Key Terms

Emotions 424 Action Tendencies 424 Functional Analysis 424 Emotional States 425 Emotional Traits 425 Categorical Approach 425 Dimensional Approach 427 Content 429 Style 429 Happiness 430

Positive Illusions 431 Reciprocal Causality 432 Mood Induction 440 Neuroticism 442 Limbic System 442 Anterior Cingulate 443 Prefrontal Cortex 443 Depression 446 Diathesis-Stress Model 446 Cognitive Schema 447

Cognitive Triad 447 Self-Fulfilling Prophes 448 Neurotransmitter Theory of

Depression 449 Hostility 450 Type A Personality 450 Syndrome 450 Affect Intensity 454 Mood Variability 458

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