Personality Dispositions over Time Stability Change and Coherence

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Conceptual Issues: Personality Development, Stability, Change, and Coherence

What Is Personality Development? Rank Order Stability Mean Level Stability Personality Coherence Personality Change

Three Levels of Analysis

Population Level Group Differences Level Individual Differences Level

Personality Stability over Time

Stability of Temperament during Infancy Stability during Childhood Rank Order Stability in Adulthood Mean Level Stability in Adulthood

Personality Change

Changes in Self-Esteem from Adolescence to Adulthood Flexibility and Impulsivity

Autonomy, Dominance, Leadership, and Ambition

Sensation Seeking



Independence and Traditional Roles

Personality Changes across Cohorts: Women's Assertiveness in Response to Changes in Social Status and Roles

Personality Coherence over Time: The Prediction of Socially Relevant Outcomes

Marital Stability, Marital Satisfaction, and Divorce Alcoholism and Emotional Disturbance Education, Academic Achievement, and Dropping Out Health and Longevity Prediction of Personality Change

Summary and Evaluation Key Terms

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