Daily rhythm of testosterone

Circadian and "ultradian" mean testosterone level fluctuations peak is around 8 AM and through level around 8 PM. Over this, there is a 90 min oscillation in testosterone values as reflection of pulsatile secretory pattern.

Sleeping increases testosterone values [31]. Some even claim sleep, not circadian rhythm to be more important for regulation of testosterone [31]. Pattern of physical activity (physical work or training in the morning versus evening) does not influence testosterone concentrations or testosterone diurnal pattern [32]. Food (mixed meal) decreases testosterone value, if blood is taken 1-2 hours after, by 30% in comparison to overnight fast [33]. Better sleep increases testosterone value [34]. Anxiety may increase testosterone levels, it was even suggested, patient's samples on the day of admission to hospital should not be used because anxiety may be associated with increased testosterone level [35]. On LHRH agonists, diurnal pattern is expected to be abolished [36]. Age reduces circadian fluctuations [37].

Due to stated variations in testosterone levels during the day, morning fasting blood samples are standard.

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