Materials and methods

In a cross-sectional audit study, serum testosterone level was determined in all patients on 3-month LHRH formulations, treated in out-patient clinic in two months period. Blood samples were taken immediately before the next injection. Only patients, who previously received more than one injection and with previous injection exactly 3 months or less before examination were eligible.

Three preparations were found to be used: Diphereline (triptorelin 11.25 mg), Eligard (modern leuprolide formulation, 22.5 mg) and Zoladex (goserelin 10.8 mg).

Further 10 samples were taken from patients with surgical castration performed more than 6 months ago, who appeared on regular follow up out-patient visit during the study period.

Testosterone measurement was performed with direct chemiluminescent microparticle im-munoassay Architect from Abbott Laboratories. According to procedural leaflet, functional sensitivity of this assay was 0.49 nmol/l (95% confidence interval 0.38 - 0.59) and analytical sensitivity 0.28 nmol/l.

As SI units (nmol/L) are obligatory in our country, all testosterone measurements were originally reported in SI units and conversion to US units (ng/dl) was performed for the purpose of this report using conversion factor of 0.0347.

For statistical evaluation of differences between groups of patients on different LHRH agonist formulations, analysis of variance between groups was calculated using open source statistical software R [38].

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