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Cognitive Approaches 392 Personalizing Cognition 393 Objectifying Cognition 393 Cognition 393 Information Processing 393 Perception 393 Interpretation 394 Conscious Goals 395 Rod and Frame Test (RFT) 395 Field-Dependent 396 Field-Independent 396 Pain Tolerance 399 Reducer-Augmenter Theory 400 Kinesthetic Figural Aftereffect (KFA) 400

Constructs 403 Personal Constructs 403 Post-Modernism 403 Locus of Control 404 Generalized Expectancies 406 External Locus of Control 406 Internal Locus of Control 406 Specific Expectancie 406 Learned Helplessness 407 Causal Attribution 409 Explanatory Style 409 Pessimistic Explanatory

Style 410 Optimistic Explanatory Style 410 Personal Project 411

Cognitive Social Learning

Approach 412 Self-Efficac 413 Modeling 413 Promotion Focus 414 Prevention Focus 414 If . . . Then . . . Propositions 415 Achievement View of

Intelligence 416 Aptitude View of Intelligence 416 General Intelligence 416 Multiple Intelligences 417 Emotional Intelligence 417 Cultural Context 418 Inspection Time 418

Getting to Know Anxiety

Getting to Know Anxiety

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