Personality and Prediction

Personality measures have a long history of use in industry and government. They are used in the federal and state prison systems to make decisions about inmates. They are also widely used in industry to match people with particular jobs, to help screen people for employment, and to select people for promotion. An employer may feel that emotional stability is a requirement for a specific job (e.g., firefighter) or that personality trait of honesty is especially important (e.g., for a clerk in a jewelry store or for a driver for a money delivery truck). Other jobs may require strong or ganiza-tional or social skills or the ability to work in a distracting environment. Whether someone does well in employment settings may be determined, in part, by whether the individual's personality traits mesh with the job requirements. In short, personality traits may predict who is likely to do well in a particular job, so it makes some sense to try to select people for employment based on measures of these traits.

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