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Ectodermal dysplasia 165

The condition begins with one lesion, which enlarges and encrusts beneath this crust is a pus-filled punched ulcer. Children are more commonly affected with ecthyma, which is usually associated with poor hygiene and malnutrition and minor skin injuries from trauma, insect bites, or scabies.

Hahnemanns Homoeopathy as a System

In different patients, are partly only symptoms of that one ancient condition scabies miasm, their cure has to be attained with the same remedies, just as with the typhus epidemics where one patient presents this, the other that symptom while they all suffer from the same disease and where the chosen remedy or remedies cure the whole typhus and are therefore specific'. Passionately, he fights against any treatment that does not follow the rule of similars and against the so-called 'allopathic' doses, but then he goes and recommends the selfsame therapies and remedies as his recommendation of camphor against cholera shows. This Hahnemann neither chooses for all cases according to the law of similars, nor does he give it in the high potencies which he declared to be absolutely necessary for that time. I could supply scores of similar examples which I, in fact, did in this treatise.

Pong Pong Tree Indian Suicide Tree Sea Mango

Medicinal Plants Indonesia

Traditional Medicinal Uses In Malaysia, rheumatism is treated with embrocations of the fruits. 11 The seeds are poisonous and have been used to poison rats and dogs. 311 The seeds are also narcotic. In Indonesia, oil obtained from the seeds is rubbed on the body as remedy for colds, scabies, and rheumatism. In the Philippines, oil of the seeds is also used to treat rheu-matism. 11 It is used in Burma as an insecticide or insect repellent when mixed with other oils. 13 The bark, latex and roots are used as purgatives and emetics in India. 31113

Piper nigrum L Piperaceae Pepper Lada

Piper Nigrum

Traditional Medicinal Uses The plant is used in many Asian countries as a stimulant, for the treatment of colic, rheumatism, headache, diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, menstrual pains, removing excessive gas and increasing the flow of urine. 11 It is also used in folk medicine for stomach disorders and digestive problems, neuralgia and scabies. In Ayurveda, it is used for arthritis, asthma, fever, cough, catarrh, dysentery, dyspepsia, flatulence, haemorrhoids, urethral discharge and skin damage. In Chinese medicine, it is used for

Historical Aspects Of The Use Of Nuts And Seeds For Health In Pakistan

Nerve tonic, stimulant, and laxative (Islam etal., 2006) Blood purifier, anti-lice, vermicide, hemorrhoids, skin diseases such as scabies, wounds, leprosy, earache, and liver disorders (Sabeen & Ahmad, 2009) Pimples, eczema, toothache, and bleeding gums (Ahmad et al., 2006) Blood purifier, scabies, sedative, appetizer, anodyne, earache, malaria, anthrax, sore throat, and hemorrhoids (Ahmad et al., 2006 Sabeen & Ahmad, 2009) Anthelmintic (Hussain et al., 2007) Aphrodisiac, diuretic, tonic, stimulant, placental retention, anthelmintic, galactogogue, cough, scabies, headache, spermatorrhoea, sedative, and jaundice (Kabirudin &Khan, 2003) Injuries, and backache (Ahmad et al., 2006) Expectorant, diuretic, carminative, cleansing, deobstruent in renal stones, amenorrhoea, respiratory ailments, ulcerative scabies, vitiligo, antiphlegmatic attenuant, anthelmintic, antidyspeptic, local anesthetic, hypotensive, antibacterial, anticancer, aids, and antiparasitic (Rizvi et al., 2007) Bronchitis,...

Phyllanthus amarus Schum Thonn

Phyllanthus Amarus

Traditional Medicinal Uses The aerial part of the plant is used for various conditions. In Chinese medicine, the plant is made into a tea to cure kidney problems, venereal diseases, stones in the kidneys and bladder. The Malays use it to increase menstrual flow, reduce fever and cure colic. It is used by the Indians as a fish poison. 5 Indians also use the plant as liver tonic to treat liver ailments, ascites, j aundice, diarrhoea, dysentery, intermittent fever, conditions of the urogenital tract, eye disease, scabies, ulcers and wounds. 12 In Vietnam, it is used to induce sweating, and increase menstrual flow. It is also prescribed for toothache, muscle spasms and gonorrhoea. It is considered a diuretic, colic remedy and abortifacient in Southeast Asia. 5 It is also commonly used in Benin, Africa, as folk medicine against malaria. 13

