The smoothie Detox challenge by Drew Sgoutas Review

Who’s behind the Smoothie Detox Challenge?

 Drew Sgoutas is the researcher and the writer of this helpful Detox program. He’s a Board Certified Health coach who has been in the industry for a long period of time. Drew is also a well-known weight loss expert who has proudly helped over 3,000 people lose weight at home.

The guy concentrates so much on traditional dieting and at the same time helps people to hold on tight even when dieting becomes challenging. He knows it all well that most people tend to lose hope and leave dieting when they face a couple of challenges. He wanted to eliminate the confusion and at the same time help kick start people’s weight loss in the fastest way and the easiest way possible. This is the main reason why he created this highly helpful product.

What is the smoothie Detox Challenge and what does it include?

The smoothie Detox Challenge is a simple program whose main aim is to melt pounds of Trapped fat and leave you fit. The program also helps to burn the fat and shrink your waist in a matter of days. The author promises that this program will work in just 10 days and the results are guaranteed.

What Does The Program Contain?

After paying for the program, you will get the following:

  • Main Detox Guide-This is a 60 pages of detox tips for weight loss with all the information you will need along the way.
  • 10-Day Action plan-This other contains everything you need within the 10 days.
  • Recipes and Shopping list-The author also includes easy to follow to recipes and shopping lists.
  • Access to Private Facebook Community-Now you will get support and motivation in the detox group.
  • You will download everything with ease-The good thing about these programs is that everything is available for easy downloading.

How Does The Program Work?

The author of this program made sure that the program is easy to use and at the same time offers fast results. It is a five step program that makes it simple for you to lose weight. Each of its six steps contains helpful information which guarantees some visible results within a very short period of time.

Step 1: Making the smoothies   

This is the first step that helps you make smoothies. As a matter of fact, this is what will replace your three main meals. The step contains numerous recipes and shopping lists with each of the recipe being a 3 serving recipe. The recipe guarantees you to make one large batch and later divide it into 3 serving.

Step 2: Whole Food snacks

One mistake that most people make is to eat unhealthy snacks. This step gives you insights about the snacks you should be eating. The eBook comes with a full list of snacks. The author knows very well that one main challenge of the people starting with detox is hunger. What follows is that you are supposed to start drinking your nutrition instead of eating it. In fact this is a very good adjustment.

Step 3: Optional whole food meals

There are some of the people in the market that will need a modified version of the plan and for this reason the author recommends replacing one smoothie per day with a healthy meal. For this reason, he has already given you a list of optional meals.

Step 4: Join the Support Community

People need support and to feel watched which means joining a community is an important weight loss step. The author gives you an open entry to the support community. This means you won’t feel left out or alone in this program.

Step 5: Win Monthly prices

If you can attract a dramatic change, then you are guaranteed for cash and price giveaways. The author gives you a way of participating for their monthly prices. You have to send your before and after photo and if they notice a dramatic change, then you will be shortlisted for monthly prices.

Step 6: Weight loss guaranteed

The writer assures you that you will have significant results within a very shirt period of time.

What Problems Does The Program Help To Solve?

Am plenty sure you don’t want to be overweight or even accumulate more fat. This program helps you to burn fat and shrinks your waist.

What Is The Format Of The Program?

The main program is available in downloadable PDF formats which make it very easy for you to download and print or even keep it as a soft copy.

Who Is The Program Intended For And Is It Actionable?

This program is specifically for people that want to lose weight and at the same time shrink their waist. The author has ensured that the steps are easy to follow and bring significant results.

The Smoothie Detox Challenge
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