Several principles of prostate cancer management rely on the absolute and dynamic values of various formulations of PSA i.e. PSA-V, PSA-DT and PSA-SGR. This review introduces SGR, a parameter that is underused and closely reflects the true growth rate of tumors un-

dergoing exponential expansion. Several instances are presented where results of studies employing PSA-DT yield statistically divergent results after converting PSA-DT to PSA-SGR. It is recommended that for some studies results be reevaluated in terms of PSA specific growth rate, PSA-SGR.

Newly introduced targeted therapies require innovative techniques to evaluate drug efficacy. Tumor or tumor marker specific growth rate and the concept of projected tumor or marker value are tools capable of quantitatively evaluating subtle effects of targeted drugs. Calculation of the projected tumor size and tumor marker values is critical to properly evaluate subtle drug-tumor proliferative outcomes.

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