treponema pallidum that enters broken skin or mucous membranes during sexual intercourse, by kissing, or by intimate bodily contact with an open syphilitic sore. The rate of infection during a single contact with an infected person is about 30 percent.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Self Help Approach

Such materials were employed by 50-61 of the individuals who reported having sexual problems. Including other, unspecified, self-help methods, 72 of all individuals with sexual problems had tried some form of self-help. Most respondents (80 ) who sought help from partners, friends, relatives, clergy, or other informal sources for their sexual problem, and the large majority (88 ) of respondents who sought professional help, had employed some type of self-help before moving to remedies typical of later stages in the help-seeking process. Possible disadvantages of self-help approaches should also be recognized and understood. Unsuccessful application of self-help strategies may lower the help-seeker's belief in the potential helpfulness of professional sex therapy, even when such approaches have a high effectiveness rate. Incorrect self-diagnosis of problem type may lead the help-seeker to embark on a mission impossible. A man who believes that his erectile problem is fully caused by...

Cycle Based Fertility Awareness Methods

The key to the successful use of cycle-based birth control is learning when in the cycle the possible fertile days occur and refraining from sex (or using another form of contraception) during those days. If abstinence is the choice, this can mean avoiding intercourse for one-third to one-half of the month, possibly using other ways to achieve orgasm without intercourse. A woman uses these methods to recognize changes in her body that indicate the fertile phase of her menstrual cycle. If she does not want to get pregnant, she must not have sex during those days. Women who become very familiar with their body's changes can be successful in preventing pregnancy. Allowing for inaccuracies in the timing of ovulation, even women with regular cycles must assume that they could become pregnant for up to 10 days during each cycle. A woman with an irregular menstrual cycle who wants to be safe from conception must consider her probable fertile period to be as long as 13 to 14 days....

Closer Look The Six Myths of Self Esteem

Myth Five Low self-esteem puts a person at risk for drug and alcohol abuse and premature sexual activity. The scientific studies reviewed by Baumeister et al. (2003) do not support the idea that low self-esteem predisposes young people to more or earlier sexual activity. If anything, persons with high self-esteem are less inhibited, more willing to disregard risks, and more prone to engage in sex. There is, however, evidence that unpleasant sexual experiences and unwanted pregnancies appear to lower self-esteem. As for alcohol and illicit drugs, preventing these behaviors has been a major rationale for those calling for programs to promote self-esteem. The data, however, do not conclusively

Adaptation of Standard CT for Depression

Second, therapists need to assess how the patient's sexual orientation fits into the case conceptualization. This is extremely important to prevent the therapist from assuming that sexual orientation is a major factor in the patient's presenting problem when it is not, or alternatively, not seeing a relationship between the patient's sexual orientation and his her presenting problem when clearly there is one. For example in the case of a male patient having unsafe sex with multiple male and female partners both sexual orientation and sexual behavior may be important considerations in the case conceptualization. On the other hand, in the case of a male patient in a long-term relationship who is open and out to his family, friends, and cowork-ers, and who presents with reactive depression following the death of his father, sexual orientation may play a negligible role in the case conceptualization.

Handling fibromyalgia with family and friends

Don't miss the information that I provide on sex and fibromyalgia for readers who are sensing that their partners are maybe feeling a teensy bit deprived in this area of life. (Thinking about sex when you hurt is a hard thing to do, but it's not hard for your non-FMS partner to think about it. Finding common ground is a good idea.)

A womans body in pregnancy

Sex Images Panirs Mouth

If a man ejaculates inside a woman's vagina during sexual intercourse, his sperm cells can travel through her vagina, through her womb, and into her tubes If the woman and man have sexual intercourse near the time of the month that the woman's egg is moving down her tube, one of the man's sperm cells may meet her egg . The egg may then plant itself in the lining of the womb . If this happens, the woman becomes pregnant

Are there treatments for loss of genital sensation

A loss of sensation in the genital area can pose problems for both men and women with MS. Fortunately, such a loss of sensation in most patients is usually temporary. In men, the use of Viagra and the other drugs in this group can, in part, overcome erectile dysfunction related to decreased sensation in some cases. Temporary or not, for many women, the use of vibrators can overcome the inability to achieve orgasm. Eros is a specially designed commercially available device to enhance clitoral engorgement and provide stimulation for women who require it. It is important that women consult physicians who are knowledgeable in this area. Generally, gynecologists and sex therapists are better informed than most physicians. blood flow to the female sexual organ, the clitoris, is associated with sexual excitement and results in clitoral enlargement (engorgement), and ultimately improves arousal and orgasm (sexual climax) in women. Gynecologists physicians who specialize in diseases that...

