FAT LOSS Activation

The program is authored by coach Ryan Faehnle (CSS FMS). Commonly known as The Ghrelin Guy, he is highly regarded as an industry leader. He is a former assistant director of strength and conditioning who was responsible for the physical fitness and physical performance of hundreds of athletes competing at the highest levels.

Throughout his diverse work life, he has coached, mentored and consulted athletes in twenty-one different sports at different levels of learning institutions. In addition to training athletes for sports performance, he has also gotten involved in consultations with top-level physique competitors who have sought him out for fat loss and muscle building services.

He has traveled the world in search of the best nutrition, recovery modalities, and motivation that lead to success. He can therefore undoubtedly be trusted and so should his product. His reputation is forged from experience and results.

In this Fat Loss Activation, he reveals the discovery of a new hormone called ghrelin hormone that is responsible for you not to get motivated in working out and losing weight. This program is composed of various topics which will assist you in your quest. These include;

  • How to activate your body cells to create a lean muscular torso.
  • The ideal length of time to make your body adapt and get in shape.
  • The specific fat loss movements designed to speed up your journey to a more sculpted body.
  • Detailed exercise definitions and pictures outlined so you know exactly how to do every movement.
  • How to get the correct load for the results you want.
  • How to mash exercise reps and weight to burn the fats in your body.

And much other enlightening information for you! Act and invest in this program!

The program generally has a three-action part methodology to help you achieve fat loss. These action methods include;

  • Taming your hunger hormone (The ghrelin hormone) so that you do not overeat.
  • Activating your muscles so that you can combat an inactive lifestyle with shorter workouts.
  • Working with your existing habits to make fat loss easier and sustainable.

Most people who wish to lose weight, fear that in the process they get to abandon the food they love in the quest for losing body fat. Well, fear no more, this program will guide you, with the methods entailed in it, you will;

  • Melt away ugly body fat
  • Be stronger
  • And healthier, and all this you will achieve without giving up the foods you love!

However, there’s an existing enemy that will stop you from progress towards your achievement. This is hunger. Hunger destroys the motivation needed for workouts. Furthermore, it hinders the plans you have to get the physique you want, every willpower in your body is sucked out by hunger, leading you back to food and more food.

Is there any remedy?

Yes, there is a way to transform your body’s reaction to hunger. You can switch your body to burn more fat, look more muscular and healthier! You don’t need to be battling with hunger in your quest for fat loss. This program will equip you with the means of helping you.

What you need to understand.

Here, you will learn that hunger is the biggest threat to achieving an ideal physique and the factor contributing to it is the Ghrelin hormone. With very little tolerance to change, your body will try as much as possible to respond with various kinds of mechanisms to achieve stability. These include; appetite. The appetite hormones will be secreted in excess if the body senses it is losing weight.

What are they?

These appetite hormones are; the Leptin-responsible for hunger inhibition and ghrelin which does the opposite- increases hunger. Ghrelin is at high levels before eating and lowest after eating. If you happen to be on a restrictive diet, more ghrelin is secreted and it forces your body to store more fat. You can now understand why it is difficult to lose body fat. Furthermore, not only is ghrelin activated by hunger but also not having the right amount of enough sleep.

However, when you have a balanced level of ghrelin, it will assist you;

  • To regulate your blood sugar level
  • To regulate your appetite
  • To stimulate your growth hormone
  • To improve your cognitive function
  • To improve your learning and memory
  • To regulate your body bone formation
  • To prevent muscle atrophy
  • And also improve your cardiovascular activities

But what is the secret?

This program reveals to you the secret to fat loss activation. For fat loss activation, the secret to it is optimal levels of ghrelin in your body. Understanding hunger and what causes the release of ghrelin is key to promoting and maintaining fat loss. Hunger can demoralize you and disrupt your attempts to shed body fat. What’s worse is combining it with exercise, you’ll feel even more hungry. The following steps are highly recommended for lowering the ghrelin level:

  • Get a minimum of seven hours of sleep per night.
  • Increasing your dietary fiber-the feeling of fullness in the stomach after fiber slows the production of ghrelin and at the same time it minimizes caloric intake. Such foods rich in fiber include; apples, broccoli as well as other fruits and vegetables.
  • Have eggs for breakfast- protein has been researched to take longer to digest keeping you full longer.

