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Finding Professional Help

Finding a mental health professional can be relatively easy if you know where to look. If you have insurance, you may want to start by researching the services and treatment providers covered by your insurance plan. You can also learn about services in your area through organizations you trust. The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) has created a Find a Pro search engine it can help you find treatment providers in your area who have been recommended by other people with bipolar disorder ( The National Network of Depression Centers website is another resource that can help you find organizations in your area that specialize in the treatment of depression (www centers-of-excellence). University hospitals and Veterans Affairs medical centers often have specialized clinics that can offer care to individuals with bipolar disorder. Finally, resources for finding therapists in your area are also available on the websites of professional...

Introduction to the Bibliography

Literature searching in the field of substance abuse is a complicated process because important papers are dispersed throughout many journals and many different disciplines. These include medicine, mental health, neurology, neuropsychology, neuroscience, nuclear medicine, pharmacology, physics, physiology, psychiatry, psychology, public health, radiology, substance abuse, and toxicology. For example, the following bibliography includes citations from over 320 different sources, and contains over 1,350 references. Because literature searching is typically accomplished through the use of keyword inputs into computerized search systems, and because keywords can vary between specialties, important references may be missed. Perhaps an even greater problem with today's powerful search engines is executing searches with keywords that are too general. This results in the return of hundreds of hits, most of which are only peripherally related to the topic of interest.

Personal Health Chips

Identify new treatments, evaluate ongoing therapy, and predict outcomes. The data from scientific meetings and the medical literature will be continually examined to keep the IHMD current. Physician reviewers will identify and format new medical literature. The patient's anatomical, functional, and molecular imaging studies will be compared with images in the IHMD using co-registration of the images. Existing search engines can scan six billion sites in 90 languages for 138,000 people every minute.

How to get information on genes

One of the best sources of information on genes and genetic syndromes is OMIM. the online version of McKusick's textbook Mendel tan Inheritance in Man (http www3.ncbi.nlm,, currently hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the US National Library of Medicine (NLM). The National Library of Medicine also provides detailed sequence information and search engines such as BLAST (http BLAST ).

Spiny zilla z1lla sp1nosa l prantl brassicaceae

There were nearly 100 citations for Zilla, almost all of them for authors named Zilla, and almost no (only two) PubMed citations for the biblical plant Zilla spinosa. So, for a change, I went for a special Google searach and got 15 citations, which I eagerly explored. The first two were unexpectably based on my own work, the third and fourth were a map of historical sites in the Holy Land, and the remainder were false drops. That is about the fifth time I have experienced this most of the hot leads on the biblical plants I Google harken back to me. So I wasted 20 minutes on this Google search. The USDA nomenclature database has nothing on it. My own phytochemical database,

Review of Selected Manuals

To put it mildly, the Internet is awash with self-help information regarding smoking. A Web-based Google search using the basic terms quit, stop and smoking, cigarettes yielded over 739,000 hits or sites in under a second By adding the terms treatment, manual, program, book to the previous search, the total number was reduced to 102,000 sites, still an overwhelming number. The first 100 sites from this search were studied and sorted into categories.

Sources of further information and advice

The data published between 1981 and 2001, as well as unpublished data from their laboratory and from others where the quality of the data could be verified on the basis of the method used. In its 2002 edition, the table contained nearly 1300 entries, representing over 750 different types of foods (Foster-Powell et al., 2002). This database is continuously updated and is available online on the following site http On this site, products can be located with the aid of a specific search engine. Furthermore, additional information on GI and GL can be found in several books written by Professor J. Brand-Miller on this subject.

Organ Donation (enrolling clinical trials, news and information on drugs in development, and Federal Drug Administration-approved treatments) (National Parkinson Foundation's caregiver Web site) (American Healthcare Association) (Achoo Health Director) (search engine for health and medicine) (MedHelp International) (National Alliance for Caregiving) (FDA-approved mail-order service) (Geo Health Web) (Caregiver Survival Resources)

Web Sites

Many dental practices are now on the Web. You can view my Web site at, which will introduce you to the office. If certain procedures are used and you are interested in these procedures, you can view the information on the Web site. Most Web sites can be categorized as Holistic Dentistry, Gum Disease Prevention, and Cosmetic Dentistry. You can try various search engines and select the category you are most interested in.

Local Business SEO Demystified

Local Business SEO Demystified

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