Lnserting Foreign Objects In The Cervix First Trimester

If you become pregnant while using a Progestasert IUD, the pregnancy is more likely to be ectopic (a tubal pregnancy) than it would be for a woman using another method or the ParaGard. The risk is about the same as it is for a sexually active woman not using birth control. A practitioner will take an extensive medical and sexual history from you. You should not ask for this method if you are likely to have more than one sexual partner, if your partner may have other lovers, or if you have had PID. You will also be given a physical exam, including a Pap smear. Tests for pregnancy and for STDs, particularly chlamydia and gonorrhea, may be a routine part of this exam. After the results are available, you will be given an appointment for the insertion. Check the strings. The first few months after you have received your IUD is the peak time for it to be expelled. While you are still on the examining table, ask your practitioner to teach you how to check for the threads....

Laura M DeRose Jeanne Brooks Gunn

The onset of adolescence is considered a crucial developmental transition marked by a confluence of changes (Brooks-Gunn, 1984 Graber & Brooks-Gunn, 1996 Hamburg, 1974). In addition to the drastic physical changes that occur, the adolescent decade is defined by the restructuring of social roles, expectations, and relationships within the family, peer group and school environment (Feldman & Elliott, 1990 Graber & Brooks-Gunn, 1996). The pubertal transition is considered an impetus for some of the behavioral and social changes that occur during adolescence (Brooks-Gunn & Petersen, 1983 Graber & Brooks-Gunn, 2002). As individuals develop adult-like features during puberty, family, friends, and teachers may react to them differently and expectations of them may change. New behaviors related to sexual feelings and interest are emerging for the adolescent (Graber & Brooks-Gunn, 2002). Additionally, the internal changes of puberty, such as hormonal changes, have also been associated with...

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Those most at risk are men under age 24, men and women with multiple sex partners, those with other STDs (especially syphilis), prostitutes and their customers, and those in tropical areas. However, any sexually active person can be infected with chancroid. It is more commonly seen in men than women, especially in uncircumcised males. Complications Untreated chancroid often causes ulcers on the genitals that may persist for weeks or months. The infection does not harm the fetus of a pregnant woman. However, the lesion does increase the chances of contracting HIV if a person has sex with an HIV-infected partner.

Diabetes In The Bedroom

I was diagnosed just before my 3rd wedding anniversary. This summer, we'll celebrate our 25th. In those 17years, diabetes has been less disruptive to my sex life than the Having sex for the first time can be an exciting, embarrassing, and overwhelming event. For young women with diabetes, the fact that we have to think about our blood sugar and or medical supplies getting in the way can create additional feelings of self-consciousness. Diabetes may keep some women from rushing into having sex, whereas diabetes may act as a catalyst for others. For the rest, like Ann, diabetes won't make a difference under the sheets at all. My personal theory is that in order to feel sexy and fully enjoy sex, we need to feel pride instead of shame when it comes to our physical selves. I think, many women with diabetes are often at war with their bodies. We deny ourselves of food in order to be thin, beat ourselves up when we eat more than we think we should, and when we look in the mirror, we only see...

The Biology of Reproduction

Female Reproductive System Side View

At the peak of sexual excitement, the man's pelvic muscles tighten, forcing semen down the urethra and out the penis. This is called an orgasm, or ejaculating, or having a climax. Each ejaculate contains tens of millions of sperm but only one actually gets to fertilize an egg. The hymen varies a great deal from woman to woman and girl to girl in its flexibility and in the size of its opening. A woman who is sexually active may have a hymen that is still in one piece simply because it is very flexible. Or a woman with no sexual experience may have almost no hymen just because that is the way her body developed. SEXUAL INTERCOURSE sensitive it hurts when it is touched. The labia minora swell and deepen in color, the vagina becomes moist, and its opening widens. The entire genital area seems to increase in sensitivity. In addition, the breasts swell and the nipples become erect. The woman's heart rate speeds up, she breathes faster and harder, and her muscles tighten. If sexual...

Solanaceae Nightshade family

Lycium is both a food and a medicine, and the berries can be eaten daily, dried if fresh isn't available, with claimed improvement in strength, eyesight, and male sexual performance. They are safe even in quantity, with no reported safety issues, except when somebody has problems with nightshade family plants, such as potato or tomato. In China it has long been claimed that lycium improves sexual performance, mainly in older men. Research has found that regular doses of the berries can raise testosterone levels when these are deficient. Many older men have this problem, so to this extent lycium may reduce impotence and can be seen as aphrodisiac.

