Need for hormonal treatment of prostate cancer may not decrease in future

Despite facts about prostate cancer incidence, presented in section 4 and despite undeniable proof that population based PSA prostate cancer screening reduces mortality due to prostate cancer [16], it seems some professional bodies, like U.S. preventive services task force [17,18] recently advised against screening.

Further, among young UK general practitioners, during non-formal conversation, in year 2012, one can easily hear claims like "PSA - oh I thought it is NOT for screening, it is only for follow up purposes, only for patients, who have diagnosis of prostate cancer already" (personal experience).

With this recent trend by policy-makers, it seems hopes of urologists, who treat prostate cancer patients, that we will in the future find only very few patients, who will present with stage of disease, where nothing else but hormonal treatment would be possible or hormonal treatment will become necessary during the course of their disease, are dispelled. As it seems focus of attention is turned away from early detection and managing (watchful waiting, not necessary treating patients with prostate cancer), towards second and third line treatments for advanced disease, testosterone measurement in patients with prostate cancer will become even more important in the future.

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