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Poorly motivated children are candidates for gum disease. You are their guardian to help them prevent the onset of the disease. Highly motivated children have highly motivated parents; those who continue to work with their own hygiene problems help to motivate their children. Make sure to compliment or reward your child for good oral hygiene, and compliment your child's smile. As just discussed, set up a fun and playful work station: help your children love their teeth by using fun products such as:

• the new innovative electric children's brushes in fun shapes and colors

• good-tasting natural toothpaste

• music to make your children happy and help them increase dexterity and rhythm

Also, keep these considerations in mind when selecting a dentist/hygienist for your child:

• Select a good pedodontist and/or a general dentist who likes to work on children.

• Look for a clean, cheerful office where the professional emphasizes the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.

• Choose a quality dentist and hygienist who are proficient in teaching good oral hygiene.

The cleaning of a child's teeth and gums can be looked on as a way to further his or her total body health. Motivate your children early on in their development.

Now that you've read the book, remember these important tips:

• Diet: Examine your diet. If you are not eating correctly, then try a high-protein diet, eating more vegetables and more protein-rich foods. Stop consuming lots of sugar in your diet. Eating a high-sugar diet will cause the plaque to build up with bacteria. Make sure to eat three balanced meals a day, drink plenty of water, and stay away from breads and processed foods. This will help you to elevate your immune system while you're in the process of reversing gum disease.

Vitamin supplements: Take a multivitamin supplement every day. Try taking Cal Max (which is liquid calcium and magnesium) or calcium that you can metabolize well. Take a vitamin C pill (in addition to your multivitamin). Vitamin C is needed for collagen buildup of the gum tissue. (However, as ascorbic acid can burn the tissue, it may be better to take vitamin C in pill form.) Take a magnesium supplement. It is an important catalyst because it assists in calcium assimilation. Think about taking phosphorus, which makes up one-third of the bones and teeth. Note: If you are taking antacids, you may be deficient in phosphorus. Check with your medical doctor to see if you are iron deficient. If so, take iron supplements.

As you move forward to eliminate gum disease from your life, remember to:

• Set up a room with accessible dental products.

• Have a strong daily routine that becomes second nature.

• Use scented products that taste and smell great, such as mint-flavored baking soda toothpaste and echinacea toothpaste.

• Floss first, then brush massage the teeth and gums to loosen particles from the teeth and gums.

• Use an oral irrigation system with herbs or peroxide under the tissue.

• Brush and tone with a soft toothbrush and with a gentle massage action.

• Last, check your smile in a mirror. You should look and feel great!


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