Learning a pregnant womans health history

Probable Signs Pregnancy Pictures

The best way to learn about a woman's history is to ask her. At first, she may not be comfortable talking with you . If she feels shy about her body or about sex, it may be difficult for her to tell you things that you need to know about her health . Try to help her feel comfortable by listening carefully, answering her questions, keeping what she tells you private, and treating her with respect .

Role of physiotherapy

Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity. Sexuality is considered as a personal and human dimension that is characterized as a strong aspect of the human personality and it is an aspect of the emotional and physical intimacy that men and women experience through their lives. Moreover, sexuality is experienced and expressed in thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviours, practices, roles and relationships 27, 28, 29

Being Prepared The Side Ef fects o f Treatm ent

It is also important to talk with your partner about how your diagnosis will affect your sex life. Cervical cancer itself may make sex difficult, since vaginal intercourse can cause bleeding or pain. After surgery you should not have sex for at least 4-6 weeks (until the doctor examines you and says you are healed). Surgery may shorten the length of your vagina. Radiation can cause scarring and thinning of the vaginal walls, making intercourse more difficult. Using dilators and vaginal creams can help keep the vagina open after radiation. Exploring different positions may help, given the changes in your anatomy. It is also important to remember that there are many other ways to express love and experience sexual pleasure such as dancing, cuddling, petting, and oral stimulation. While it may be difficult to talk about these issues with your partner, it is better to have a frank discussion rather than remain silent.

Shaken baby syndrome 451

All STDs occur in people younger than age 25. The incidence of STDs is rising in part because in the last few decades, young people have become sexually active younger but are marrying later. As a result, sexually active teenagers today are more likely to have multiple sex partners. When diagnosed and treated early, many STDs can be treated effectively, although some infections have become resistant to the drugs used to treat them and now require newer types of antibiotics. When being treated, patients should notify all recent sex partners, complete the full course of medication, and take a follow-up test to make sure the infection has been cured. Patients also should avoid all sexual activity while being treated for an STD.

What Affects Childrens and Adolescents Adjustment to Stepfamilies

Step Familys

The second area that may affect a child's adjustment to a stepfamily is the age of the child. Young children adapt most easily, whereas early adolescents have the most difficulty adjusting to new stepfamilies. The adjustment is particularly difficult for early adolescents because, in addition to the new stepfamily, they are adjusting to puberty and new sexual feelings, becoming more independent from the family, experiencing egocentrism and self-consciousness, and being exposed to new peer pressures to experiment with sexuality and drugs or alcohol. These multiple stressors make it more likely that the adolescent may react negatively to the new stepparent, making it difficult to build a relationship. In addition, stepparents may be hesitant to monitor adolescents for fear of threatening the stepparent-adolescent relationship consequently, these adolescents may be more likely to get into trouble.

Progestasert Can Replaced After 10 Years

Disadvantages Iud

The IUD does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. A woman who has more than one sexual partner or whose partner It is now known that pelvic inflammatory disease can be related to an interaction between the device and the sexual behaviors of the woman and her partner. The device can make it more likely for a local infection to turn into PID. IUDs are not recommended for the woman who changes sexual partners, has had PID since her last pregnancy, or whose partner has other lovers. Some providers do not recommend the IUD to women who may be unusually susceptible to infections because their immune systems are compromised due to AIDS or leukemia. More than one sexual partner. A sexual partner who has intercourse with others. Women who are not in long-term, mutually faithful relationships today are at risk of having one or more sexually transmitted diseases. If an STD reaches the upper reproductive tract, particularly the fallopian tubes, it can cause pelvic inflammatory...

Childrens and Adolescents Adjustment in Stepfamilies

Ly to become sexually active at an early age, to be involved in delinquent activities, to be involved with drugs or alcohol, and to drop out of high school. When children or adolescents raised in stepfamilies reach adulthood, they are more likely to divorce than children raised in intact families. But it is important to note that although children in stepfamilies are more likely to have problems than children in intact families, the majority of children in stepfamilies are normally adjusted.

