Prostate stem cells

Prostate stem cells (PSCs) need to carry following characteristics: they must be castration-resistant, able to renew themselves and regenerate new tissue [13]. In contrast to the epithelial tissue of other adult organs, the prostate and mammary glands exert hormonal-dependence. Therefore, to account for changes in hormone levels the PSCs should be responsive to, but not dependent on, androgen for survival. This property is referred to as castration-resistance. PSCs should have tissue-regenerative capacity to replenish the gland after routine cell death. But, when compared to the hematopoietic stem cells that must generate a vast array of mature lineages, PSCs only must regenerate a relatively simple double-layered epithelium. Eventually, and most importantly, PSCs must be able to self-renew meeting the needs of the organ over the course of a man's lifetime.

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