MindBody Matrix Pain Cream

MindBody Matrix Pain Cream

MindBody Matrix Pain Cream is pain relieving cream created by Dr. Tk Huynh (pronounced “HWin"). He graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy with a doctorate and was the only pharmacist in the entire world to earn a fellowship in prestigious Functional Regenerative Medicine run by American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M).

About MindBody Matrix

MindBody Matrix is claimed to be the world first and only pain relief balm that works. It is backed by NASA, technology, science, and practitioners all around the world. The cream is designed using finest natural ingredients, including 9 calming ingredients proven by modern technology to relieve minor aches as well as pains of the joints and muscles commonly associated with simple backache, arthritis, bruises, strains, and sprains. In addition, the cream also has L-theanine and GABA which are one of the most powerful neurotransmitter supporters that help further calm your body. When you purchase the MindBody Matrix pain cream, it is first placed into a Red Light Chamber for half an hour to instill it with red light bio-information marking.

MindBody Matrix Pain Cream Ingredients

According to the product's website, the cream is made by first making a botanic mixture comprising of 9 of the best natural ingredients and essential oils. These elements include:

  • Aloe Vera – A substance known since ancient times to contain an assortment of health benefits.
  • Arnica – A herb extracted from a yellow flower of Russian native, which is used mostly in creams to reduce muscle soreness and joint pain.
  • Boswellia – Commonly known as ‘Indian Frankincense’, Boswellia is used widely in Asian regions to treat naturopathic.
  • Calendula Oil – This component is removed from marigold flowers, and its purpose is to enhance healthy skin.
  • Chamomile – Chamomile is a common medicinal herb in the world with at least a million cups of its tea being drunk every day.
  • Lemon Balm – an ancient scented herb with centuries of usage, mainly to enhance cognitive function and mood.
  • Lavender – Lavender is widely used to provide therapeutic effects, thus used as a relaxation agent in spas.
  • Tea Tree – The tree provides essential oils and is only found in Australia. The oil is used for skin care, having been used for centuries by the Aboriginals.
  • Peppermint – This ingredient is used medicinally in China and Europe.

The additional 2 ingredients are neurotransmitter supporters and are GABA, which enhances relaxation and calming in the cellular level, and L-theanine used as a booster of physical and mental performance. 

What MindBody Matrix Pain Cream Used For

The cream is used to relieve pain in joints, muscles or any other body place.

The Format of the Product

MindBody Matrix Pain Cream is supplied as a cream packed in small lotion-like bottles.

MindBody Matrix Pain Cream Pros

  • It is an instant pain reliever that utilizes the power of the brain to channel the best pain release result.
  • No damaging side effects
  • The product not only relieves pain but also helps you increase your energy and enhance your overall health.
  • MindBody Matrix Pain Cream relieves all sorts of pains in any place of your body.
  • No pills, surgery or any kind of medication is needed to relieve pain.
  • The product does not contain any unpleasant menthol smell.
  • It is 100% organic pain reliever
  • A fast pain reliever. You can start feeling better after the first week.

MindBody Matrix Pain Cream Cons

  • Purchasing products online is always risky, especially if it involves shipping.
  • Even though the cream is proven and backed by NASA and scientists all over the world, it doesn't work magic by itself, as the desired results depend on your patience and efforts.
  • Although MindBody Matrix Pain Cream is proven, it doesn’t guarantee desired results.
  • It is tricky on the first tries, so you need to be patient and try over and over.

MindBody Matrix Pain Cream Bonus

To ensure you have everything you need to get started; the manufacturer of the product includes free giveaways including:

  • 1 Minute Stretches to help you eliminate instantly joint pain. This bonus comes in the form of a video with breakdowns on incredible stretches to help you loosen up your aching joints, boost your flexibility and help you relieve pain very fast. The stretches are supposed to compound the efficiency of the cream, thus helping you get out of pain faster.
  • 3 simple Methods of Eliminating Inflammation. This is also a short video containing the very best steps to eradicate inflammation quickly. These steps are backed by science according to the manufacturer, and they can also help you lose weight.


MindBody Matrix Pain Cream is a great product backed by NASA, medical practitioners, and scientists. Despite this, it is still up to you for it to work. It requires patience and efforts, nevertheless, it is a wonderful pain relieving product compared to contemporary ones. Additionally, the cream is registered by the FDA and uses all natural ingredients.

MindBody Matrix Pain Cream
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