Moral concepts Emotions in Moral Cognition

Rozin et al. used this taxonomy to determine whether violates of different kinds of rules elicits different emotions. They presented subjects with descriptions of a variety of different kinds of morally questionable conduct and asked them to report how they would feel towards the perpetrators. The pattern of responses was robust. Subjects were angered by those who violated autonomy rules, contemptuous towards those who committed crimes against community, and disgusted by those who committed divinity transgressions (such as people who performed deviant sexual acts). They conclude that there is a mapping from transgression-types to emotional responses. They call this the CAD Hypothesis, for Community Contempt, Autonomy Anger, and Divinity Disgust.

Homeopathic medicine

Provided there are no physiological problems, constitutional treatment will try to rectify imbalances in the body systems controlling reproduction. Remedies are determined largely by an individual's symptoms (see page 18). In men, Aurum met. is indicated for childhood atrophy of the testes or painful, swollen testicles and Causticum for infertility associated with testicular pain or blood in the spermatic fluid. In women, Nat. carb. is prescribed for the non-retention of semen and Sepia when infertility results from a hormonal imbalance and an aversion to sexual intercourse. Although not strictly an infertility problem, Sabina is effective for recurrent miscarriage in early pregnancy.

The Science and Politics of Studying Sex and Gender

The Psychology of Sex Differences set off an avalanche of research on the topic. The book itself was criticized on various grounds. Some ar gued that many more sex differences existed than were portrayed by Maccoby and Jacklyn (Block, 1983). Others challenged the conclusion that men were more aggressive than women (Frodi, Macauley, & Thome, 1977). Furthermore, the methods by which the authors drew their conclusions, although standard practice at that time, were crude by today' s standards the authors simply summarized the studies by counting how many reached statistical significance and then drew some interpretive conclusions. This method allows for the possibility of considerable subjectivity .

Summary And Evaluation

First, some sex dif ferences are real and not artifacts of particular investigators or methods. There is some evidence that sex dif ferences have remained relatively constant over generations and across cultures. Nonetheless, the magnitudes of sex differences vary tremendously. When questions about sex differences are posed, therefore, we must always ask the question In what domains The domains that show large and small sex differences are now fairly clear. Men score consistently higher on the personality attributes of assertiveness, aggressiveness (especially physical aggressiveness), and casual sexuality . Women consistently score higher on measures of anxiety, trust, and tender-mindedness (nurturance). Women are more likely than men to experience both positive emotions (e.g., af fection, joy) and negative emotions (e.g., fear, sadness), although the magnitude of these dif ferences is not large. Men are more likely to be sexually aggressive, trying to force women to have sex,...

Central Dynamics of Depression A Summary

In almost every theorist's description, aggression ultimately is directed toward the self, although the basis of this dynamic varies. The possibilities include hatred projected outward and then experienced as directed toward the self, and aggressive feelings and fantasies directed toward aspects of the self identified with an ambivalently experienced other. A severe superego attacks the self for various aggressive, competitive, and sexual feelings, lowering self-esteem.

Types of Self Help for Sexual Dysfunctions

Self-help interventions for sexual dysfunctions can be grouped by type of venue and further examined by amount of therapist contact. Bibliotherapy, video therapy, and computer-assisted sex therapy can be conducted with little or no therapist involvement using a program installed on a home computer. Telephone therapy, conducted by itself or as an adjuvant to bib-liotherapy or video therapy, and Internet therapy using e-mail communication, requires some therapist involvement. These different venues for delivering self-help treatments are described in the following paragraphs and their effectiveness is evaluated from the available empirical research. Table 9.1 presents an overview of various studies. 2. Standard sex therapy 3. Standard couples sex therapy All groups increased in general and sexual satisfaction and sexual adjustment no difference between treatments found All group participants became orgasmic more than half of BT participants became orgasmic BT not significantly better...

The Eccentric Cluster Ways of Being Different

The schizoid personality is split of f (schism), or detached, from normal social r ela-tions. The schizoid person simply appears to have no need or desire for intimate relationships or even friendships. Family life usually does not mean much to such people, and they do not obtain satisfaction from being part of a group. They have few or no close friends, and they would rather spend time by themselves than with others. They typically choose hobbies that can be done and appreciated alone, such as stamp collecting. They also typically choose solitary jobs, often with mechanical or abstract tasks, such as machinists or computer programmers. Usually , the schizoid personality experiences little pleasure from bodily or sensory experiences, such as eating or having sex. The person's emotional life is typically constricted.

