Premature Ejaculation Causes and Treatment

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Cant get an erection

Some drugs that lower high blood pressure may cause impotence. This may be related to the drop in blood pressure. Drugs that regulate blood pressure by regulating the ANS are more likely to cause impotence. The commonly used PD drugs rarely cause impotence. Impotence associated with their use invariably results from PD. As a rule, if impotence occurs within a few days or a month of starting a drug, the drug should be considered to be a potential cause of the impotence. If a drug aggravates or causes impotence, stopping the drug restores potency.

Nightshades Jimsonweed Datura Belladonna Henbane

Belladone Scopolaline

The physical effects of scopolamine are very dramatic and often very uncomfortable. They include parched mouth and burning thirst hot, dry skin and a feverish feeling widely dilated eyes (making bright light painful) inability to focus the eyes at close distances rapid heart rate constipation difficulty in urinating and, in men, interference with ejaculation. These effects may last for twelve to forty-eight hours after a single dose of datura.

Laparoscopic versus Mini Open Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion

The mini-open approach provides direct access to the disc interspace and allows easier identification of the anatomical midline. The open technique allows complete disc removal, resection of any herniated fragments, and increased endplate exposure, improving the preparation of the disc interspace for fusion formation compared to the trephine technique used with the laparo-scopic approach. The mini-open laparotomy is less technically demanding, contributing to a shorter preparation and operative time. The reduced incidence of retrograde ejaculation has also been observed with the mini-open laparotomy 4 . Adequate exposure of the disc is critical. It is essential to identify the appropriate anatomical landmarks and midline (fig. 3). The sacral promontory is identified by palpation and the midline determined with fluoroscopic imaging. The posterior peritoneum is opened sharply. In an attempt to avoid retrograde ejaculation in male patients the presacral sympathetic plexus is mobilized...

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Self Help Approach

As with many other physical and mental problems, self-help approaches for sexual dysfunctions have been pursued throughout human history. Examples include herbal and animal medicines that have been passed on through generations and were believed to enhance male potency and female erotic responsiveness, to delay male ejaculation, or to relieve sexual pain. General models of help-seeking behavior (Dean, 1989 Wills & DePaulo, 1991) have been applied to sexual dysfunctions (Catania et al., 1990). Catania et al. (1990) found a common sequence that individuals used for seeking help for sexual problems in a sample of community respondents. Individuals first utilized self-help approaches, then help from other persons in their informal network, and finally professional help. Across age groups, self-help remedies currently in use include many different types of media resources, such as books, almanacs, and journals. cost (Annon, 1974). The term is an acronym for P(ermission), L(imited)...

The Biology of Reproduction

Reproductive Gif

After sperm have been formed, they move into the epididymis, the tube that coils along the back of each testicle, where they continue to develop. They are so tiny they cannot be seen without a microscope. The mature sperm is composed of an oval head that contains the chromosomes (the genetic material) and a long, whiplike tail that propels it with great vigor and speed. Every one of them has an outboard motor, they know where they want to go, and there are millions of them, is the way a family planning expert recently described them. It takes a sperm about 72 days to grow to maturity, at which time it passes into another tube, the vas deferens, or sperm duct. Each vas runs from the epididymis up to the outside of the bladder. At this end the duct is wider and has enough space to store sperm in preparation for an ejaculation. Just beneath the bladder lies the prostate gland, which produces secretions that help sperm survive after ejaculation. These secretions mix with the sperm after...

Producing a sperm sample

The infertility investigation inevitably involves a sperm test, so you should have had a chance to practise ejaculating into a small plastic jar before the big day However, when the pressure is on, ejaculating can be difficult. If you have an inkling that this may happen to you, speak to your doctor or nurse before the sperm sample is needed and they can discuss alternatives to make sure that sperm is available on the day of egg collection 1 Avoiding ejaculation for a long time before the sample is needed can make the sperm quality worse So no, you can't improve the quality of your sperm by 'saving up' for a long time before the sample is needed. 1 Ejaculating too close to the time when the sperm sample is needed may reduce the number of sperm in the ejaculate.

Physical Changes of Puberty

The development of mature genitalia in boys is 3 years (Brooks-Gunn & Reiter, 1990). Spermarche, or first ejaculation, usually occurs between 13 and 14 years of age. More noticeable physical changes in boys include voice changing and the development of facial hair, which occur predominantly in early adolescence (Brooks-Gunn & Reiter, 1990).

