Three Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy 3DCRT

In the early to mid-1908s, three-dimensional conformal treatment techniques became increasingly available. Although these techniques vary in some aspects, they share certain common principles that offer significant advantages over conventional external beam radiation therapy techniques. CT-based images referenced to a reproducible patient position are used to localize the prostate and normal organs and to generate high resolution 3D reconstructions of the patient. Treatment field directions are selected using beam's-eye-view techniques and the fields are shaped to conform to the patient's CT-defined target volume, thereby minimizing the volume of normal tissue irradiated. Compared with treating a patient by conventional external beam radiation therapy technique, 3D-CRT is associated with a nearly 30% reduction in the dose received by 50% of the rectum. Based on this kind of analysis, it greater than or equal to 10% should be possible without an increase in acute or chronic toxicity [3].

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