Pubertal Timing Effects

For boys, the research on externalizing behaviors has mostly indicated effects for early maturers, or for both early- and late-maturing boys compared to their on-time peers. For example, both early- and late maturing boys have been found to have higher rates of delinquency than their on-time maturing peers (Williams & Dunlop, 1999). Early-maturing boys have been found to be at higher risk for early onset of sexual activity and tobacco and alcohol use (Graber et al., 1997 Kaltiala-Heino, Rimpela, Rissanen, & Rantanen, 2001 Wichstrom, 2001). On the other hand, in their examination of long-term consequences of pubertal timing, Graber and colleagues (2003) found that it was the late maturers, in comparison to other men, who had elevated onset of disruptive behavior and substance use disorders during the transition to adulthood.

Sexual Attraction Evolutionary Psychology of

That in this domain are numerous psychological adaptations, each functionally designed for assessing a component of attractiveness that corresponded to a marker of the reproductive value of an individual to the mate chooser during human evolutionary history. Aesthetic judgments in the domain of sexual attraction are sometimes sex specific because males and females, consistently throughout human evolutionary history, faced sex-specific adaptive problems in mate selection, and therefore have sex-specific psychological adaptation. For example, women value resources and status of potential mates more, and physical attractiveness and youth in a potential mate less, than men do (Symons 1979 Grammer 1993 Buss 1994). Numerous studies show that nonfacial body symmetry of men positively correlates with their mating success. This pattern is not seen in women. Compared to men with high body fluctuating asymmetry, men with low asymmetry report having had more sex partners and more extra-pairbond...

Public Policy and Teenage Pregnancy

Tional Center for Health Statistics noted several concurrent trends related to teen pregnancy rates over this period. First, rates of sexual activity among teenagers appear to have stabilized and perhaps declined, as measured by teens' responses in several national surveys. In addition, increases have been reported in condom use and in the availability and adoption of other effective birth control methods including injectable and implantable contraceptives. These behavioral trends may well have been influenced by educational and contraceptive-related intervention programs however, it is also important to note that they occurred during a period of remarkable, sustained economic expansion. This expansion increased the opportunities available to teenagers, making higher educational and occupational goals more desirable and attainable and in the process providing a powerful impetus for behavior change. See also BIRTH FATHERS POVERTY PREGNANCY SEX EDUCATION SEXUAL ACTIVITY

Table 135 Questions about Intimacy and Infertility to Ask Your Doctor

When can I safely resume sexual activity Will I experience less sexual desire (decreased libido) Will I experience less physical pleasure with intimacy and sexual intercourse You may also want to consider other professional help with intimacy issues. Cancer centers often offer sexual rehabilitation services such as an evaluation of the physical problems that might contribute to difficulty with sexual intercourse and counseling for those who are dealing with emotional issues that can impact intimacy. Sexual dysfunction clinics may be conducted by your local hospital or a private group in your area. These clinics typically offer the same types of services as a cancer center does and can include health professionals such as gyne- cologists, urologists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and clinical social workers. Sex therapy, another option, usually involves working as a couple with a mental health professional for a specific period of time (usually around ten to twenty...

Asarum Homeopathy Insomnia

Digestive problems with an aversion to eating, possibly associated with anorexia, may accompany this disturbed state. There is often alcoholism or a desire for alcohol, and an aversion to sexual intercourse. Symptoms better For damp weather for bathing in cold water. Symptoms worse For cold, dry weather for any noise or even the thought of noise for penetrating sounds.

Risk factors of youth type 2 diabetes mellitus

Natural Treatment For Ovarian Syndrome

T2DM in adults may be asymptomatic for years, yet findings of microangio-pathic damage in newly diagnosed patients with T2DM indicate that complications of diabetes often predate the diagnosis of clinical diabetes 133,134 . Aggressive treatment of diabetes has been shown to retard the development of vascular complications 135 , thus early identification of children with T2DM may prevent or lessen the severity of comorbidities. Criteria for screening children and adolescents at risk for developing T2DM have been put forth by the ADA (Box 1) 2 . BMI should be plotted by health care providers annually on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention BMI growth charts, which are specific for age and sex. Screening for diabetes among children with a BMI at or above the eighty-fifth percentile for age and sex with two additional risk factors for T2DM should be part of routine pediatric care.

Precipitating Factors

It also should be noted that alcohol and other drugs have a pharmacological effect on sexual arousal and sexual behavior. Among men, alcohol can cause secondary impotence and heroin use can delay ejaculation. There also is evidence to support the notion that cocaine use can increase sexual interest for men and women, and marijuana use has become associated with uninhibited sexual activity. Some women find that heroin use by their partner prolongs intercourse, and once heroin is used as an adjunct to sexual activity, couples are prone to relapse to drug use (Lex, 1990). sified according to whether wife beating was absent or rare, occurred in less than half of households occurred in more than half of households, or was present in almost all households. Using these criteria, it was found that wife beating occurred in 84 percent of the societies in the sample. Occurrence of this behavior was best explained by both social acceptance of violence and economic dominance of men. In a restudy...

