The Cognitive Experiential Domain

Chapter 12

Cognitive Topics in Personality 390

Personality Revealed through Perception 395 Field Dependence 395

Pain Tolerance and Sensory Reducing-Augmenting 399 Personality Revealed through Interpretation 402 Kelly's Personal Construct Theory 402 Locus of Control 404 Learned Helplessness 407 Personality Revealed through Goals 411 Personal Projects Analysis 411 Cognitive Social Learning Theory 412 Intelligence 416

Summary and Evaluation 419 Key Terms 421

Chapter 13

Emotion and Personality 422

Issues in Emotion Research 425

Emotional States versus Emotional Traits 425 Categorical versus Dimensional Approach to Emotion 425 Content versus Style of Emotional Life 429 Content of Emotional Life 429 Style of Emotional Life 454

Interaction of Content and Style in Emotional Life 458

Summary and Evaluation 460 Key Terms 461

Chapter 14

Approaches to the Self 462

Descriptive Component of the Self: Self-Concept 466 Development of the Self-Concept 466

Self-Schemata: Possible Selves, Ought Selves, and Undesired Selves 469 Evaluative Component of the Self: Self-Esteem 471 Evaluation of Oneself 471 Research on Self-Esteem 472

Social Component of the Self Social Identity 482 The Nature of Identity 482 Identity Development 483 Identity Crises 485

Summary and Evaluation 488 Key Terms 489


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