There’s more!

Controlling the hunger hormone ghrelin is only part of the program to fat loss activation. These tips are only scratching the surface of the program. Sitting for long periods, be it at work, or in school poses a great health risk to your body. Muscle destruction, posture is some of the risks. These would, in turn, increase your chances of getting heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.

As a result of inactivity, your muscles switch off. For this, physical therapists and practitioners use the activation process, which entails a series of techniques designed to restore function and strengthen muscles bringing them back to their former form.

Losing fat and maintaining your weight can prove to be a big challenge especially for athletes. Their higher levels of activity bring in the need for more fuel and thus craving for food every now and then. However, getting the right amount of recovery has often proven to be difficult. You can thus resort to restrictive diets and this, in turn, threatens to wreck you’re your hard work in the gym.

For you to succeed, you need to understand how the body operates. You can then take the steps to activate fat loss.

Do you have to be a trained physical therapist?

No, you don’t have to be a trained therapist to learn how to activate your muscles. The activation process tips presented to you in this program will assist you in;

  • Promote fat loss
  • Increase blood flow to muscle tissue thus enhance lipolysis which plays a big role in burning the fats.

Can’t I just find the information online?

Well, yes, the information you can get online. However, this information will lead you to destroy your body instead of trying to get better. They are at times misleading and even hard to comprehend and follow. Without proper research and the correct methods to follow, such information cannot be trusted.

An at-home program should thus be simple and take less time. And that’s why you should take this program. If not, very few people will follow them. Unlike many other programs which advice you to change your habit in order to activate your weight loss, this program does not. Other programs fail to take you through your quest for fat loss mostly because;

  • They are too complicated
  • They take too much time and lastly
  • Because they try to change ingrained habits.

If you are trying to change your habits, you will fail. And no matter how best you start a program with good intentions and trying to change your habits, you will observe it slipping away. This program explains to you why working with existing habits is the only way to achieve the change you want. An ingrained habit is not one to change but work with.

As the leading best-selling book, Charles Duhigg explains in his study why we do what we do. If you try to get rid of your bad habit, you will fail.

The best thing about the program is that it is simple to follow, not complicated and take less time! These are the strategies used over the years with professionals and have proven to work, In just fifteen minutes or less a day!

What is the format of this product?

This product is in the format of e-books obtained on the web. It comes as a package with other bonuses in store. All of which will help you in one way or the other! The purchase is done online and delivery is done upon purchasing the product.

The program requires you take a few minutes daily to follow the simple methods outlined for you to achieve your goals. The program is not based on theory and hope, it is based on results and is supported by scientific research.

Who is the program intended for?

The program is intended for those who are not confident and comfortable with their body forms. The youth, both men and women and the old alike can benefit from this program. You do not require to have a particular set of skills to use this program, just following the guideline provided for you.

The shortest program that is easy to follow and achieve your goals, all for you in this package. If you have been unsuccessful in controlling your hunger, dropping the body fat and getting into form is mostly down to the way fat loss programs are designed. With this program, your solution is found!

And it does matter, whether you are a professional athlete wanting to get rid of that extra fat or if you are a gym new, the approach of this program is the same. It hits all the right areas in the best way possible to ensure progress.

Restrictions will only work against your habits, thus hindering you from progressing. But with this program, you will be amazed! Without restricting you from eating and doing what you love, you will be able to succeed in your quest of losing fat while maintaining your body weight!

Some of the top people in different organizations and local clients have gone through this program and have given their testimonies about the program.

My advice?

Take the step, get this program and transform yourself. Be more comfortable and confident with your form! Don’t let restrictions and other factors hold you back or make it difficult for you rid of your frame of fat in the body.

FAT LOSS Activation
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