Internationalcultural Perspectives On Quality Of Life

It was reported that the Chinese women felt that the cause of these types of cancers, similar to other sexual disorders, was a result of an imbalance of the Yin and Yang elements due to excessive sexual activity that has, in turn, weakened the female body.32 Other factors, such as education level,the patriarchal family structure, and the submissive role of women within the culture were also thought to influence beliefs about cancer.33 These factors were found in another study of 62 long-term gynecological cancer survivors where it was demonstrated that many of the women felt guilty for not being able to meet their husband's sexual needs and felt the disharmony in their sex lives.34 The Chinese women in this study defined quality of life as having mobility, accepting one's outlook, social support, and being able to eat. This focus on practical functional matters follows from the tendency that the breast in Asian cultures does not hold the same meaning on...

Impact of Illness on Development and Psychosocial Functioning

Finally, results of studies on young adults with JIA may also contribute important details to our understanding of the disease impact during the transition from childhood to adulthood. A British study assessed 246 adults (mean age 28 years) individually by interview, various questionnaires, and physical examination. The physical outcome showed a remarkably high percentage of patients with clinically active arthritis (43 ) and severe functional limitations (37-43 ). However, the sample was biased towards patients with the worst long-term prognosis i.e. systemic and rheumatoid factor positive polyarthritis constitute 14 of common pediatric rheumatology populations but constituted 36 of the study group (51) . The educational level of the study group was higher than national average, as well as compared to patients' siblings (52). However, unemployment was higher than in the national population (137 ). With respect to social maturation the study group revealed a moderate delay age of...

Self Help Therapies for Sexual Dysfunctions

Overt sexual behavior of humans is not observable in public as it is in other mammals. Although the promotion and depiction of sexuality by the media has raised general awareness, sexual behavior in the strict sense of genital contact is likely to be covert. Moreover, public displays of sexual behavior often elicit censure, as the example of legal consequences for exhibitionism demonstrates. Similarly, men and women with sexual problems commonly keep them hidden from others. Not only are sexual problems viewed as limiting the opportunity to find and bond with a suitable sexual partner people who experience such difficulties also fear exposure and humiliation. This fear of exposure generalizes to help-seeking from professional health care workers, to whom sexual problems are revealed in a by-the-way or door-in-hand fashion. Professionals who inquire directly about sexual problems, therefore, are more likely to learn of them than are those who rely on their clients taking the initiative...

Elements in Therapist Administered Treatments

Modern self-help formats for sexual dysfunctions are typically based on the standard face-to-face therapies for sexual dysfunctions that began with Masters and Johnson's Human Sexual Inadequacy (1970). An important aspect of the treatment format they described is called sensate focus therapy. Elements include (a) a relational frame or reference in which sexual problems are diagnosed and treated (b) a ban on intercourse (c) a series of sensate focus exercises, used to produce a safe atmosphere, in which partners touch each others' bodies without imposing demands for sexual performance and (d) a framework of communication between partners who mutually disclose their desires, anxieties, and wishes concerning their sexual interaction. The sensate focus exercises are considered the essential ingredients of this treatment. They enable the couple to create new, positive experiences with sensual touching, enhanced by the nondemanding sensation-focused nature of the exercises. Following are...

Spurlock Morgan 1970 American screenwriter and independent film director

Became so fatty his doctor warned him it was turning to pate, risking permanent damage. His girlfriend Alex Jamieson, a strict vegan and vegetarian chef, commented that in addition to the weight gain, he started having these uncharacteristic mood swings and, of course, the effect on our sex life was awful (Anon. 2004). She then placed him on a strict vegan detoxification plan which focused on vegetables, fruit, soy products, and vitamin supplements while eliminating all dairy, meat, caffeine, and refined carbohydrates such as white bread, rice, and sugar. After eight weeks on the detox diet, Spurlock lost 20 pounds, and his liver, blood pressure, and cholesterol returned to normal (Burstin 2004 31).

Nutritional summary

A reduction of alertness, memory and psychomotor skills, and greater vulnerability to v itamin I) and mineral deficiency may be related to low intakes. Excessive intake Chronic intake of one gram or more may decrease appetite, cause nausea and weight loss, and decrease sexual activity and fertility. Intake of larger amounts I borism) may result in nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, hypothermia, restlessness. skin abnormalities with scaling and eruptions, kidney damage, even death from circulatory collapse and shock.

