The Intrapsychic Domain

Chapter 9

Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality 284

Sigmund Freud: A Brief Biography 287 Fundamental Assumptions of Psychoanalytic Theory 288 Basic Instincts: Sex and Aggression 289

Unconscious Motivation: Sometimes We Don't Know Why We Do What We Do 289

One of Freud's Famous Students: Carl Gustav Jung 291 Psychic Determinism: Nothing Happens by Chance 292 Structure of Personality 294

Id: Reservoir of Psychic Ener gy 295 Ego: Executive of Personality 296 Superego: Upholder of Societal Values and Ideals 297 Interaction of the Id, Ego, and Superego 297 Dynamics of Personality 298 Types of Anxiety 298 Defense Mechanisms 299 Psychosexual Stages of Personality Development 306 Personality and Psychoanalysis 309

Techniques for Revealing the Unconscious 310 The Process of Psychoanalysis 313 Why Is Psychoanalysis Important? 315 Evaluation of Freud's Contributions 315

Summary and Evaluation 318 Key Terms 319

Chapter 10

Psychoanalytic Approaches: Contemporary Issues 320

The Neo-Analytic Movement 323

Repression and Contemporary Research on Memory 323 Contemporary Views on the Unconscious 329 Ego Psychology 331

Erikson's Eight Stages of Development 332 Karen Horney and a Feminist Interpretation of Psychoanalysis 338 Emphasis on Self and the Notion of Narcissism 339 Object Relations Theory 341

Early Childhood Attachment 342 Adult Relationships 344

Summary and Evaluation 348 Key Terms 349

Chapter 11

Motives and Personality 350

Basic Concepts 352 Need 354 Press 356

Apperception and the TAT 356 The Big Three Motives: Achievement, Power, and Intimacy 360 Need for Achievement 360 Need for Power 365 Need for Intimacy 368

Humanistic Tradition: The Motive to Self-Actualize Maslow's Contributions 371 Rogers's Contributions 377

Summary and Evaluation 384 Key Terms 385

part iv

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