How to Work with a Conventional Dental Practitioner in Natural Healing

Not all dentists employ or are natural healers themselves. It is more the norm to have a dentist work in a conventional style. If you have selected a conventional dentist and still wish to use his or her services, then I would suggest that you locate a holistic dental hygienist in addition to help you reverse gum disease naturally.

However, if you prefer a nonsurgical approach, you must let your dentist know. If he or she objects, then you have to decide if you are working with the right professional.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Qigong also spelled Ch'i Kung is a potent system of healing and energy medicine from China. It's the art and science of utilizing breathing methods, gentle movement, and meditation to clean, fortify, and circulate the life energy qi.

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