Your relationship with your partner

There may be times when your partner is interested in having sexual intercourse and you aren't. If you reject his overtures in the bedroom, he may think you're rejecting him. In truth, you're probably just tired, sad or worried. Let your partner know that you need his presence, support and tenderness, but, perhaps right now, without sexual overtones.

The Mutual Identifications Between Lovers

Definition participate in a double identity that is part of the power of their experience. Therefore the lover wants to gratify the beloved as much as he wants to be gratified by her. This is readily apparent in the lover's impassioned desire to provide for the beloved he wants to please her, care for her, and give her pleasure of the soul and body. In Endless Love, David, speaking of his love for Jade, recalls

Greydanus And Patel 2005

Darroch JE, Singh SS, Frost JJ, et al. Differences in teenage pregnancy rates among five developed countries The roles of sexual activity and contraceptive use. Fam Plann Perspect 2001 33(6) 244. Darroch JE, Singh S. Why is Teenage Pregnancy Declining The roles of abstinence, sexual activity, and contraceptive use. Occasional Report, no. 1 New York Alan Guttmacher Institute, 1999.

Oversensitivity of the female genitalia

Symptoms Hypersensitive vulva and vagina during and between menstrual periods that may cause rapid stimulation during sexual intercourse, or else extreme pain and even fainting. The vaginal muscles may spasm involuntarily (vaginismus). There may be genital itching, a high libido, and a tendency to masturbate. The pain is intermittent, not necessarily occurring every time sexual intercourse takes place, but tends to be worse as menstruation begins. It can make vaginal examination and wearing a sanitary towel or tampon highly uncomfortable. Symptoms better For walking in the open air for sunshine for stretching Symptoms worse For touch in the evening for emotional stress for nervous fatigue.

Deciding to stop treatment

Most couples find that being on the IVF program has some negative effects on their sex life, job, career and financial situation. In spite of this many couples keep trying, sometimes over a period of years. Others find the process of IVF too demanding and decide to not pursue treatment if they experience treatment failure.

Sexual Behavior Statistics

The beginning of sexual (coital) behavior is in adolescence for most people in the world (13). The American 2005 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) noted that 46.8 of all high school students (ages 13-18 years) are coitally sexually experienced, with a range of 67.6 for African-American youth, 51 for Hispanic youth, and 43 for Caucasians(14). This survey also comments that over 6.2 are sexually active before age 13 (4 in females and 9 in males) while over 14 have at least four sex partners 11 of the females and 17 of the males. Though parents and some clinicians assume that youth with chronic illness are not engaging in coital behavior, research has noted that chronic illness increases the risk for sexual behavior Individuals who are sexually active early (i.e., during their adolescent years) tend to have multiple partners and often do not use condoms correctly or consistently thus, they are at increased risk for unplanned (unwanted) pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)....

Neural Changes With Chronic Drug

Acute effects of most drugs of abuse affect areas of the brain that have been associated with ''reward'' or pleasure. These drugs stimulate areas normally aroused by natural pleasures such as eating or sexual activity. Long-term, or chronic, drug use alters these and other brain areas. Some brain areas will develop TOLERANCE to the drug effects, so that greater and greater amounts are needed to achieve the original effects of the drug. Some examples of drug effects that develop tolerance are the ANALGESIC or painkilling effect of opiates and the euphoria-or pleasure-producing effect of most drugs of abuse, which are probably related to their abuse potential.

Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Overall, fewer high school students are choosing to have sexual intercourse than in the past. The Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI) reported in 1999 that one in five adolescents (ages fifteen to nineteen) had not had intercourse. Yet, in 1999, 49.9 percent of teens in grades nine through twelve reported ever having had sexual intercourse, a decline from 54.1 percent in 1991. According to the 1999 Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), black students (71.2 ) are about 50 percent more likely to be sexually experienced than Hispanic (54.1 ) and white students (45.1 ). Older students (grades eleven and twelve 58.7 ) were more likely to have had sex than those in ninth and tenth grades (42.7 ). Among male and female students, 36.3 percent reported having had sex within the previous three months with higher percentages among black students (53 ) and twelfth graders (50.6 ). More than 8 percent of adolescent students (grades nine...

