How to Beat Addiction and Quit Alcoholism Easily Review

How To Beat Addiction And Quit Alcoholism Easily Review

About The Author

These very helpful eBooks have been put down by former alcoholics and addicts with all the experience and knowhow to help other people beat addiction and quit alcoholism with ease. The books were written and summarized by three authors namely Wendy Wilken, Martin Gouws and Stephen Steenkamp. Wendy is a former alcoholic who participated heavily in the writing. She has also participated in writing several other books including Facelift without surgery and Face engineering Exercises. On the other hand, Martin Gouws is a renowned teacher with thousands of students and patients in his ‘’be here Now’’ process that he launched in 2002. Martin is also a counselor counseling people with relationship issues, mental and marital issues and also people with anger. He teaches all his methods of beating some common issues that we experience at home in Rehab centers and workshops.

Eventually, Stephen is a former student of Martin Gouws and he put all the principles taught in class in practice to overcome substance abuse and addiction. He’s a former addict that abused several drugs including Cocaine, alcohol, ecstasy, MDMA, meth and pethidine for more than a decade.

With their personal experiences and knowledge they have gained along the way, these three authors have combined efforts to bring to you heavily functional and helpful eBooks to help you succeed in quitting alcohol and substance abuse. They have managed it themselves and hence you can trust them to help you in the same situation.

What is the actual product about and what does it include?

How to beat addiction and quit alcoholism easily is a combination of six books each with different contents. Each book aims at helping you beat all sorts of addiction and alcoholism with ease.

Book #1: Escape addiction using Gratitude

This is the first eBook that wants to help you beat addiction with gratitude. The book features learning why addiction and alcoholism is not a disease but an apparatus, the Addiction algorithm revealed, how you can harness nature to beat addiction and also learning how to build gratitude to reverse all decay in your life and cure addiction among many other things.

Book #2: Eject your egg children of addiction from your hive

This is the second book that aims at helping you get all the eggs of addiction from your life. This book features several things including why your addiction apparatus functions like an algorithm, how the 2 you’s lock you in your unique addiction apparatus, why there’s an hidden enemy living with you and also discover how to cease transporting your addiction traces wherever you go and many others.

Book#3: Balance the ‘’ other you’’ to overcome addiction

I believe this is the most instrumental eBook that you are going to get. This eBook teaches you how to overcome yourself in overcoming addiction. Here, you understand the identity of the 2 you’s and how each of them plays a role in your addiction, you also understand why it’s not your fault that you are living with addiction, how the actor you and observe you secretly build your addiction and many others.

Book #4: Harness Emotional Imprinting to cure addiction

Here is the fourth book that will help you beat addiction with your emotions. It teaches you how smells, memories and bad emotions makes you addicted, explain what makes addiction and alcoholism a tick, how to crack your unique addiction algorithm to collapse your addiction apparatus among many other things.  

Book #5: Alter the odors in your home to quit addiction

Here, you learn why you are a master builder of your own unique addiction apparatus, how addiction are linked to bad memories and your enemies when fighting addiction among many other things.

Book #6: How to crack your addiction algorithm

The last book will help you crack your addiction algorithm with ease. It will help you discover how to tap the natural resources to beat addiction, the 4 elements of your addiction apparatus and check out your unique addiction algorithm among many other things.


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What Problems Can The Product Solve?

These 6 eBooks will help you quit alcoholism and beat addiction without any hustle. If you are addicted or alcoholism and if you wants to beat this ASAP, then these #6 eBooks are perfect for you.

What Is The Format Of The Product?

These 6 eBooks are in form of downloadable PDF formats. What this means is that upon purchase, you will be able to download them with ease and start implementing the measures.

Who is the product intended for and is it actionable?

These 6 eBooks are specifically for people looking to beat alcoholism and addiction regardless of their gender, race, social statuses, age and level of addiction. This means that any addicted person or anybody looking to help someone beat addiction and quit alcoholism can but it.   

How to Beat Addiction and Quit Alcoholism Easily
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