Indications Coriander

DEP PHR PH2) Headache (f1 PH2 X15612768) Gas (f1 APA BGB DEP EGG) Gastrosis (f1 BGB HHB BIB DEP EGG PHR PH2) Hemorrhoid (f APA DEP PH2) Hernia (f BIB) Hiccup (f KAB) Hysteria (f BIB BOU JFM) Impotence (f BIB BOU) Induration (f JLH) Infection (f1 HH2 PH2) Inflammation (f KAB) Intoxication (f BIB DEP) Jaundice (f KAB) Kernel (f JLH) Leprosy (f PHR PH2) Listeria (1 X11929164) Measles (f APA HAD PH2) Mycosis (f1 DEP HH2 X15612768) Nausea (f BIB GHA IHB) Nervousness (f BIB) Neuralgia (f APA BIB EGG NAD) Neurosis (f BOU) Obesity (1 X15462185) Ophthalmia (f BOU DEP GHA) Orchosis (f BOU) Otosis (f BOU) Pain (f KAB PH2) Parasite (f BOU) Pharyngosis (f PHR PH2) Ptomaine (f BIB) Puerperium (f PHR) Rash (f PHR PH2) Rheumatism (f BOU HHB NAD) Salmonella (1 HH2 X15161192) Scabies (f KAB) Sclerosis (f BIB) Scrofula (f PH2) Smallpox (f DEP) Snakebite (f BIB) Sore (f DEP) Soroche (f EGG) Splenosis (f BIB) Stomachache (f BIB EGG EB49 406) Stomatosis (f KAB PHR PH2) Swelling (f DEP GHA) Syphilis (f BIB...

Coromandel diospyros melanoxylon roxb ebenaceae

Cartoo Leaf

Adenopathy (f BIB) Anemia (f BIB) Biliousness (f KAB) Bleeding (f DEP) Blood (f WOI) Burn (f BIB) Cardiopathy (f BIB) Cerebrosis (f BIB) Constipation (f WOI) Corneosis (f BIB) Dermatosis (f WOI) Diarrhea (f NAD WOI) Dysentery (f BIB DEP NAD) Dyspepsia (f NAD WOI) Dysuria (f WOI) Epistaxis (f BIB) Infection (f SKJ) Leukorrhea (f BIB) Nyctalopia (f BIB) Ophthalmia (f BIB) Palpitations (f BIB) Scabies (f BIB) Smallpox (f BIB) Sore (f BIB) Splenosis (f BIB) Trichiasis (f BIB) Uterosis (f BIB) Vaginosis (f BIB) Wen (f BIB) Intoxicant (f BIB). Unani use the leaves for burns, epistaxis, ophthalmia, scabies, trichiasis, tubercular glands, and wens the flowers for anemia, leucorrhea, nightblindness, scabies, splenitis, and urinary discharges (KAB).

Indications Bitter Apple

Bacteria (1 ZUL) Bleeding (f ZUL) Bloat (f BIB) Bronchosis (f HDN) Bruise (f GHA) Burn (f UPW) Calculus (f BIB) Cancer (f1 JLH HDN X15527763) Cancer, lung (f1 JLH X15527763) Carbuncle (f BIB) Carcinoma (f JLH) Caries (f UPW) Catarrh (f UPW) Colic (f HDN) Constipation (f BIB) Cough (f UPW) Cramp (f1 HDN) Craw-craw (f HDN) Dandruff (f HDN ZUL) Dermatosis (f HDN) Diarrhea (f HDN UPW) Dysmenorrhea (f HDN) Dyspepsia (f GHA HDN UPW) Earache (f GHA HDN UPW) Edema (f1 HDN) Enterosis (f ZUL) Epilepsy (f HDN) Epistaxis (f BIB) Epithelioma (f JLH) Fever (f1 HDN) Fungus (1 HDN) Gas (f GHA) Gastrosis (f UPW) Gonorrhea (f HDN) Headache (f HDN) Hematuria (f UPW) Hemorrhoid (f GHA) Hepatoma (1 X11108802) Hepatosis (f1 BIB HDN ZUL) Herpes (f HDN) High Blood Pressure (1 HDN) Infection (f1 HDN ZUL) Infertility (f BIB) Inflammation (f1 HDN) Itch (f BIB) Laryngosis (f UPW) Melanoma (f JLH) Myalgia (f HDN) Mycosis (1 HDN) Nephrosis (f BIB) Neuralgia (f UPW) Neurosis (f HDN) Ophthalmia (f UPW) Pain (f HDN...

