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For 15 years now, Peter Litchfield has been a sleep hygiene specialist. After careful study and wanting to help all those who have problems sleeping, he wrote his book "Six Steps To Sleep Now" which is now widely sought for and considered the best when it comes to solving sleeping insomnia.

During his teenage and early twenties, Litchfield had experienced this sleeping disorder and undertook several sleep hygiene therapies which were all futile. After his exhausting experiences of his body not conscious of day and night, he decided he would put a stop to it. So, he set off on a journey to discover a natural way of helping himself and others like him. Therefore, he used his experiences to bring forth this natural approach to curing the problem. His study was spread through the animal kingdom and also paleolithic communities, analyzing the everyday routine of man.

So, therefore, he has recommended a practical and proven solution for sleeping problems, and also, sleeping hypnosis and brain entrainment which is widely recommended worldwide by doctors.


‘Six steps to sleep', was created by Litchfield because of his uncomfortable experiences. It comprises of a methodology of six crucial steps, which will reset the sleep-wake cycle of your body putting it in line with the natural order and gives you a beautiful night's rest.

The book begins immediately by going to the six steps methodology you will apply to start working on your sleep hygiene.

This book contains a 30-day program that you will follow and commit to if you want to attain maximum results. With this, your brain is retrained and your sleeping cycle reset. The book contains nine chapters and once you have begun the program, you are further advised to go through the nine chapters in the book.

These chapters will provide you with supportive information about the program, offering you more insight on how the sleep cycle works and its effect on your mind and body. The book will throw more light on the common issues faced by those who experience sleeping problems.

The Outline of the Book Includes:

The Six steps

Essential reading for better sleep

Chapter 1_ Working with your natural cycle

Chapter 2_ Waking up during the night

Chapter 3_ Stress and sleep

Chapter 4_ Sleeping before a big occasion

Chapter 5_ Napping

Chapter 6_ Sharing a bed

Chapter 7_ Smoking and sleep

Chapter 8_ Alcohol and sleep

Chapter 9_ Air travel and sleep

The book has recorded a 100% success, with over a hundred thousand copies sold on the site. The six steps to sleep program together with a guide for diet and 4 audio brainwave meditations, all which contribute to relaxing the body, have also been sold.

Self Hypnosis

This is a recording that is contained in the six core steps of the program. It is narrated by the author of the book over a hypnosis track developed by people of the hypnosis downloads.

This recording makes use of an NLP and sublime messages over theta bin-aural beats which aims at remapping the subconscious thoughts around your sleep.

This recording can be used at any moment of the day, but note that it alters your state of awareness or you can describe it as being in a trance; so be sure not to use it while driving or operating a piece of machinery to avoid accidents.

You can also use it on work breaks like most people do because it helps relieve you of stress, especially if you are not getting enough sleep during that period.

Six Steps To Sleep Audio

Also available on the site are four binaural beats recording which comes with the sleep hypnosis recording. They include; Deep sleep (delta waves), Calm mind (theta waves), Blissful sleep (delta waves) and Anxiety release (theta waves).

Each of these recordings is 15 minutes long and makes use of a ‘Frequency Response Process' which promotes a calm state of mind and further produces the needed brainwaves for sleep and relaxation.

So, in the evenings, you can use the Calm Mind (theta waves) to relax and calm down from stress. Then before going to bed, I suggest you use Deep Sleep (Delta waves), which has waves that can put you in a deep sleep.

Also, at any time of the day, you can use Anxiety Release to help relieve you of the stress of the day and eliminate any feelings of anxiety built up in your subconscious that may prevent sleep.

The Sleep Diet Guide

The sleep diet is another part of the Six Steps program.

Some people fail to realize that when they eat heavily it can affect the quantity of sleep. So, because of this, Litchfield in his book lists many foods with details of the negative effects of most foods that we eat.

Also in his guide, various options for diets that are sleep-wake friendly was discussed. There are other techniques and advice as well that are in the 30-page long book.


  • It can help you fall asleep within ten minutes of getting in bed
  • Stop your minds from thinking too much during bedtime
  • Relieves you from the stress of the day
  • Prevents you from feeling restless and or anxious
  • Helps you sleep comfortably, especially while sharing the bed
  • Among others


None as at the time of this review.


The whole outlook of Litchfield's book is based on proven facts and methodology.

There is much-expressed detail on how human beings evolve with time in cognizance with nature and with relation to sleep: and the disadvantages of not having adequate sleeping time. He also explained the impossibility to eliminate tiredness no matter the effort we put in to do so; since we are humans and cannot do without nature.

Furthermore, there are many testimonies from people who have participated in this program and used the audios as well. Personally having used the audios it has been really helpful to me. It has helped me relax and rest well at night. If you partake in the program, within the first week you should experience a sound and deep sleep and keep you happy all day.

I recommend this for you if you have anxiety attacks during the day or have a bad day; it will help relieve you of your anxiety.

Cure Insomnia Six Steps To Sleep
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