Table 194 Characteristics of Histrionic Personality Disorder

Excessive attention seeking Excessive and strong emotions Sexual provocativeness Shallow opinions Suggestibility Strong need for attention

Typical Thoughts or Beliefs Associated with the Histrionic Personality

"I am happiest when I am the center of attention." "Boredom is the pits."

"I usually go with my intuition; I don't have to think things through."

"I can amuse, impress, or entertain anyone, mainly because I am so interesting and exciting." "If I feel like doing something, I go ahead and do it."

among cultures, generations, and genders. Therefore, we must ask whether specifi behaviors cause social impairment or distress before concluding that those behaviors are signs or symptoms of histrionic personality disorder . For example, behavior that is considered seductive in one culture may be viewed as acceptable behavior in another. A woman from the southern coast of Italy may appear flirtatious in th United States, when, in fact, in her culture people are much more friendly and at ease with each other , and teasing flirtation is a common form of interaction. Consider also the culture of gender . The expression of histrionic personality disorder may depend on gender stereotypes. A male with this personality may behave in

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