Applications To Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

The seeds are fried, the inner pulp soaked in water, boiled and again soaked in water, and the resultant solution given orally to pregnant women in the third trimester to develop immune resistance in the baby. Processed seeds are consumed for hip pain by Kadars and Malasars. Seed paste is applied to the body for fever with body pains, and for scabies, by the 1168 Malasar (Ravishankar et al., 1994).

History Of Tobacco

In 1570 the tobacco plant had been named nicotiana after Jean Nicot, the French ambassador to Portugal who introduced tobacco to France for medicinal use. Tobacco was said to be useful in the prevention of plague and as a cure for headache, asthma, gout, ulcers, scabies, labor pains, and even cancer. In the late 1500s, Sir Walter Raleigh popularized the smoking of tobacco for ''pleasure'' in the court of Queen Elizabeth (reigned 15581603) from there it spread to other parts of England.

Infestation by animal parasites

Scabies this is an infestation by itch mites. These are parasites that burrow into the skin around the wrists and fingers. It produces extreme irritation and is very difficult to eradicate. Any clothing, bedding or towels used by a person with scabies must be burnt. Do not massage. Advise the client to seek medical advice.

Child care centers and infectious disease since

The common cold, fifth disease, influenza, meningitis, and tuberculosis. Germs can be transmitted by direct contact to cause cold sores, cytomegalovirus, head lice, scabies, and streptococcal infections. Germs can be spread via the fecal-oral route to cause diarrheal diseases or hepatitis a.

Ixora chinensis Lam Rubiaceae Chinese Ixora

Chinese Ixora

Traditional Medicinal Uses The leaves are used to treat scabies, parasites and as a rubefacient for paralysis and rheumatism. 15 The fruit is used for dropsy and anasarca. 16 The seed oil is emetic, laxative, purgative and for skin ailments. 4 The latex is applied to bee and wasp stings, to dress ulcers, sores and inflamed tongues. It is also used as a haemostatic agent, 15 and to treat whitlow, carbuncle and sores in mouth. 16 The roots are used in the form of a decoction as mouthwash for bleeding gums and toothache. 15

Presentday Cultivation And Usage

A concoction of seeds in hot water is used as a carminative, antiseptic, diuretic and digestive, and as a folk remedy for insomnia and constipation (Bisset, 1994). Several therapeutic effects, including for digestive disorders, gynecological problems and dyspnea, as well as anticonvulsant and anti-asthma effects were described for the seeds of Pimpinella anisum L. in ancient medical books (Aboabrahim, 1970). Aniseeds possess expectorant, antispasmodic, carminative, and parasiticidal properties. In traditional medicine, the drug is used internally for bronchial catarrh, pertussis, spasmodic cough, and flatulent colic, and externally for pediculosis and scabies. Furthermore, it is used as an estrogenic agent. It increases milk secretion, and promotes menstruation (Barnes et al., 2002) (Figure 20.2).

Indications Giant Milkweed

Abscess (f HDN) Amenorrhea (f HDN) Anasarca (f DEP KAB PH2) Ancylostomiasis (f HDN) Anorexia (f DEP) Aphtha (f DEP) Apoplexy (f BOU) Arthrosis (f1 DEP HDN HJP) Ascites (f DEP PH2) Asthma (f BOU DEP KAB SUW) Bacillus (1 HDN) Bacteria (1 HDN) Bite (f KAB) Bleeding (f X15922393) Bronchosis (f DEP KAP) Cachexia (f DEP) Cancer (f1 JLH PH2 X15689169) Cancer, abdomen (f1 JLH X15689169) Cancer, liver (f1 JLH PH2 X15689169 X16688796) Cancer, ovary (f1 JLH X15689169) Cancer, skin (1 PH2 X15689169) Cardiopathy (1 FNF HDN) Caries (f HDN) Catarrh (f DEP KAB) Chancre (f HDN) Cold (f SUW) Colic (f HDN) Constipation (f DEP) Convulsion (f1 SEP PH2 X15752643) Cough (f GHA KAB PH2 SUW) Cramp (f1 DEP KAP X15752643) Dermatosis (f DEP JFM SUW) Diabetes (1 X16054794) Diarrhea (f SUW) Dropsy (f DEP HJP KAB) Dysentery (f BOU DEP HJP KAP PH2 SUW) Dysmenorrhea (f HDN) Dyspepsia (f PH2 SUW) Dyspnea (f GHA) Dystocia (f HDN) Earache (f HJP) Edema (f1 HDN X16192673) Elephantiasis (f BOU DEP SUW) Enterosis (f KAB...

