Physicians responsible for patient care focus on readily available clinical and trending laboratory data to help direct the patient's clinical course and evaluate efficacy of therapy. Most clinicians fail to incorporate newer parameters of tumor response such as tumor growth rate when evaluating patient treatment response. Available now, is a wealth of dynamic growth parameters that shed new light on tumor biology and should be used in clinical decision-making.

What follows is in part a review of former paradigms of prostate tumor growth. Later, focus is directed to newer techniques to assist in evaluating targeted drug effects on the kinetics of prostate and other cancers. The discussion introduces the concept of tumor or marker specific growth rate (SGR) and challenges historical results obtained by use of the classic tumor or marker doubling time (PSA-DT).

As we proceed with this discussion, a mobile device App for hand-held computers including the iPhone, iPad, or iPod is presented. This conveniently facilitates a more sophisticated tumor and marker analysis at the bedside or in the clinic.

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