Cancer Pal

Tumor Kinetics Analysis

! cm or marker unit


TSG R1 of vol = 1 70 "Jó TSGR2 = 0 80 %/d TVDT = 40 69 d = 1 36 m TVDT2 = 86 28 d * 2 88 m

TD* vol: 3 054« TPreRxvol: 12 770CC TPosIR* vol: 15.598 cc

Projeded vol il untreated 96.931 cc TDx lo TPrefix 84 d = 2 8 m

Treatment Responde 1 .ft TumorAge -3.S1 years

Figure 17. The tool we developed to facilitate calculation of tumor kinetics is named CancerPal©. The software App is available from Apple Corporation's App store. The App analyzes kinetic changes of tumor markers and or tumor diameter/volume/area and is run on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Clinical use is facilitated by the small size and portability of the new hand-held devices. The App is routinely used in our clinic for objectively measuring subtle drug effects on tumor and the dynamics of surrogate tumor markers. A video tutorial of the App is available at

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