Psychological Meaning Of Pubertal Change Meaning of Pubertal Changes to Girls

Very little is known about the meaning of pubertal changes for boys. In a small qualitative study, middle adolescent boys were interviewed about their reactions to their first ejaculation (spermarche), their preparedness for the event and sources of information, and the extent to which they discussed this with friends (Gaddis & Brooks-Gunn, 1985). Responses from boys were more positive than negative, although two-thirds of the boys reported being a little frightened, which is comparable to girls' reactions to menarche. The boys were very reluctant to discuss their experience of first ejaculation with parents or peers. This secrecy may stem in part from spermarche's link with masturbation. Although studies have not focused on boys' responses to increases in height and weight during puberty, these are most likely positive changes for boys. However, it has been suggested that media images of men are becoming as unrealistic and unattainable as media images of women (Leit, Gray, & Pope,...

Types of Self Help for Sexual Dysfunctions

Premature ejaculation Premature ejaculation 1. Minimal-contact Increase in ejaculation latency in Increase in ejaculation latency in standard therapy and minimal-contact BT no increase in no-contact BT 25 Premature ejaculation All treated groups showed increase in ejaculation latency no change noted in control group no decrease at follow-up was found The issue of whether self-administered treatments are cost-effective can be addressed by comparing self-help approaches with standard therapist-directed treatments. If both treatment types are equally effective, self-administered treatments are more cost-effective as they incur lower costs for individuals compared with therapist-delivered treatment. Several studies of this type exist for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. One such study was conducted by Mathews et al. (1976). This study evaluated the contributions to treatment outcome of the directed practice and counseling elements of Masters and Johnson's (1970) therapy model for...

Erectile and orgasmic dysfunction

Long-standing, untreated hypertension is well known to have a negative impact on sexual function and can lead to complete impotence. Unfortunately, antihypertensive drugs still have a bad reputation with regard to erectile function. Some of the older antihypertensive drugs, such as resurpine and guanethidine, have a well-known negative effect on erectile and orgasmic function. Diuretics, beta-blockers, and antiadrenergic drugs, as well as alpha-blockers, diminish erectile function. Failure to ejaculate, or even retrograde ejaculation into the bladder, may occur with some antiadrenergic drugs. In women, diuretics and certain antiadrenergic drugs may interfere with lubrication. Beta-blockers are known to cause orgasmic dysfunction in women and men alike.

Precipitating Factors

It also should be noted that alcohol and other drugs have a pharmacological effect on sexual arousal and sexual behavior. Among men, alcohol can cause secondary impotence and heroin use can delay ejaculation. There also is evidence to support the notion that cocaine use can increase sexual interest for men and women, and marijuana use has become associated with uninhibited sexual activity. Some women find that heroin use by their partner prolongs intercourse, and once heroin is used as an adjunct to sexual activity, couples are prone to relapse to drug use (Lex, 1990).

What Behaviors Do Drugs Alter

Behaviors such as aggression, social interaction, and sexual behavior are usually measured by direct experimenter observation. Aggressive behavior can be measured by observing the number of times an animal engages in attack behavior when another animal is placed into its cage. In some cases, isolation is used to produce aggressive behavior. Sexual behavior is also measured by direct observation. In the male rat or cat, the frequency of behaviors such as mounting, intromission, and ejaculation are observed. Another interesting procedure for measuring social behavior is the social interaction test. In this procedure, two rats are placed together and the time they spend in active social interaction (sniffing, following, grooming each other) is measured under different conditions. In one condition, the rats are placed in a familiar environment in another condition, the en


Ejaculatory ducts ejaculation The structures of the male reproductive system include testes, epidydmides, vasa deferentia, ejaculatory ducts, urethra, seminal vesicles, prostate, Cowper's gland and penis. The epididymides are coiled tubes that lead from the seminiferous tubules of the testis to the vas deferens. They store and nourish immature sperm cells and promote their maturation until ejaculation. The seminal vesicles are pouches lying on the posterior aspect of the bladder attached to the vas deferens. They secrete an alkaline fluid which contains nutrients and is added to sperm cells during ejaculation. The two ejaculatory ducts are short tubes which join the seminal vesicles to the urethra. The prostate gland lies in the pelvic cavity in front of the rectum and behind the symphysis pubis. During ejaculation it secretes a thin, milky fluid that enhances the mobility of sperm and neutralises semen and vaginal secretions.