Indications Cumin

Adenoma (1 X16608205) Adenopathy (f1 JLH X16608205) Alzheimer's (1 COX FNF) Amenorrhea (f1 BOU HH2 VAD) Anorexia (f BIB VAD) Asthma (f BIB) Atherosclerosis (1 COX FNF X16608205) Bacillus (1 X10548758) Bacteria (1 X10548758 X15934015 X15631509) Bite (f DEP) Boil (f BIB KAB) Cancer (f1 JLH JAC7 405 X16608205) Cancer, abdomen (f1 JLH JAC7 405) Cancer, colon (f1 JLH JAC7 405 X16608205) Cancer, ear (f JLH) Cancer, esophagus (f1 JAC7 405) Cancer, liver (f JLH) Cancer, pancreas (f1 JNU) Cancer, spleen (f JLH) Cancer, stomach (f1 JLH JAC7 405) Cancer, testes (f JLH) Cancer, throat (f JLH) Cancer, uterus (f JLH) Cancer, uvula (f JLH) Candida (1 HH2) Cardiopathy (f1 BIB HJP X16608205) Childbirth (f HJP) Chills (f BIB) Cholera (1 HH2) Cold (f BIB BOU) Colic (f BOU BIB EGG GHA PHR PH2) Condylomata (f BIB JLH) Conjunctivosis (f BIB) Constipation (f BIB) Consumption (f BIB) Corn (f BIB JLH) Corneal Opacities (f BIB KAB) Cough (f BIB) Cramps (f BIB BOU) Debility (f NAD) Dermatosis (1 BIB JAR12 83)...

Indications Saffron

Dermatosis (f CRC KAB) Diabetes (f CRC) Diarrhea (f NAD) Dysmenorrhea (f DAA HHB MAD PNC) Dyspepsia (f1 VAD) Edema (f1 APA) Enterosis (f JLh) Epistaxis (f MAD) Fear (f CRC DAA) Fever (f CRC NAD PH2) Fibroid (f JLH) Fibrosarcoma (1 HH3) Fractures (f KAB) Gas (f1 MAD VAD) Gastrosis (f JLH) Gingivosis (f1 VAD) Gout (f MAD) Hangover (f LIL) Headache (f KAB PH2) Hemicrania (f KAB) Hemoptysis (f DAA MAD) Hemorrhoid (f NAD) Hepatosis (f1 CRC DEP JLH SKJ X12776492) High Blood Pressure (1 APA X12648816) High Cholesterol (1 APA) Hysteria (f BOU CRC DAA MAD) Induration (f JLH) Infection (f1 HJP) Inflammation (f1 JLH X11914135) Lachrymosis (f JLH) Laryngosis (f JLH) Leukemia (f1 JLH X12776492) Lochiostasis (f PH2) Lymphoma (1 APA JLH HH3) Measles (f CRC DAA MAD) Melancholy (f12 CRC DEP HHB KAB X15852492) Menorrhagia (f HHB HOS PH2) Menox-enia (f CRC) Nausea (f KAB) Nephrosis (f JLH KAB) Neuralgia (f NAD) Neurosis (1 CRC FNF) Obesity (f1 VAD PR14 149) Ophthalmia (f JLH HOS) Orchosis (f JLH)...