The importance of the early diagnosis of the prostate cancer

Impaired erectile function, or the total inability to maintain or achieve sufficient penile rigidity for satisfactory sexual intercourse performance, it was firstly used as a definition of impotence. On 1992, it was recommended that the term erectile dysfunction replace the term impotence, but, sometimes, the two terms have been used interchangeably. The term ED is more precise and eliminates the confusion of multiple meanings and connotations associated with the word impotence. ED is defined as a consistent or recurrent inability of a man to attain and or maintain penile erection sufficient for sexual activity . The condition must be present for a minimum of 3 months to establish the diagnosis. The exception to this is when ED is preceded by trauma or pelvic surgery 47, 48, 49 Reports of studies describing ED after RP have shown a range from 29 to 97.5 with less ED occurring in younger men. Men with ED may suffer from depression and low self-esteem, and experience difficulties...

Clinical phase II studies of IAS

In a study by Bruchovsky et al. men who quickly recovered serum testosterone levels experienced a more rapid rise in PSA levels and a shorter time off therapy 23 . Generally, low levels (2-16 ) of progression to hormone-refractory prostate cancer have been reported 16,22 . In a review by Zhu et al. there were 16 trials that compared IAS with CAS with a total of 3264 patients (1624 with IAS and 1640 with CAS) 24 . Pooled effects indicated no significant difference between IAS and CAS groups in terms of death and progression rate (hazard ratio HR 0.99, 95 CI 0.80-1.23, and HR 1.03, 95 CI 0.84-1.26 respectively). Calculated results indicated that quality of live (QoL) on sexual activity was significantly higher in the IAS group (HR 0.24, 95 Cl 0.17-0.33, p

Assessment Of Substance Abuse Hiv Risk Assessment Battery

Dential, non interview method of assessing both needle use practices and sexual activity associated with HIV transmission. There are two global sections within the RAB 1) drug and alcohol use during the past 30 days, and 2) needle use and sexual behavior during the previous 6 months. Questions have been constructed to provide maximum coverage and sensitivity to potential risk behaviors within these categories. Since self-reports may be expected to provide underestimates of behaviors that are socially unaccepted, items have been assembled that assess a wider range of behaviors associated with HIV infection. Thus, questions ask not only about the behaviors directly responsible for viral transmission such as needle sharing and unprotected sexual activity, but also those associated with such activities (e.g., needle acquisition, shooting gallery attendance, exchange of money or drugs for sex). The inclusion of these items is intended to identify individuals at increased risk of HIV...

Trisha M Karr Heather Simonich and Stephen A Wonderlich

Prevalence estimates of CSA have varied significantly across studies, but it is estimated that about 1 out of every 12 children in the US has experienced some form of sexual abuse before the age of 18 (Finkelhor et al. 2005). Given the secretive nature of sexual abuse and the likelihood that many cases go unreported, these rates may be under-estimations. Furthermore, definitions of childhood sexual abuse have varied across studies which often make interpretation of the prevalence rates difficult. For example, some investigators use a broad definition of CSA that includes observing sexual acts or indecent exposure by a stranger and others may use very specific definitions involving physical contact (e.g., sexual penetration). Research on CSA also relies heavily on retrospective, self-report data and is therefore subject to problems with selective recall and memory deterioration. Unfortunately, logistical and ethical issues prevent researchers from developing large prospective studies...

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Women with JIA have similar levels of sexual activity and relationships when compared to healthy controls. However, this group has a higher rate of gynecological problems than controls these include increased incidence of menorrhagia, pelvic inflammatory disease, difficulty in conceiving, and a higher-than-normal rate of miscarriage. These may all reflect hormonal imbalances including luteinizing hormone hypersecretion (52). Sexuality includes the adoption of certain gender roles (55). Society's definition of masculinity traditionally identifies the male as strong, practical, and the main bread winner in a family. The corresponding role for a woman traditionally identifies her as a wife, homemaker, attentive mother, and, more recently, an income provider. Arthritis may interfere with an individual's capacity to meet these expectations. Men with JIA are less sexually active and have greater difficulty establishing a permanent partnership than both healthy males and women with JIA (52)....

Comparisons Of Longterm Effects Of Diagnosis And Treatment By Cancer Site Breast Cancer And Hodgkins Disease

We found no significant changes in marital partner status or in employment status in the breast cancer group. With regard to the SF-36 subscales, social function improved over time. We did not find differences in sexual activity or reporting of sexual problems even though by now most women were menopausal (75 due to treatment) and there were fewer children at home. There were significant decreases in the size of one's social network and emotional support. In multivariate analyses, less reduction in emotional support predicted better QOL. No changes in employment status or sexual activity

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