Mens Health

Penis remains cold and small Possible premature ejaculation if erection does occur Penis is bruised as a result of injury Penis feels sore and tender to the touch Possible premature ejaculation if erection does occur Erection is not firm enough for penetration General weakness and nervous exhaustion Penis remains cold and small Possible premature ejaculation if erection does occur For applying firm pressure to the penis For rest For ejaculating


Erectile dysfunction The National Institutes of Health (NIH) defines erectile dysfunction as the repeated inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The word impotence may also be used to describe other problems that interfere with sexual intercourse and reproduction, such as lack of sexual desire and problems with ejaculation or orgasm. Using the term erectile dysfunction makes it clear that those other problems are not involved.

Prostate Problems

Prostate problems include inflammation, enlargement, or cancer of the prostate gland which surrounds the urethra, the tube through which urine flows. An inflammation of the gland is called pros-titis resulting in pain during urination and ejaculation, frequent urination and possibly low back pain. The causes include infection, too much or too little ejaculation, jarring exercises such as horseback and bicycle riding, and food irritants like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and red pepper. Drinking plenty of water is important in keeping a flow of urine and in preventing dehydration, which can be in effect even though not thirsty, and is a condition that is very stressful for the prostate. Impotence is often a psychological problem more than a physical one. Drugs, tobacco, diabetes, and atherosclerosis can affect blood circulation which influences erectile ability. The herb yohimbe has been shown to improve erectile and ejaculatory activity. Hypnotherapy may also be beneficial. Ginseng and...

The Female Condom

Penis Put With Vagina

When it was tested in actual use, about one-third of the men said they preferred the female condom over the male condom because it was roomier. Some men noted that it felt more natural to them because the penis could move freely in and out. They liked the fact that they did not have to interrupt their love-making to put on a condom. They also could linger as long as they wanted after ejaculation because, unlike using a male condom, they did not have to withdraw while their penis was still erect. You can put the female condom in place up to 8 hours before intercourse and you do not need a spermicide for extra safety. The female condom should be removed before you stand up.

Chest Radiation

Pelvic radiation can damage the autonomic nerves responsible for erection. As a result, erectile dysfunction is common after radiation for prostate, rectal, and anal cancers.43 Improvement often occurs over the first year after treatment but then stabilizes. As important as evaluating the degree of erectile dysfunction is evaluating how much this bothers the patient some patients are untroubled by complete loss of function while others are extremely distressed by even relatively subtle changes in sexual function such as retrograde ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction can be managed with oral agents like sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil, but sometimes requires external suction devices, penile injection therapy, or implantation ofpenile prostheses. Referral to a urologist specializing in male sexual health can be very helpful.


Withdrawal is a method of birth control that requires a man to remove his penis from the vagina when he feels he is about to ejaculate. Ejaculation then takes place outside the woman's body, completely away from her vaginal area, to protect her from any contact with his sperm. Withdrawal costs nothing, is always available, and does not require using any devices or chemical-based products. Although it causes no side effects, withdrawal can interrupt intercourse at its climax, or before, and may markedly decrease both partners' sexual pleasure. Because it can have a high failure rate, it may be more acceptable to couples who are interested in spacing rather than preventing births. Men who cannot control their orgasms and men who have premature ejaculations are not very successful in using this method for contraception. Men who use withdrawal need very good control and an awareness of exactly when they are about to ejaculate. It is difficult for a man to remove his penis from the vagina...

Male condom

A male condom is a thin rubber sheath that's used to cover a man's penis when it's erect. It blocks ejaculation fluid from entering the vagina. Condoms made of latex are most common, but they're also available in lambskin or polyurethane materials, for those who are allergic to latex.

Irritability Anger

These emotions are often a response to events that are perceived to be physically or psychologically threatening. They can be brought on by overindulgence, overwork, or exhaustion, or they may be associated with digestive ailments and, in men, premature ejaculation or impotence. Such feelings may lead to depression. Physical manifestations include an increased pulse rate, fluttering feelings in the stomach, and tense muscles. SELF-HELP Get more exercise and practice relaxation techniques, meditation, or movement therapy such as tai chi (see page 217). Assertiveness training may help to overcome feelings of insecurity.

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