Common Names Costus

Saussurea Costus

Angina (1 PH2 JAC7 405) Anorexia (f PH2) Arthrosis (f1 KAB X12222664) Asthma (f DEP IHB PH2 SUW) Bacteria (1 HH2 PH2 X15814268) Bronchosis (f1 KAB PH2 WOI) Cancer (f HHB KAP) Cancer, abdomen (f HHB JLH) Cancer, colon (f JLH) Cancer, liver (f JLH) Cancer, spleen (f JLH) Cancer, stomach (1 X15737683) Candida (1 HH2) Cardiopathy (1 PH2 SKJ) Childbirth (f IHB) Cholera (f DEP NAD PH2 SUW) Constipation (fl IHB) Cough (f DEP KAB PH2 SUW) Cramp (f MKK) Deafness (f KAB) Dermatosis (f DEP IHB KAP PH2 SUW) Diabetes (1 JAC7 405) Dysentery (f MKK) Dyspepsia (f DEP KAP NAD) Edema (1 X12222664) Enterosis (f HHB) Epilepsy (f KAB) Erysipelas (f KAB) Fever (f IHB KAB) Fungus (f1 HH2 KAB) Gas (f1 KAB PH2) Gastrosis (1 PH2 X15737683) Headache (f KAB) Helicobacter (1 X15814268) Hepatosis (f JLH) Hiccup (f KAB KAP) High Blood Pressure (f HH2) Hysteria (f KAB) Induration (f JLH) Infection (1 HH2 PH2) Inflammation (f KAB) Insomnia (f1 NAD) Itch (f KAB) Klebsiella (1 HH2) Leprosy (f KAB KAP) Leukoderma (f...

Indications Garlic

LIB TGP) Bacillus (1 LAW X10548758) Bacteria (1 JFM PH2) Bite (f FAY JFM) Boil (f1 DAA) Bronchiestasis (1 KAL) Bronchosis (f12 FAD PHR PH2 BOD WHO) Burn (f12 KAL) Callus (f JFM PH2) Cancer (f12 AKT FAD PH2) Cancer, abdomen (f1 AKT FNF JLH) Cancer, bladder (f1 FNF JLH X11341051 X11238811) Cancer, breast (f1 BRU JN131 989s) Cancer, colon (f1 AKT (f1 FNF JLH)) Cancer, esophagus (f1 JN131 1075s) Cancer, gland (1 X11238818) Cancer, liver (f1 BO2 PR14 564) Cancer, lung (f1 BRU FNF JLH JN131 989s) Cancer, prostate (f1 X11102955) Cancer, skin (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, stomach (f1 AKT VOD X11238811) Cancer, uterus (f1 FNF JLH) Candidiasis (f12 CAN KAL TRA VOD) Carbuncle (f FAY) Cardiopathy (f123 BGB EGG FAD SKY VOD) Caries (f1 FNF KAB) Catarrh (f1 AKT BGB) Celiac (1 KAL) Chilblain (f EGG) Childbirth (f JFM KAB) Cholecocystosis (f APA) Cholera (f1 PNC TRA) Chronic Fatigue (f JFM) Circulosis (f DLZ) Coccidiosis (1 KAL) Cold (f12 AKT FAD GHA PHR PNC) Colic (f1 GHA WHO) Colosis (1 KAL LAW) Congestion...

Indications Grape

Alopecia (1 PH2) Alzheimer's (1 COX FNF) Anaphylaxis (1 FNF) Anemia (f NAD PH2) Anorexia (f NAD) Arteriosclerosis (1 VAD) Arthrosis (1 BIB COX FNF) Asthma (1 BIB) Atherosclerosis FNF PH2) Biliousness (f BIB NAD) Bladder stone (f BIB NAD) Bleeding (f BIB FEL HHB) Blepharosis (f1 VAD) Boil (f SKJ) Bronchosis (f GHA) Bruise (f NAD) Cachexia (f BIB NAD) Cancer (f1 FNF JLH PH2) Cancer, abdomen (f1 DAD FNF) Cancer, breast (1 JAF51 7280) Cancer, colon (1 DAD FNF X12935318) Cancer, ear (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, liver (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, neck (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, nose (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, testicle (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, throat (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, tonsil (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, uterus (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, uvula (f1 FNF JLH) Candida (f NAD) Capillary Fragility (f1 BRU FNF PH2 VAD) Cardiopathy (f1 BIB FNF VAD) Caries (1 FNF MB) Catarrh (f NAD) Cholera (f BIB DAA) Circulosis (f PH2) Cold (f NAD) Condyloma (f JLH) Conjunctivosis (f1 BRU FNF VAD) Constipation (1 X12935318) Consumption (f DAA PH2) Corn (f...

