The Tooth Wrap

Have you ever been to a spa and had a body wrap? You can detoxify with this procedure. Heated towels that have been dipped in herbs are wrapped around your body, and the herb essences are absorbed into the body via the pores of your skin. A seaweed wrap is similar—the body is wrapped with seaweed, then covered with heated towels and wrapped in plastic. Then you are covered with a blanket. This allows the nutrients from the seaweed to be absorbed through the skin into the body. It is also very relaxing; you might even fall into a deep meditation.

Now your teeth and gums can get the same kind of spa treatment with a "tooth wrap," designed so that herbal products can be absorbed into the gums. The new cells of the gum tissue need to be nurtured and kept vital, while the old tissue is removed. Herbal toothpaste can help detoxify the mouth, especially with acid breath due to eating excessive amounts of sugars. Take two 2"-by-2" pieces of gauze and place a dot of Bioforce's herbal toothpaste on each piece. Then open the gauze. Notice that most of the water in the paste has been absorbed by the gauze, leaving the substance thicker than normal. Using the gauze as an applicator, spread the toothpaste on the gums. Now remove the gauze, leaving a thickened herbal paste on the gums, and floss the toothpaste under the gums. Then wrap the floss with the herbal paste just under the gum cuff. Finally, massage the herbal paste into the tissue to nurture the cells and give the gums strength.

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Natural Detox Made Easy

Natural Detox Made Easy

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