Beta Switch Program Review

Beta Switch Program

What is the Beta Switch Program All About?

Beta Switch Program is a proven, science-based, enjoyable weight loss program aimed at fighting stubborn fats in women. It was designed to specifically switches on the fat-burning power of your stubborn female trouble spots, without restricting your favourite foods or doing excessive exercises

This is a System that allows women to achieve and experience freedom from obsessive-compulsive dieting, damaging workouts and negative body image.

The plan was not created to be a quick fix. In fact, like every weight loss programs, it is hard; yet the easiest that can be. The system requires your full attention, being constant, and your discipline. For the period of its usage, you will have the opportunity to eat your favourite food without much fear. The only difference this time is that you will be eating it strategically.

The methods employed in this book are natural ones that have been tested scientifically. The system comes with various bonuses- The Beta Switch Workout System, the 5-Day Tummy Tuck, Boost Your Body Image Report, Mind Over Matter: Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss and 1 full month in the exclusive Tight n' Toned club.

Author of The Product: The program was created by Sue Heintze, women's weight loss author and body transformation expert. She had been using these same methods to win figure competitions for decades, right into her 40s and have used them to help thousands of women around the world including 36 winners and 4 Grand Champions of Australia's most prestigious national body-transformation contest.

What is Included in The Book?

The first thing that will be done will be to enlighten you on the way you should eat your food during this period. Here, you are exposed to the precise 6-day kick-start diet plan that will instantly switch on your fat-burning metabolism.

You will also find the quick and simple trick to easily tell the exact portions you need for your body-type to maximize your weight loss. Thereafter, you will be opened to the complete list of fruits, veggies, fats and proteins that will activate your fat-burning Beta Switch as well as the alcoholic beverage you are free to enjoy and the ones will ruin your weight loss instantly.

Going on, you will be given the 4 herbal extracts and one naturally-occurring oil that prevents the activation of your fat storing Alpha receptors and the only "cheat day" strategy that is proven to reboot your Thyroid hormone and eliminate frustrating weight loss plateaus for good...

The program also comes with some bonus packages that are really worth using and can help you maintain a life devoid of

#Bonus 1

The Beta Switch Workout System

Worth $200, The Beta Switch Workout System, will help you to optimize the fat-burning power of your Adrenoreceptor switches. This 3-phase, 12-week women-only exercise program is synchronized perfectly with the Beta Switch nutrition plan and is the only way to avoid the devastating results so many women experience using exercise programs designed by men.

In fact, inside, you'll discover the terrible, yet, popular workout mistake being made by almost every woman who struggles with stubborn fat - and why this one mistake actually takes the fat you lose from other parts of your body and re-stores it on your most frustrating trouble spots.

Bonus #2

The 5-Day Tummy Tuck

The Beta Switch is your life-long solution to stubborn lower body fat. It is the safest and most efficient way to rapidly shake off excess belly weight and slim down your tummy to look great in

Bonus #3

Boost Your Body Image Report

This special report will ensure that you see the real new you when you look in the mirror.

Bonus #4

Mind Over Matter: Win the Mental Game of Fat Loss

This simple new book may be the most important thing you ever read when it comes to permanently and joyfully changing your health and your physique. Therein, you will learn the 4 simple rules that will finally make the mental game of weight loss easy and fun. And you discover the powerful emotional and mental tricks that will deliver the rapid and permanent transformation of your figure and your health.

The Benefit of the Beta Switch Program

There are various things one can gain from having shedding weight. Beta Switch Program has so many benefits you can get immediately you invest in it. Upon investing in it, you will get the chance to get the following benefits:

  • Losing All the Unnecessary Weight: When you invest in the system, you will absolutely lose those excess pounds of deadly belly fat around your midsection. You will not have to worry about your heavy bulging belly fats that you have to push back into your cloth. Beta Switch Program can melt away your dangerous belly fat, flush out your arteries, lower your blood pressure as well as insulin level.
  • Enjoy Your Love Life with A Renewed Drive: Since you are now happy with the way you look; you will suddenly have a renewed sex drive as well as your energy. Beta Switch Program will boost the powerful youth hormone that increases energy and brain clarity.
  • Remember The Happiness That Comes with Having a Good Night Sleep: Being overweight can reduce the comfortability that comes with sleeping. However, you can reduce it by using 1 Hour Belly Diet.
  • Experience The Benefits of a Weight-Loss Plan That Will Not Give You Any Bother: There are a lot of stress, frustrations and disappointments that come with trying programs after programs. This is one thing that happens in the name of losing weight; however, this program has been designed to help you stop worrying about programs after programs.
  • Fit into Sexy Clothes: You now have the opportunity to fit into those sexy clothes you have been forced to abandon because of your weight. You will not be the odd one out among your friends because of your weight.
  • Stop Starving Yourself in The Name of Getting a Good Shape: The science behind Beta Switch Program will not require you to cut out all your favourite foods regardless of the event and time the foods were presented to you. You will not be the only one eating a bland salad or a piece of well-cooked protein since it is your restricted meal. The system is such that will help you at a normal rate, normalize your intake of carbohydrates, and reduce your caffeine intake.
  • Stop Wasting Your Money On Irrelevant Medicine to Augment the Weight Loss: You will not even have a reason to stress yourself over some dreaded cardio machine. More so, you will not need to eat up a lot of drugs just to maintain good health. According to research done by IMS health, American spent a combined $309 Billion last year on prescription drugs, with spending rising up to 10% a year. The program will remove you from one of the many people that frequent doctors or the use of doctored (magic) drugs because of being overweight. These drugs are such that you must use always because immediately you stop using it, you will see yourself returning to your former self. In fact, it will leave your metabolism in shambles, your hormones severely damaged, your blood pressure elevated, your muscles fatigued. Your body fat increased. However, using the Beta Switch Program will help you avoid these problems.

The Format of the Product: Beta Switch Program is in an E-book format and video formats

The Cost of Doing It Yourself

The program was made with details that will make it easy for you to this yourself. There is no need to get any extra products to boost your look. The program is also cheap because the designer believes people should have to suffer pain as his family did.


Your health is of the utmost importance. If you have the desire to avoid the pain, diseases, discomfort, and frustrations that come with being overweight, then you should invest in the Beta Switch Program

Beta Switch Program
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