Indications Onion

WHO) Anthrax (1 LIB) Aphonia (f DLZ) Apoplexy (f DEP) Atherosclerosis (2 APA KOM PH2 SHT) Asthma (f1 APA BRU JFM PHR PH2) Atherosclerosis (1 JFM WO2) Bacillus (1 X4064797) Bacteria (1 JFM PH2) Bite (f DEP) Biliousness (f KAB) Bite (f BOU NAD) Bleeding (f KAB) Blister (f1 EGG SKJ) Boil (f1 NAD SKJ) Bronchosis (2 BGB PHR PH2 WHO) Bruise (f EGG PHR WHO) Bugbite (f PHR) Burn (f JLH PHR) Cancer (1 APA JLH) Cancer, breast (f1 FNF JLH JNU) Cancer, colon (f1 JNU) Cancer, esophagus (f1 JNU) Cancer, gland (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, liver (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, lung (f1 JNU) Cancer, rectum (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, stomach (f1 APA BRU FNF JLH JAC7 405) Cancer, uterus (f1 FNF JLH) Candida (f1 X10594976) Carbuncle (f KAB LIB) Cardiopathy (f1 APA JFM JNU) Caries (1 X9354029) Cataract (f BOU) Catarrh (f KAB) Chest Cold (f JFM) Chilblain (f KAP X15664457) Cholecocystosis (f JFM PHR) Cholera (f DEP WHO) Circu-losis (f EGG) Cold (f12 DEM GHA PHR PH2) Colic (f EGG PHR PH2 WHO) Colosis (f KAP) Congestion (f1 APA BGB...


Itch mites (Sarcoptes scabies) This is a tiny animal that burrows into the skin producing a condition called scabies. It has 8 legs and is around 0.3 mm long and 0.2 mm wide. The fertilised female burrows into the skin forming dark lines about 1 cm long. She lays around 60 eggs in the burrows, which hatch in 4-8 days. The burrows are seen between the fingers, on the front of the wrists, forearms or may be on male genitalia. They cause intense irritation, vesicles, papules and pustules. They are easily passed from person to person. Medical opinion should be sought and any clothing, towels etc that have come into contact with such a client must be burned.

Skin Conditions

Scabies is an infection of the skin caused by a microscopic mite. For reasons unknown, this infection is a common problem in adults with Down's syndrome and tends to be a worse infection than in the general population. The mite is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. The rash is extremely itchy and typically appears as small, raised red dots. These dots can appear in lines (the mites burrowing under the skin), but are more often seen in the webs between fingers, around the waist, on the buttocks and around the bra line in females. If the affected person scratches the rash a lot, it can develop a secondary bacterial infection. Scabies usually responds to permethrin cream with a onetime application.

Indications Peelu

Ankylostomiasis (f UPW) Anorexia (f BOU KAB) Asthma (f WOI) Bacteria (1 X11887585 X14973564) Biliousness (f KAB) Bite (f BOU) Blennorrhea (f UPW) Blister (f GHA) Boil (f BOU UPW) Bruise (f BOU) Cancer (f WOI) Catarrh (f WOI) Childbirth (f DEP) Cold (f UPW) Convulsion (1 PR16 395) Cough (f WOI) Cystosis (f UPW) Dysmenorrhea (f GHA) Dyspepsia (1 UPW WOI) Fever (f WOI) Fungus (1 X7898373) Gas (f WOI) Gastrosis (f BOU WOI) Gingivosis (12 BOU UPW WOI X15560804) Gonorrhea (f UPW WOI) Headache (f UPW) Hemorrhoid (f WOI) Infection (1 X7898373) Infertility (f UPW) Leukoderma (f KAB) Malarial (1 X12426089) Mycosis (1 X7898373 X15560804) Odontosis (f1 GHA X15890471) Ozoena (f WOI) Pain (f WOI) Periodontosis (f1 GHA JAC7 405 X2239575) Plaque (f1 GHA X15560804) Pulmonosis (f UPW) Rheumatism (f KAB WOI) Rhinosis (f WOI) Scabies (f WOI) Snakebite (f KAB) Sore (f BOU GHA) Splenosis (f BOU WOI) Sting (f GHA) Stomachache (f BOU UPW) Stomatosis (f UPW X15890471) Streptococcus (1 X11887585 X14973564)...

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